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    I LOVE This Show I Think They will put it back on the air soon!
  • Best Disney Channel Animated Series Ever

    I love this show. I remembered watching it when it first premired. The series is about a 13 year old Chinese American named Jake Long who is the American Dragon. His job is to keep the magical creatures to not get exposed in the streets of New York. It's Danny Phantom meets mythology.

    This series is good. The writing was good in season 1, but got stronger by season 2. There is romance, action, drama, comedy, adventure, magic, and coming of age. The jokes are humorous and they actually make me laugh. The series has a strong continuity and mythology. The animation is great, but I always prefer season 1's. As for the characters, they all have a role. Jake is a skateboard fan with a fiery personality. He becomes a stronger character later in the series. His best friends are Trixie and Spud who knows Jake's secret and helps with his missions. Trixie is a sassy and vivacious Spud is very easygoing and quirky. Jake's love interest Rose has two sides: the sweet and popular girl at school who is hiding a dark secret. Fu Dog, a taking dog who is Jake's guardian who helps him with his missions. Gramps is Jake's grandpa who trains him to become a better dragon. As the series goes on, they introduce to more interesting characters such as the Oracle Twins, Chang, Professor Rotwood, and Nigel. The voice acting is great. The actors really get into their characters. The theme song is very catchy and the music fits the series mood well.

    American Dragon: Jake Long is one of the most underrated animated series on Disney Channel and the best one too.

  • Don't like it...

    I'm disapointed with this show. I watched some episodes after I used to watch it as a kid, and it just dosen't work for me. It's too unrealistic for me. I can't get my mind wrapped around the idea of a kid whos full dragon but looks like a kid??? I like the idea of the Dragon power thing, but really, the main character, is STUPID and he's not even funny . Honestly, at least Danny Phantom half ghost idea kinda made sense. I thought that a refresh could hook me like Danny Phantom did, but it did'nt. Sorry guys, it reminded me of danny phantom, but did'nt live up to my expectations.
  • An interesting concept and far better than most Disney Channel shows today

    Back in the day when Disney Channel was good, this was an interesting fantasy/action/super hero/comedy show that really got several people engaged in the concept of magical creatures and beings living along side with people in modern times. Not always perfect such as characters (who need and do go through some development) and some plot points but overall pretty well done. The animation style changes drastically from season 1 to season 2 (I read it was because someone in charge at the time had passed away. That death of an important production person could have been enough to cancel the show. It has a good balance and mix of seriousness and silliness of bad guys and bad situations. Clearly not just for kids, teens and adults can enjoy this too. It does have dark moments like it has action and humor. Way better than those over rated teen sitcoms that have airing lately. Those stupid teen sitcoms should be canceled and this show renewed. Totally worth watching or at least checking out.
  • This show is alright

    the characters are terrible. Jake is a living pop-culture reference constantly rapping. while talking and using annoying slang. Trixie is probably the WORST black stereotype in the world. Spud is an idiot. Rose is only alive for the sole purpose of being a love interest. Haley is annoying and every other character is annoying. The one thing I hate the most is the fact that they had to make Jake half white because they believe that you only a true American if you are a white kid. They also try to make him act like a white stereotype and urbanize his character for no reason at all other than to look cool.

    Season two also sucked

    This show is bad, but definitely not the worst
  • Jake Long:American Dragon

    I wish they keep on making this movie.

  • Dragon Slayers

    I loved this show so much and i wish they would make more episodes of it

  • Its original but common scense doe`nt ring true here

    The show was a Disney original but I kind of wondered how they got away with some things. There were moments when something abnormal happened in front of the humans yet the magical world failed to get exposed. Also, the character changes between seasons 1 and 2 kind of made a hiccup in visuals for the 1st few episodes. The show also gets really wierd when 10000`s of ordinary people in New York live with magical creatures yet they rarey seem to realize whats going on behind thier back at times. I`m more of a realist and this idealist show just was`nt for me.
  • Season 1 best show ever season 2 killed the series (for me)

    American Dragon came out when I was seven and I loved it. Recently I have watched again and I love it. But when I was little I never experienced season 2. The totally changed the design for the worse. I took one look at Jake's hair and that sorry, noodle with wings, excuse for a dragon and I just about died. The original series is great and their reasons for changing it are stupid (seriously research it if you don't believe me). I could watch the first season over and over though. American Dragon could use a third season but revert the design back to the style of the first season. (And it wouldn't hurt to redo the second season too but that has a lower chance than them making a third season) I rate it 9.5 because of the second season design :(
  • The Best disney show ever ever :))

    Disney Channel has cancelled American Dragon Jake Long after its second season.

