American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 25

Magic Enemy #1.

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 02, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Jake's online blog is taken more seriously than it should and gets Rotwood targeted

    With Rotwood aware of what Jake is he keeps trying to expose him or see other mythical creatures while Jake takes his venting online and gets numerous other magical beings to think that there's a bounty on Rotwood. At first Rotwood is amazed to see more magical creatures but then he realizes that they are after him and Jake must protect him and set things right. A good lesson of why you should be careful about what you say and post online. This is a must for everyone today not just kids and teens.
  • average at best rotwood files was better

    rotwood files was a really great episode, and since this episode is the follow up on that, well, it was a let down. Rotwood and jake are at it again, rotwood (ok, technically Brad)making jake biggest weirdo freak. and rotwood's plan was somehow going to end up in jake being forced to reveal his identidy as a dragon. as expected, it didn't work and rotwood is still trying to expose jake. well, the problem is, the whole episode was Sooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. it made a ghost story seem like an action packed adventure. well, i thought it was once again a really disappointing episode. but rotwood fans(or just fan) thought it was a great episode.
  • In this episode Jake and Rotwood will be even more friends then ever!

    Rotwood thises Jake and Jake had more then enough so he write's a blog and all magical creatures reads it,then they all understand it wrong and they think Jake woud give 1.000.000$ if they coud get rid of Rotwood.
    And finnaly Jake must save couse he is in danger.
    Rotwood met real magical creatures and was happy:).
    He also made it up to Jake and they where sort of friends:).
  • Jake accidently rights a blog saying that he would do anything to get Rotwood out of his life. So the magical world mistakes it as a 1 million dollar reward for Getting rid of Rotwood.

    This was another awesome episode of the American Dragon : Jake Long. It was a good episode because there was a lot of Rotwood in it. Rotwood is a good character to this show because hes always trying to reveal jakes secret. I was so happy for Rotwood in this episode. He says that it was his best birthday ever. Rotwood finally gets to see lots of magical creatures that he loves, although they dont really love him that much. This was a great episode also because Jake had to save Rotwood in the end of it. It was an awesome episode.
  • Rotwood trieds to expose Jake while Jake tries to blow off steam by writing it off a blog that makes every magical creature bounty him.

    This episode was tight! Rotwood was so cool in this episode!! And I felt bad for Jake being voted most weirdo freak. And it was funny how they did stuff on the computer like real teens too. And how Spud was checking out all the internet web videos! So cool! But Rotwood was going off the boundaries in this episode, until the end. How Rotwood got so happy when he visited Maces Bazaar finally! But twice Rotwood almost got evidence of Jake being a dragon! But too bad Jake was soo sly for him (well, at least one time, the other time Rotwood forgot to take the lens caps) Oh well. Still an awesome episode!!
  • Ehh.

    This was kind of disappointing. It was really not what I expected, and after watching it I think what my first thought was would have been better. My first thought was that Jake vents about Rotwood on an online journal and Rotwood gets angry and become a threat, I mean a real threat. This was just a big misunderstanding. I also thought it was too random about the creatures attacking Rotwood, you could at least have put one creature who wanted to capture Rotwood the most. On the other hand, I liked how Sarah and Kara had an appearance and it was nice to see Big Ernie for the first time.
  • This was so awesome. I loved it!

    This episode featured a whole lot of weird, embarrassing, hard-to-watch humiliating scenes. (Like the goo outside Rotwood's office and the egg-salad moment.) But it also had wonderful scenes that included Jake, in dragon form, talking to and protecting Rotwood. It was so awesome. I'm so glad Rotwood and Jake finally came to an almost, sort-of compromise. I was also extremely happy that Rotwood finally got to see the magical world. Jake using his dragon powers around Rotwood was also cake for me. I just totally loved this episode. I have a problem that when people find out a secret about someone else, I go totally crazy over it, so I was hyped up about this episode. How many times can someone say they love an episode? Whelp, I can sure say it one more time. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I have dish and get two Disney's. If I'm home, I'm watching this again at 5:30.
  • wow

    wo when i saw this i was like wow this is one of the best episodes ever but then again i say that about every amdrag episode. i would say this is a good sequal to the rotwood files because rotwood files leaves you off at rotwood knowing jakes a dragon but in this episode rotwood is trying to expose jake as a dragon and he does jake took the thing he recoreded it on in the end. but on something else in this episode we see rotwood finally see the magic world and rotwood and jake fighting side by side