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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 22

Siren Says

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Apr 07, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Siren Says
Now that Rose is gone, Jake must find a new girlfriend to enjoy the day with, but Lao Shi, Trixie & Spud don't agree on the idea since the Damsell seems much more like a siren, but, could this time the story be different?

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  • You can't always judge on appearances...

    Rose is gone. Jake is trying to move on. When Haley tells Jake he will find new love, several signs follow to confirm her prediction. He decides it is time to move on and find someone new. Ironically, there is a bachelor auction being held at the school. Jake signs up for it, and when it is his turn two girls are bidding on him: Danica Honeycutt, captain of the swim team, and Vicky (I don't know how to spell her last name). Jake wants Danica to win. But Vicky bids higher than her and Danica is out of money. Jake creates a distraction and gives Danica a five dollar bill. She then bids higher than Vicky and Vicky is out of money. So Jake goes out with Danica for a week. But there are several signs that point to her being a deadly siren. But, is she? I thought this episode was funny and action packed. I love the ep, hate Danica. Yes you guessed it, i'm a Jake and Rose fan all the way. I also thought it was funny how because of one little insulting mistake, Spud had to be Trixie's slave for a week. If you want to see how Jake tries to move on from the loss of Rose, watch Siren Says. I believe it proves that Jake and Rose are meant to be, because nothing else ever works out for Jake.moreless
  • jake meets a new girl

    ok so first off, i dont think jake needs a new girl. if i had it my way rose would come back and they would get togther again, though i do see how that wouldnt work, i mean rose might be totally different but still. ok so we finnally get a weird girl to represent weird girls in real life and she turns out to be evil!!!! i was so pissed off at that! not only did it make jakes shallowness seem ok, it gave a worse name to all us weird girls(me, though im not that weird, but still). jake was a freaking jerk not likeing her cuz she was a bit odd! she was really sweet before she showed her evil side, i liked her line where she asked trixy to wave at her first, that is how i feel(im way shy). so the new girl i wasnt really feeling even though she turned out not to be evil, she acted all sweet half the time and then like a... dont have a word for it(i need to expand my vocabulary. (i knew i should have been paying attention in school for some reason) also no one had said she had stole the neakless, they just asked where she had gotten it, so yea i wasnt likeing all the episode but i liked the weird girl so much that i just had to rate it high. also im glad to see spud and trixy doing their job and it was nice to see the wizard again.moreless
  • Low quality, but I guess the plot was alright.

    This was the first episode that I've seen of the second season. My first reaction was 'whoa, they've really lowered the quality of animation.' I also prefered the original theme song.

    The plotline was okay - my favorite part was where Spud was offering himself for the Bachelor Auction. The twist about the Siren's identity at the end was really unexpected. But that did not make up for the lost animation quality. If I ever watch this episode again, I'll be watching with my eyes closed, so that I don't have to deal with the shoddy appearence of an otherwise okay episode.moreless
  • Pretty good but some parts...not so good

    When I first saw the episode, I thought ths was going to be awesome. Which it was xDDD But, the only thing I hate about this whole episode, is how Vicky was such a weirdo. No one is that weird in real life, couldn't they just make her a nerd or something!!? Yeah, it bugs me when tv does that xDD. Anyways, liked the story idea, and how Jake was fallin over Danica. And this time Trixie ended up saving the day! My point it, there wasn't a lot humor in this one, it's still good, but it wasn't great.moreless
  • i guess its goodbye to the quality of the first half of second season

    jake and danica instead of jake and rose. it sounded like an interesting episode.

    it wasn't.

    it started out really good, with the prediction of jake's new love, and the foreshadowed disaster (those balloons popping)

    then there's a bachelor auction (brad is bought by the entire cheer team)

    jake cheats so that he can be with Danica, the prettier girl, rather than Viki.

    wow, Vicky was over the top weird........

    and Danica brakes up with him at the end, at ease jake/rose fans.

    anyways, this was the first disappointing episode of second season, and the start of a chain of bad episodes to come...........moreless
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