    This petition is for all the fans of the show who sincerely want the show to return for a third season. There are thousands of fans worldwide that have been devastated by the news. To the Disney Channel Executives who come across this petition, please take our sincere and heartfelt requests for a third season to mind. Now I'm 16 years old, but I still watch American Dragon JL. I hope the 3nd would coming soon:)) (Great support from Thailand)
  • He's Cool, He's Hot Like a Frozen Sun, He's Young, He's Fast, He's The Chosen One!

    Seriously, this is a great show. The only reason I don't give it a perfect 10 is because the slang and stuff Trixie and Jake use does sometimes gets on your nerves, but it's an epic show regardless of that. Well worth watching and checking out in my book. The show starts Jake Long, an average kid who just happens to be a dragon! He basically defends the magical creatures of New York City from evil like the "Huntsman" clan. It's actually a pretty great show and funny, too. I feel the ending was pretty solid, too. Could've had more closure, but a nice ending to it as well.
  • Only have 2 words to say!

    I only have 2 words to say: DRAGON UP!
  • Disney screwed up cancelling this one.

    American Dragon: Jake Long will go down as probably my favorite show on Television. The show came out when I was 13 years old and I was hooked. It even works for older audiences... I am now 19 years old and I still find myself watching episodes on YouTube. If the show was put back on the air I would watch it now. - The storyline is great, despite a few minor flaws. The ideology behind the show is great, a young teenager who lives a secret double life as a fire breathing dragon? C'mon, that's cool!

    Disney made a terrible mistake by cancelling this show. It had a lot of potential and clearly still has a lot of fans. I work with school-aged children and have showed them episodes and they love it. I would not doubt that if Disney renewed this show for a third season it would become a hit.
  • Best Disney show ever

    This was one the best shows that was ever created on Disney channel. I loved Jake and the other characters, and cried on the Homecoming episode. I really miss this show even though i am now 16.

    I wish this show would come back. I feel like a story line like this shouldn't be just trashed away. Come one Disney bring the show back, or at least air it. How am i suppose to watch at 5:00 am in the morning???
  • Please Bring It Back!

    I Remember Watching This Show So Much! But Like Most Disney Cartoons, It Lasts Only 3 Years Before Being Completely Booted From The Channel. This Is On Disney XD But At 2:00 AM. I Mean How The H**l Are We Going To See It At That Time? At Least Put On When We're Up! Please Bring It Back!
  • A greatly original show that fused together humor action and mythical creatures. It was really an excellent series. Come on Disney, pull a Kim Possible and bring it back!

    The thing that attracted me most to this series was the fact that it cleverly fused humor with action. Another great aspect of the series was the mythical creatures and interesting story lines. Episodes were never boring and they were always original. After the show 'changed' it's art for the second season, it seemed as if the story telling and the presentation improved too. Every episode was intereting to watch and I think they should bring this show back for new episodes. Although the ending was great (one of the best episodes of this series), this show deserves to continue one with new episodes and characters.

    Love this show! Bring it back on for a third season!
  • okay adventure show for little kids

    American Dragon: Jake Long isnt a bad show, but it isnt my person taste. I dont really like the concept that dragons are actually human they just transform into dragons. Also, dragons are thought of and very very often portrayed as large flying dinosaur-like creature, but in American Dragon: Jake Long, they are small... about the size of a tall human. Now they changed the look of it, and it looks weird, but probably wont be much different... not bad, but can be better
  • An actual good version of Danny Phantom! Very entertaining and funny show!

    Disney took one of Nickeldeon's horrible quality shows and made it into a very good quality, entertaining, funny show that anyone would actually want to watch.

    American dragon: Jake Long is about a kid who has the power to turn into a dragon (not into a human ghost, like that Danny Phantom nonsense) and has to protect the magical underworld from being threatened from enemies like the Dark Dragon, Hunts clan and more. At the same time Jake has to keep his dragon powers, and other beings, a secret from non magical beings. The only non magical beings that know Jake's secret are his good friends Trixie and Spud.
  • kid from New york inherits the powers of a dragon so that he may protect the magical creatures that are secretly living in the city.

