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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 5

Something Fishy This Way Comes

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 15, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Something Fishy This Way Comes
Jakes life takes a turn for the worst when his Grandfather starts dating his principal. Jake also hears about a fierce beast which is attacking magical creatures which makes matters worse.

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  • grandpa dates the princible

    i reallt didnt like this episode, it was just kinda boring and a little pointless. the only parts i liked were spud and his thing with the fishes, seeing that one mermaid again and seeing grandpa's dates other than that i didnt really like it. jake also got a new princapal in this one which was none other that professer rotwood, so we shall see where that leads too.
  • Nice episode, good storyline...and a big revelation! (Spoilers inside)

    According to the production code, "Something Fishy This Way Comes" is the 6th episode of this awesome 2nd Season.

    In this episode, mermaids play a key role, since the main villain in this episode comes from the water...dum dum...ehm...I'm talking about a Kelpie, a shapeshifting monster. Also, mermaids play a key role because there's an *old* character who's actually a mermaid. Jake's Principal, Dolores Decreto, is actually mermaid detective working undercover as the principal of Jake's junior high.

    However, there's not much to say about this episode, it's not a "must-see", but I suggest to watch it.moreless
  • when a watery menace breaks free of the mermaids' prison, it goes looking for the most powerful magical creatures to attack and absorb their energy like a vampire. and who could be a better target than a powerful creature like the american dragon....moreless

    so, gramps finally gets a love life. way to go, old boy! after seeing him in Hong Kong Nights, i was wondering if he did any dating recently. i think he and deceto (sorry, cannot spell) would make an interesting couple to say the least.

    and fu dating online? we all knew that was a disaster waiting to happen.

    but the kelpie in the episode resembles an aquatic vampire rather than the seal-based creatures of legend. it added a nice horror touch to what might have been a boring story line. all in all, i really like this episode, and i hope to see grampa have another date with the aquatic lady.moreless
  • It was a great installment that was enjoyable to watch

    Actually, I love the second season of American Dragon: Jake Long. I watched all the 2nd season episodes, Half Baked, The Academy, The Doopa (can't spell it) gang and they were awesome! Everyone just has to be a critic over everything. Some people take a big deal out something; like shows from Tv.com. Some people hate the new style for American Dragon but thats ok its and its not the end of the world. My motto is when life gives you lemons made lemonade!!! Anyway, this episode is great but is kind of silly. I like the action and suspense. We find out that Jake's Principal is a mermaid policefish and she thought Jake was the monster. Spud's stubborn and sillyness lead him to like mermaids and fish and bleive the was a mermaid. That was hilorious. I thought Jake's hard-core training Granpa needed a few dates. He expected way to much of Jake. It was funny to see all of Granpa's dates. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode.moreless
  • It's really enjoyable... and has some decent humor mixed in too! You really can't guess things at first.

    I have to say, it's another great episode! Spud is the, of course, hilarious one in this one. Again, others who still don't find the show that great, they should just watch a couple of episodes and then go, 'Wow, it's not as bad as I thought'. It might not be my ultimate favorite episode. But if you take a look at the humor that Spud makes, the climactic parts... and everything, you probably can gurantee that it isn't such a bad episode. You can sometimes see that the perspective of one's mind might shift into a different conclusion and you might go on and say, 'Oh, this might happen' but then when they go into another part of the episode, they change their original guess and might even go, 'No, wait... I think that this might happen instead'. Probably, they tried to make you think of the episode in a different way so you won't expect something, probably a lot more exciting and unexpecting coming your way, happening. In my opinion, I'm guessing that this episode was meant to confuse others since it ruins the fun of just guessing what the episode is. It's better when you first see the episode and know NOTHING about what's going on so you realize at the end, "Ohh, so that's how it's supposed to go' and you actually look back and say that you enjoyed the episode at least a little bit.

    And I gotta say, the part with Rotwood becoming principal was hilarious,moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Grandpa denying that Derceto is his enemy is very similar to the way Jake refused to believe that Rose was the Huntsgirl in "Ski Trip".

    • If this episode is correct Principal Derceto has been an undercover mermaid since season one.

    • In this episode, Professor Rotwood becomes the new principal of Millard Fillmore Middle School, but in "The Doppelganger Gang" (which aired before this episode), it's mentioned he already was the principal. This is because the episodes are aired out of their production order; "Something Fishy This Way Comes" takes place before "The Doppelganger Gang".

    • Closed captioning misspells Principal Derceto's name as "Dursetto."

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Derceto: Jake! I believe your grandfather sent something with you.
      Jake: (Sighs) Yes ma'ma. (Holds out a rose) Till next we meet. A rose to remind you...you are my sweet. (A bunch of kids laugh at him)

    • Jake: Gotcha! And the catch of the day is...fresh, ugly, Kelpie.
      Derceto: What are you talking about!? Your the Kelpie!
      Jake: Say what?
      Derceto: You can't run forever! I'm not the only mermaid who's after you.
      Jake: Mermaid!? Awwww man!

    • Jake: Woah, rewind and remix. This thing wants to eat me so it can be me!
      Silver: He won't actually eat you. He'll just slowly drain your essence with his icy cold bite sending your soul into enternal darkness and leaving your lifeless husk of a body behind. Oh, that's not much better is it?
      Fu: Well, I guess it's nice you get to keep your husk.

    • Fu: Do you guys mind keeping it down? I found me a cute french poodle named LaBetty42, and oh la la, any woman who can make me L-O-L on my P-C 24/7, is A-OK with M-E.

    • Trixie: (after the Kelpie is defeated) Uh, just so you know, sweetie. I'm gonna need some extra credit for this.

    • Spud: (holding an aquarium) Why won't you tell me your secrets? In my heart, I'm already one of you! (saying 'glub' multiple times)

    • (Two-headed woman has shown up for a date with Grandpa.)
      Red-haired head ("Sandy"): Hi! So meet to great you! Er...wait...
      White-haired head: Great, Sandy! You ruined it again!

    • (Ms. Derceto and Spud, on Ms. Derceto's back, enter the transport bubble with Kelpie and guards heading back to Atlantis.)
      Spud: (Bubble begins submerging) I can't believe it!! I'm really going!! Whee!! (gargling)
      Spud: (Pops out of the top of the bubble) Wait! Do over! I breathed in a minnow.

    • Fu Dog: Now thats what I call squidlock he he he (Nobody laughs and Fu Dog sighes) Nobody gets me.

  • NOTES (11)


    • The idea of a mermaid using a wheelchair to hide her identity has also been used in the golden era of Superman magazine, that of his girlfriend Lori Lemaris whom he met during his senior year of college.

    • The design of Kelpie seems to be very much influenced by the classic design of the similar aquatic monster that terrorized beings in The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    • In the credits when Fu is singing the song about principal Derceto, he uses the theme of Shaft just with different lyrics.

    • The title also refers to a Ray Bradbury book called "Something Wicked This Way Comes." That line is also in Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and was also the tagline for "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."