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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 1

Old School Training

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 21, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Old School Training
Jake gets fed up when Grandpa puts him through a series of seemingly pointless training exercises, but when the Huntsclan forces him to battle, will he be able to take all that his Grandpa gave him and use it in time of need?

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  • Not bad but the first plot was based on an overused concept

    I would much rather had such a cool show be given a much more original pilot. I mean seriously the whole karate kid concepts of mastering small simple techniques is classic but is becoming overused which means redundant and less interesting or in other words it squanders/deflates the plot of the show. Other than that the show showed its potential with a young teen with dragon powers who is to act as magical guardian over the magical creatures of New York City and surrounding areas with his grandfather mentoring him. Still he has to keep his powers and title a secret from most other humans such as his own father and best friends.moreless
  • This Episode was a starting base i'd say it was okay

    Liked Opening Episode it really is a opening statement the animation was very good and i liked the story line so far this story is in the early stages of change also during this review it has come to my attention that this show has finished or taken of the air we must not let it end this way this a very great show this being my first review.So If there are any save Jake Long The American dragon groups out there can you contact me at my e-mail address jaleel-spry@hotmail.com and that raps up the review P.S American Dragon Jake Long Rulezmoreless
  • The first episode is always one of the best.

    This is the very first episode of American Dragon: Jake Lng ever made. Jake is learning about his dragon powers in this episode and must master some skills that his dragon master and grandpa, Lao Shi gives him. In the start, Jake's Grandpa is not very happy with Jake's dragon skills, so he puts him to work. Jake dislikes it so the next day he doesn't turn up for dragon training. While Grandpa and Fu Dog are waiting for him to arrive, the Huntsman shows up with Huntsgirl and stops Grandpa from doing anything with a spinx hair net. Fu Dog hides by flushing himself down the toilet. He later pops up the drain at Jake's place and tells him everything that happened Jake must now save Grandpa.

    This episode is truly excellent and I love watching it again and again.moreless
  • The first NEW SERIE'S OF DISNEY CHANNEL American Dragon Jake Long!

    The first episode tells us about Jake,his grandpa and fu dog and off course the huntsman.

    At the Start Jake was training to keep his powers under control and he sofar so good manged to control it a bit.

    And also the huntsman is in this episode he wants the unicorn's horn!

    will he sucseed? Or can Jake Save the unicorn?

    And did i mention the huntsgirl is in this episode?

    she fights with Jake 2 times and loses.

    And Jake learned a valuble lesson in this episode, his training is useful and he needs to listen to his grandpa more then ones and have faith in him.moreless
  • Greatest pilot episode ever!

    During this ep. we meet all the charators and learn jake has dragon powers. Even though i didn't catch on to this when i saw the ep. the first time i saw it we also learn rose is huntsgirl if you see the birthmark on her hand when the glove fell off. We pretty much learn nothing about rose in this episode execpet she is jake's love iterest, the huntsgirl, and that she just met jake and she new at his school. The episode is mainly about jake avoiding his duty as the american dragon because gramps is making him do ridculous training like in karate kid ( the painting in kk the toulit clean in amdrag ). Spud who is the greatest cartoon chartor ever and trixie are begining to think jake is becomeing less of a friend and convince him to miss traing tuss getting gramps and fu in trouble with the huntsman and huntsgirl.moreless
Don Lake

Don Lake

Stan the Sewer Troll

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Jake's mother

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Fu Dog

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Jake's father/Huntsman

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Grandpa: I've got a bad feeling
      Fu Dog: Agh, your telling me, thats what we get for eating at a place called Chuckys chippys chili wagon, Aghh, hold down the fort gramps, nature's calling 911 Arghhhhhhhh!!

    • Jake: (While brushing his tongue) Eh! All I can taste is toilet brush.

    • Grandpa: Well done, young dragon. But word to the wise: it is not good idea to flirt with mortal enemy. Trust Grandpa, he's been there.

    • Huntsman: I'll ask you one more time, old man. Where is the American Dragon?
      Jake: Right under your nose, dude! I'm like a booger that way, HA! Wait... that didn't come out right.