    Honestly not a bad concept but a terrible delivery. I really like these kinds of fantasy adventure shows so i gave this one a chance but at the end of it I was pretty disappointed. The idea of the show was pretty cool even though there have been different variations of the idea of kid with powers must protect city I forgave that because in all honesty it is a cliche that I kinda like. What killed it for me was the characters.

    The little sister was annoying. I'll just leave it at that. Trying to get away with everything by acting cute really gets stale after awhile and it comes off really vain when she just naturally expects it.

    The love interest Rose was an interesting idea, that she was working for the other side but also in love with the main character was a cliche that i was willing to forgive because once again who doesn't find drama interesting, however we as the audience and I feel like Jake himself barley got to know her. Besides her character role set up what else was there to her? We didn't really get to know her personality in depth and her transition from bad guy to good guy was barley glanced over. All in all she was kinda a cop out.

    the two best friends were just generic. I mean come on how many shows are there out there that have two supporting best friends. ultimate kids show cliche!
    The dad too. Seriously we get it parents aren't cool how many times do we need to learn that?

    Finally we have the main character jake. Honestly the disney corporation was just trying to make him so cool, everything about him was a stereotype, even the stereotype that all asians are short. Seriously the kid skateboarded, spoke in stereotypical slang, liked rap that was popular for the time, and had plenty of attitude. Everything about this kid is a pop culture reverence to what kids do now a days. they want him to be so relatable and yet so cool to the kids watching the show they go too overboard and we get nothing but a stereotype.

    All in all this show could have been saved had they given the characters more depth and made them more unique and individualistic rather than try and fail to appeal to what's in at the time. you will never create a timeless show if you are too worried about pop culture.
  • a decent cartoon show

    well jake long thinks he just a average 13 teen year old who skateboards but in reality he later finds out he has a extended chinese family that he does not know yet and he can transform into a fire breathing dragon he gets help from others like his friends and other chinses members to help teach him the ways and the use of of his powers and to help stop the bad guys in the show to me this reminds me of other cartoon shows but its still a pretty decent one that on last two years but was still really good i thought
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's so sad that they stop showing new episodes of American dragon Jake long.They could not even make a sequel to the show I mean come on.A lot of people liked American dragon Jake long.I was so sad when I saw that American dragon Jake long stopped showing new so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sad,depressed and angry at the producer who canceled it.
  • i love this show its totally awsome

    plzzz make season 3 i want to know wat happens next
    with rose and jake
    at first in the first season i thoght it was lame with a asian dude with a hip hop acsent
    but its sooo cool after i saw a episode with my cuzin
    i stay up ever night to watch american dragon jake long at 2:30 am and its worth it i love the show its my fav i even have the game my 2ed fav is empors new school i have the movie and i saw it when it came out when i was a kid my 3rd is wizerds of waverly place cuz its so funny and selena gomez is 10 times hoter and funnyer than hanamontana, its was funny untill wizerds came out on disny channle. now i dont even watch hanamontana
  • This is definitely one of my top ten favorite animated tv shows of all time!:D

    I love American Dragon: Jake Long! It is my favorite Disney Channel show other than Kim Possible and The Proud Family. American Dragon has very good potential and shows a lot of great creativity, and an endless imagination with it's theme of magical creatures! This is definitely a very enjoyable and creative animated show that stars Jake Long as the main character! He is an ordinary boy who lives in New York City, but you know what's cool? He is also a dragon! He can turn into his dragon form to ward off evil and chaos in his city, he must protect it! That is why he is the awesome and legendary American Dragon! This show has the best characters, action, and settings too! There can be a lot of epic battles in this show too! This is why it is so creative and fun to watch, it shows magical creatures hiding from humans to protect their lives and not start chaos and not become exctinct. Wouldn't it be cool if that was true in real life too? Anyway here are some great characters in the show with good roles! We got Jake Long as the main character, and has two parents, and a little sister who is Haley Long! He also lives with his Grandpa and Fu Dog! Fu Dog I think is a cool and funny talking dog! There is also the girl Jake likes, her name is Rose! But she actually works undercover for the Huntsclan! Jake's main two biggest enemies in this show are The Dark Dragon and The Hunstclan! After two great seasons in this show, he managed to defeat both of them. However, it feels like this show has ended too early, leaving many other epic episodes and great key figures in the show (like Jake and Rose getting back together) unfinished. Or unavailable as of yet. This show is very successful and I sure would love for it to come back with a third season, but for now, enjoy watching reruns on Disney XD! Go ahead and watch it! You shan't be disappointed!
  • Meh, this was ok. It is sort of a rip off of Danny Phantom.

