American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 12

Ski Trip

Aired Daily 2:30 AM May 27, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Ski Trip
Jake goes on a ski trip issued by the school and after their first date, he thinks that it's time to tell Rose that he's the American Dragon while on the trip. Along the way, there are many strange actions that Rose has been doing. After some weird discoveries, it now seems that the Huntsgirl is on the ski trip with the school. Also, Jake seems to have found out something new about Rose. Something that he thought was impossible...moreless

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Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


Recurring Role

Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman

Rose, Huntsgirl

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Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Unless this episode takes place several months after Act 4, Scene 15 Rose should still have a cast on her leg.

    • When Spud and Trixie came down off the ski lift, wouldn't Rose be suspicious since they were Jake's friends.

    • When Jake saw Rose turning into Huntsgirl and he turned into a dragon, Jake's right foot, left toes of his dragon form appear to be red and then black at the same scene.

    • When Spud is first in the leprechaun costume the pants only go to his knees. But when he walks away, they are down to his feet.

    • Why would Professor Rotwood have shorts on in this episode? And in every other episode he is wearing pants. Wouldn't you wear pants on a ski trip? It is Because he's wearing leiderhosen, it's traditional, and I guess surprisingly warm.

    • Both Spud and Trixie say Jake's arch enemy is Huntsgirl, while we can obviously see in 'Dragon Summit' his arch enemy became the Dark Dragon.

    • Jake saw the Huntsgirl, turned into the dragon, and without taking any steps, took off. When Trixie and Spud came later, there were two sets of dragon footprints.

    • When Trixie, Spud, and Jake go out off Trixie's, after they just saw her what she was doing you can see that she just came out of room 219, but in the beginning it was 215.

    • The numbers on the dorm rooms keep changing throughout the episode.

    • When Professor Rootwood was hit by the snow ball he was wearing something to help him breath, but he was talking clearly.

    • Rose's birth mark keeps appearing and disappearing all though out this episode.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Trixie: Yo, Jake, girl-talk is not my scene. Trixie does not do the giggly-headed, nail-painting, hair-braiding, popcorn-nibbling, boy-liking flim-flam.
      Jake: I'll give you ten bucks.
      Trixie: Make it twenty and I'll tape record the home-girl snoring.
      Jake: Deal!

    • Spud: (dressed as a leprechaun; walking around with knees) Oh, gosh be-gora! 'Tis a sad thing indeed to be a little lost leprechaun. I do hope a ninja huntress doesn't come upon me, don't cha know!
      Jake: Gotcha, Huntsgirl! (covers up Earl)
      Earl: Actually, its just Earl. (glances at Spud) Hey, are you a… leprechaun?
      Jake: You're just seeing things. It's one of the high stages of altitude sickness.
      Earl: Whoa, leprechauns rock. (poking Spud)

    • Jake: (to Trixie) You know I checked every girl's room this week except yours, Huntsgirl!!
      (Spud gasps over-dramticly)
      Trixie: Okay, now you just buggin' boyfriend. If I was her I would have shut you down by now, you can't touch my ninja business.

    • Trixie (after Jake goes out after Rose): Fine let him fend for himself in a blizzard with a ninja!
      Spud: I'm worried about him too.
      (Trixie's gaze softens)

    • Rotwood: (Suffering from various injuries) Don't worry about me. My Teutonic blood allows me to endure extremely high levels of pain. (Deliriously) What's that mother? The chickens are loose again...(Falls out of the window)

    • Spud: That's right, lifty. It's you and me, together forever. A match made in heav-ah!! (falls on the snow)
      Spud: Fine! But for the record, I broke up with you!

    • Spud: (dressed as a leprechaun) Umm, Jake. I feel the need to tell you that I'm a little disturbed by this plan.
      Trixie: I'm more disturbed that Jake not only owns a leprechaun costume, but brought it on a ski trip. What's with that?
      Jake: What? So I overpacked.

    • Spud: Roses are red, Jake wants to hurl, because he just found out, that Rose is Huntsgirl.

    • Spud: Roses are red, Spud is afraid. Trixie ticked off, Jake's getting slayed!

    • Spud: Roses are red, violets are blue, your arch enemy goes to school with you.

    • Huntsgirl: Why did you save me? We're mortal enemies! Or did you forget?
      Jake: I wish I could.

    • Spud: (to Jake) You could send Rose a Valentine's card with a cute little puppy dog on it. And on the inside you could write a poem: "Roses are red, puppies' tails are waggin,' oh by the way, I'm a dragon"

  • NOTES (6)

    • When Jake is fighting Huntsgirl then Spud and Trixie bodyslam her, Huntsgirl should know that the dragon is Jake because the dragon must go to the school and be friends with Spud and Trixie. Jake is the only person who goes to school and is friends with Spud and Trixie. She doesnt pick it up that its Jake which was kind of obvious.

    • Another Running Gag:
      Every scene in this episode shows Mr. Rotwood getting more and more hurt, to the point of an ambulance.

    • Running Gag: Spud makes up a "Roses are red" poem using different rhyming words; for example, "Roses are red, puppy tail's waggin'; by the way, I'm a dragon."

    • This episode breaks away from the villain/hero tradition. Usually the villain finds out who the hero is first.

    • This episode originally premiered as the conclusion of a six-hour American Dragon: Jake Long marathon, following episodes 1-11, which aired in production order (101-111) to prepare its audience.

    • Jake discovers Huntsgirl is really Rose.


    • Jake: "Yo baby. You're the wind beneath my wings."
      This is a song by Bette Midler.

    • Title: Terminator 2
      When Rose was doing pull-ups in her dorm room it looked a lot like a scene out of Terminator 2 when Sarha turn her bed on it's side and used the frame to do pull-ups. She was also wearing simular looking clothes.

    • Title: Beaches
      When Jake said to Rose/Huntsgirl that she was the wind benith my wings. It was off the song "Wind Benitt my Wings" from the 80's movie Beaches, song by Bett Midler.

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