    • Grandpa: Young dragon, you must learn that "smackadaddy" does not come in a can.

    • Fu Dog: Oh, BLEH!!! Bleu cheese with a touch of sweat sock, it's the Huntsman! I'd know that foot stink anywhere!

    • Jake: (While cleaning the toilet with his toung) Uh! This is nasty! I think I'm gonna throw up!

    • Huntsman: ENOUGH! American Dragon prepare to become a pair of boots!
      (shoots net)
      Grandpa: Young one! Clean toilet bowl!
      Jake: (thinking) First clockwise then counterclockwise.
      Huntsman: WHAT?? How did he? (net falls on him)
      Jake: Hey it worked! Haha! Who the man now Huntsman or Huntspump? You want some, guess some more where that came from.
      Huntsgirl: IDIOOOOT!
      Grandpa: Young one! Sweep floor!

    • Grandpa: You must clean toilet using circular motions. First clockwise, than counterclockwise.
      Jake: Umm, if you say so.
      Grandpa: NOT WITH HAND! You must clean toilet using only dragon tongue!
      Jake: My TONGUE? On THAT? NO WAY, forget about it!

    • Mr. Rotwood: Okeydoke, class dismissed.

    • Trixie: So are you in, or are you in?

    • Grandpa: You're late, young dragon.
      Jake: Say what? By like three seconds!

    • Huntsgirl: (knocking the door) Who's in there? Open up!

    • Jake: Oh my, sorry about. Hi!
      Rose: Hi, yourself.
      Jake: Hey, that's a very cool dragon tattoo.
      Rose: Actually, it's a birth mark.
      Uh, I'll see you 'round, okay?
      Jake: Yes! yes! Most definitley! I mean, if I have time, and you have time, we could chill sometime. Whatever.

    • Jake: Bad dudes beware because the American Dragon is in the house!

    • Jake: DRAGON UP!
      Fu Dog: No, no, no, Jake, it's 'UP' not 'UP'. You kids and your sass.

    • Jake: I'm all about obey. Whatever you say, whenever you say it.

    • Huntsgirl: We'll be back.
      Jake: And I'll be ready.

    • Jake: What's a nice girl like you doing hunting unicorns?
      Huntsgirl: What's a nice guy like you doing outside in his undies?
      Jake: Huh... (looks down and sees half of him in human form...with no pants) Oh uhh...

    • Jake: (while scrubbing his tounge) I can still taste the toilet brush.

    • Huntsman: (To Grandpa) For the last time, old man, where is the American Dragon?

    • Jake: Mom, are we ever gonna tell Dad he married into a family of magic reptiles?
      Mom: Of course Jake... it's just that your father has always been... well I think we should for a time when...
      Dad: (Screaming) THERE'S A SPIDER ON ME! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF! Oh, wait it's just a fuzzy, false alarm.
      Mom: (continuing) A time when we think he's ready.

  • NOTES (11)


    • Grandpa Lao Shi:
      "Lao shi" means teacher in Mandarin Chinese.

    • Fu is an example of a Familar. A spirit that takes the form of an animal and act as guides and servants to a sorcerer.

    • Keone Young

      Keone Young, the voice of Lao Shi, Jake's grandfather and trainer in martial arts and dragon powers, also appeared on Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender as a Fire Bending master who coached the Avatar, Aang, for a while.

    • "Long" is the Chinese equivalent for "Dragon."

    • Grandpa: "Clockwise, then, counterclockwise"
      Jake's 'Old School Training' parallels Daniel's training in the 1984 movie The Karate Kid, where the student of an old karate master is taught the basics of the fighting style by painting fences and waxing cars. Even Grandpa's instructions to Jake about "Clockwise, then, counterclockwise." reflect Miyagi's famous saying "Wax on, wax off."

    • Fu Dog: "You kids and your sass!"
      John DiMaggio (Fu Dog) also plays Dr. Drakken on Kim Possible and in one episode, Dr. Drakken's lines to Kim were "You teenagers and your sass!"