American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 24

Nobody's Fu

Aired Daily 2:30 AM May 12, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Loyalties are tested in a key episode...

    Jake is angry that Fu Dog didn't come through when he needed his help on patrol. He points out it isn't the first time Fu did this. Fu's license expires and he can't take a test to get it renewed for a week. So during that week, Jake gets a new, hip-hop animal guardian. At first he doesn't like him, but after he helps Jake and has his back more than Fu has lately, he takes a liking to his new monkey friend. But there's more: Chang is back, beware of her season two appearance, because her new design proves that looks can indeed kill. Chang of course resumes her quest for power over the human and magical worlds. Jake and his new guardian named Bananas discover she has escaped from prison. But, when Jake forgets Fu's renewal test, will he be able to fix things with his old friend? And is Bananas B. really as great as he seems? What will Chang do, no that she's escaped. Watch and see. This episode had a key role in later events that I won't spoil for you. But if you want to understand those later events, watch Nobody's Fu.
  • jake gets a new pet

    ok so i thought that jakes first reaction of bananas was perfect. that was exactly how i was thinking of bananas. i was like on my gosh, a lamer version of jake and he had an annoying acsent. it pissed me off how bananas triped fu when he was holding the nachoes. i also thought that no one not even and animal gardeian would do all that stuff the monkey was doing. then i wanted to behead that monkey when he hung up on fu. so i was not suprised when bananas betrayed jake. im glad that jake is back with fu dog. i know ive never been a huge fan of fu but he does have his good/funny moments. i also loved the friend ship sweaters, that was so funny! trixy was right though they were wack!
  • cleverly plotted because if they didnt make this bananas wouldent be in hong kong longs!

    jake:aww man! common fu dont do this to me!
    (jake calls fu)
    fu: if i ow you know you got the wrong number otherwise its fu you know what to do agagagaguu!
    jake: fu, i cant leave your dog in patrol agaian!
    (mice crawl out man hole)
    jake: theres a sewr right so i could really use a sewr troll repalian which you have! so dont leave me hanging!
    (closes his phone)
    jake: common fu i got a bad feeling about thi...
    troll: look the dragons back!
    jake: back? you boys better get some better lighting cause i just got in
    trolls: get him!!!
    (jake flys away)
    jake: wow!!
    troll: when dragon attacked trolls dragon forget somything!
    (throws necklace)
    jake: does this look like its mine?!
    (troll throws a tire)
    (trolls attack jake)
    jake: hey! ow!
    jake: whatever your uptoo it better be important!
    (fu looks around)
    fu: alright listen up i need somthing... i need an eight!
    shark woman: go fosh, go fish, go fish!
    fu: ahhhh! fo crymese sake! how many times must i tell my self never play with a card shark!
    shark woman: hey im a shark woman my shark ness does define me im just a begginer!
    (shuffles cards)
  • Fu vs. Bananas B.

    GOod plot fu finally got some spotlight and charcter building he needed some but Fu is cool anyways because he is a talking dog. I liked Changs new look it was vampireish which was awesome and suited her well. The evil monkey sidekick reminded me of the wizard of oz all he needed to do was start flyiing. Bananans was toaly annoying in a good way but he was like a parent trying to fit in with kids by speaking how they speak he was that bad. CHangs going to get annoyed very quickkly you can count on that .
  • This episode, wasn't as exciting as the others...

    I felt like this episode wasn't that awesome. But I'm still a Amdrag fan, so any new episode still hypes me up! But I loved Bananas B. He was off the chain Tightness!!! And I loved how Fu dog was really sad all the time, he looked so cute! But maybe this episode would be better, if Trixie and Spud were in it more. The stupid, friendship sweaters kind of lost me on them. Maybe if them two, had a different plotline, it woulda been better. And what about Chang? She looks like Yzma!!! But her dragon form was pretty tight, except it looked like she had a bee hive on her head... but I love the ending, when Fu dog saves Jake yay!! And Bananas B runs off with Chang, coward. Just saying, it was still a good episode, just not that much, excitment.
  • Dogs are truly man's best friend.

    I liked this episode. I can say just this: I felt so sorry for Fu. When he did that puppy dog pout thing, I just went "aww". Also, Fu made Jake those nachos while Banana's just stole a sandwhich. I am a total dog lover and this episode has the man's best friend message. Chang's new animation will not take time getting used to at all, and it's pretty cool, like when she tried to curb stomp Spud. This episode was a lot better than what I thought it was going to be, but so was Shaggy Frog. I though, a monkey?! But this episode had a pretty important thing happen, Chang's escape. And with Shaggy Frog, I don't really care for Spud centered episodes, but I thought it was very funny.
  • episodes like this make me wonder why i watch this show.

    The second half of second season hasn't been as good as the first half, and this episode wasn't terrible but it wasn't that great either. i liked it more the second time i watched it, but Chang is a terrible villian (in 2nd season) and the monkey is stupid. it wasn't the worst episode ever, but its not worth watching ever again. i don't see why there needed to be an episode all about Fu and Jakes friendship, especially since the show is ending and there are only a few episodes left. this great show is being wasted, and that is too bad.
  • Nobodys Fu is great

    wow nobodys fu was a great episode it really showed a good relationship between fu and jake. I liked in the beginning that fu threw jake off for a card game that was funny. what really got me in the episode was that chang came back and that when she was about to kill bananas b he gave in and joined her side i don't think i would have done that though i would have rather died with honor i mean at least i would be remembered as a hero.Trust me this episode is going to be in a lot of peoples top 10 amdrag episodes
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