    Ok, American Dragon: Jake Long. A show about a kid who turns into a dragon when he yells "DRAGON UP" and fire surrounds him. It is similar to Danny Phantom, though the show is not a total rip off. (Danny yells "GOING GHOST" and rings move up and he transforms) It is ok to watch sometimes, but they changed the style of the characters in the second season and it kinda annoyed me. Plus, Jake's voice, ugh...yuck. Seriously, this show is good to watch sometimes, but other times it can get pretty annoying. Especially Rose. I HATE Rose. And how the people who create it pick ONLY ONE couple to focus on.
  • American Dragon: Jake Long is about a boy who can turn into a dragon and fight his sweetheart.

    I first discovered this show two years ago and have been a fan ever since. The action is good and the comedy top-notch. My favorite thing has to be the story of Rose. It is such a good show with likeable characters and good plots.It's only too bad it was cancelled after two seasons. So keep on fighting for season 3. In a world filled with Hannah Montana we need good shows like this to remind us "Disney isn't all bad." So if you want a show filled with action, humor,and good story lines check out American Dragon : Jake Long.
  • Pretty bad on most points

    In short, this show is pretty bad. The theme song is bad because they never got good singers to perform it, the voice cast is terrible, the plot is interesting in some ways, but the overall idea of a guy who turns into a dragon is cliche. The worst thing about this show is that the animators got too lazy in the second season. The overall drop in animation, scripting, and humor plummeted. The only good thing about this show was the first season, but the second season? Well, don't even waste your time trying to sit through that! It's pretty bad...
  • This along with Kim Possible are animated gold on Disney!

    This show's story is about a teenage kid named Jake Long where he just doesn't take on certain things at his school, there's also a special twist and fabulous idea about this show: Jake can transform into a dragon! He also has a destiny carried on from his family's history (including his grandfather) to stop evil magical creatures from causing mayhem to the world and cause the world to be nothing but filled wiht terror, peril, and chaos where you are ruled over by evil magical creatures. Its a good thing Jake is there to stop them and also the huntsclan from destroying magical creatures since they also slay good magical creatures too and not evil ones. Jake must save the day! Everything about this show is cool and awesome, it is animated gold with a creative imagination set into the show, there's so many awesome fantasy creatures in it and awesome likeable characters (magical and human!) Other than Jake's monster-fighting duties, there is some events that occur at school, and there's also a particular girl focused on, and her name is Rose. Rose I can't resist saying is hot too! Well other than that there are other great things about this show like certain magical themed plots in every episode, and also other family members like Jake's sister and parents. There's also his friends Spud and Trixie. This is another golden show that definitely deserves to have more seasons.
  • This is a good show. it needs to come back. And jake needs to be fatter

    This is a good show. it needs to come back. And jake needs to be fatter. That would be like sooooooo cool. Jake has been fat a few times in many episodes. All of those times, it was cool to see him like that. I think a lot of people would like to see our jake long get fat again.
    a m e r i c a n d r a g o n j a k e l o n g n e e d s t o b e f a t a g a i n !
  • The American Dragon is the best show. Not literally, but its one of my favourite, because its so awesome, lol. Well I've been watching this show since I was 100 and I still like it to this very day. I want to be a dragon too, but I'd get slayed easily.

    American Dragon: Jake Long, is a jam packed animation series for all ages, including 'dragons'. With all the many issues and dramas that are faced within this show, many of the target audiences can relate to this situation in need. Many issues that are dealt, faced and are overcomed in this series is love, hate, lies, trust, betrayal and most of all war. These problems are solved within this series, and gives the audiences an example of how to overcome their own situations. So, American Dragon: Jake Long, is a popular hit animated series for all viewers, including American Dragons