American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 24

Nobody's Fu

Aired Daily 2:30 AM May 12, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Jake doubts Fu's loyalty to him when he misses a mission, to play a card game. This time, he his rampaged by Trolls in the sewers. Then it shakes up their relationship even more when Fu Dog forgets to renew his DMC license. He can take the renewal test in four days, but in the mean time he can't do any animal guarding. So for the next four days, Jake will have another animal to help him out. He gets a hip-hop loving talking helper monkey named Bananas B. At first Jake really doesn't like Bananas, but after a couple of days, Jake would totally pick Fu as his own anaimal guardian over Fu. Trixie tries to convince to Jake, that he shouldn't forget about Fu. But she is also having problems with Spud, after she made fun of the friendship sweater that he made for her. On the day Fu's renewal test, he tells Jake that he needs him to come to the DMC at 4:00 because it's an animal guardian, guardie test. But since Jake spend after school skateboarding, he missed the test. Without Jake, Fu got a replacement magical creature to take his place, which caused him to fail. His license is now revoked for one year. But there is more trouble when Jake gets back to the shop, and Chang appears. Jake and her battle it out, but he ends up getting caught himself. When Bananas is his only hope, he turns on Jake to work for Chang. Then, Chang takes Jake into the sewers. Trixie and Spud then run into Fu, and inform him that Chang has Jake. To find out where Chang took Jake, Fu plays a game of cards with his friends. He wins, and they tell him the location. When he gets there, he freezes Chang, then rescues Jake. Chang then escapes, but she said she would come back for Jake and his grandfather. In the end, Jake goes back to the DMC, and proves Fu's loyalty to him, and his licensed was returned to him.
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