American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 24

Nobody's Fu

Aired Daily 2:30 AM May 12, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • cleverly plotted because if they didnt make this bananas wouldent be in hong kong longs!

    jake:aww man! common fu dont do this to me!
    (jake calls fu)
    fu: if i ow you know you got the wrong number otherwise its fu you know what to do agagagaguu!
    jake: fu, i cant leave your dog in patrol agaian!
    (mice crawl out man hole)
    jake: theres a sewr right so i could really use a sewr troll repalian which you have! so dont leave me hanging!
    (closes his phone)
    jake: common fu i got a bad feeling about thi...
    troll: look the dragons back!
    jake: back? you boys better get some better lighting cause i just got in
    trolls: get him!!!
    (jake flys away)
    jake: wow!!
    troll: when dragon attacked trolls dragon forget somything!
    (throws necklace)
    jake: does this look like its mine?!
    (troll throws a tire)
    (trolls attack jake)
    jake: hey! ow!
    jake: whatever your uptoo it better be important!
    (fu looks around)
    fu: alright listen up i need somthing... i need an eight!
    shark woman: go fosh, go fish, go fish!
    fu: ahhhh! fo crymese sake! how many times must i tell my self never play with a card shark!
    shark woman: hey im a shark woman my shark ness does define me im just a begginer!
    (shuffles cards)
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