American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 23

Shaggy Frog

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Apr 28, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Shaggy Frog
Spud is bitten by a magical frog, and begins to develop cool "froggy" powers. He enjoys all the perks of being part magical-that is, until #88 and #89 come 'a magical frog huntin'.

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  • spud gets jealous

    im not to fond of this one, i mean it was really funny but spud was kinda annoying. i mean, i wouldnt have minded if he had seemed just a tiny bit jealous in any of the other episodes but it just kinda seemed like it came out of no where and it was really annoying. also 88 and 89 were back and i dont care if they were acttually a threat it was basically all luck! also spud was being a bit of a jerk but that is over looked cuz jake can be a jerk too... alot. so any way besides the story that i didnt like much it was a funny episode. like when they were eating and grass fell on trixys food and she said it made it better and the part where spud predidcted what would happen. man that was so funny!!! but the story suckedmoreless
  • Spud gets magical Frogy powers, and 88 and 89 try to get him.

    This was a great episode in the second half of the second season. Since homcomming there arent a lot of good episodes anymore, well they are all good episodes but this one was really good. I like how Spud got to have powers, and the return of # 88 and #89 are good. Those two are good characters, and now they are the only huntsclan thats left. But this is a good episode because Spud got to know what its like to have powers, and it was funny that he had frogy powers. This was a good episode and in the end spud learned his place.moreless
  • Finally, the second half of second season has redeemed itself, a little.......

    The return of #88 and #89! Now, they ARE the huntsclan, out to seek revenge on all magical creatures. Spud, having become one of my favorite characters, finally gets a show all about him. Stacey, being the b**** that she is, is mean to spud and sends him spiralling into depression. that is, until he accidently recieves magical froggy powers...

    88 and 89 finally get their chance to shine, after returning to the old huntsclan lair, and discovering they have access to all the huntsclan's most dangerous weapons...

    This episode is a great follow-up after homecoming, and its great to see 88 and 89 back. too bad the episode ends with spud giving up his powers, and 88 and 89 suffering a brutal defeat. This episode gives hope for the second half of second season.moreless
  • Spud is first jealouse of Jake and then a frog bites him and he becomes half frog

    I really liked this episode, though it was weirdly plotted. It didn't at all sound good on the comercial, but it turned out better than I thought it would be. It wasn't my favorite ep. ever, but it defenitly made it to my top 10. I hope other ppl feel the same way about this ep. There was no parts that I really didn't like.
  • Spud as a frog

    Spud wants to be a hero because he wants to be like Jake. So Jake suggests that spud help find a troll girls magic frog. meanwhile 88 and 89 have also heard about this frog so they se out to. the catch it first but it gets away and bites spud. so spud then gains magicial frog powers but there is antidote for this problem baut spud doesn't want it. spud is put on the basketball team,swimming team ,and two other teams and he helps them all win. he also saves the tacos for stacy and she begins to like him. 89 and 88 discover the old huntsclan weapons. so they go after the magicial frog which is actually spud and not the one that was given back to the girl. so 88 and 89 find spud and the group andattack them which scares stacy runs away and finds jake and trixie and tells them what went on. so they begin there battle with 88 and 89 who earlier scared away many magicail creatures at ice cream shop. the battle is going and 88 and 89 are winning but in the end they lose and spud goes back to himself. spud also saves a kid from brad and becomes a hero to him. he also made a gret catch in the baseball game. a great episode. spud also dreams of being the spudical dragon and created a theme song for it.moreless
Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon

Huntsman Number 89

Guest Star

Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey

Huntsman Number 88

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Recurring Role

Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan

Brad Morton

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When number 88 put his hand on the scanner, the scanner says he has a Huntsman birthmark, but if you look closely at the palm of hand, he doesn't have the Huntsman birthmark.

    • Credits: A picture of the "Spudical Dragon", complete with it's own theme song.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • 88: (looking at the tracking computer for a magical frog) Hold up it says there's two of them. Which one do we follow?
      89: Let us summon the power of our evil four fathers to advise us which direction to take.
      88: Wanna just go for the that is closer?
      89: Works for me.

    • Jake: Spud, your the genius here. Any ideas on how to find it?
      Spud: Not really. I'll just take a little lie down some moss, and stay out of your way. Of course, the way things usually go the moss will turn out to be some kind of, swamp monster that will come to live and swear revenge. And, you'll have to save the day again. (Behind him, a giant swamp monster appears and yells 'revenge!') Called it.

    • Spud: (Fighting off 88 and 89) I can't believe I'm actually doing this! This is the greatest feeling of my life! Better than a hundred birthdays. Plus that time I saw that chimp throw up!

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