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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 14

Supernatural Tuesday

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Oct 28, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Supernatural Tuesday
Jake's bid for student body president turns ugly when he is up against a sorcerer for the post. To get more votes, Jake uses a mind-reading helmet belonging to an ancient warrior and must face the consequences.

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  • Interesting with twists and turns

    Jake finds himself gaining a rival Nigel Thrall that seems to be outdoing him in just about everything. Later, Jake discovers that Nigel is a young wizard in training. Both are trying to win the election for class president but then Jake decides to use a mind reading helmet to give him an advantage by allowing him to read the thoughts and desires of other students. Both use their magical abilities/powers to cheat. Jake's grandpa has to deal with a rival himself as well. Meanwhile the helmets original owner, a warrior orge seeks his helmet and both the young wizard and dragon must work together to defeat the orge. Meanwhile they aren't at their debate leaving Trixie and Spud stalling because of Jake and Nigel's absences. Both Trixie and Spud ended up winning the election by receiving the same number of votes.moreless
  • A new student from Britain is coming , Jake and him both bid for the student council . Jake has the old helmet that can read other people 's mind . A demon try to get it back from Jake , what will happen ?moreless

    This is a great episode . It features the character Nigel , which is a wizard in training . And there's a lot of comedy in this episode . Mostly about Jake and Nigel . The demon are not so good looking but it 's good anyway . The action are not much in this episode but the spell of Nigel is funny , Never thought that bell book and candle could relate to a handle . Or maybe it's just his poor imagination can't think of anything else at the critical moment . IT would be great if Disney let Nigel beoome a main character in SS3 . Of course , if we can persuade them lolmoreless
  • Funny yet, uninventful.

    Even though I love every single episode they come up with for American Dragon, I would have to say I was sad about this one. Every I mean EVERY show has a election competition type thing, so not creative! But I did like how they both cheated, using their magical powers, that was a little spin on it. Plus, there was a lot of humor in this one, with the rapping xDD and Spud's thoughts. The humor totally made this episode good, because with out it, it would just be another Presidental thing for a school. Good, but I wish they could of done it better.moreless
  • jake wants to beat the new kid

    pretty good episode. i kinda felt bad for jake, poor him being beat at every thing he is good at and then finding out that that kid was a wizard! which is kinda cooler than being a dragon...kinda. i bet that nigel used his powers to beat jake. but he was rather cool, i liked his accsent. the end where they fought together was really cool. and i found it funny that trixy and spud won. and they should have! i dont know why they didnt run in the first place. so this one was really good, even though it didnt further the story line to far, but i guess jake now has a new friend and some one else to help him(ally...i dont know how to spell it). the new store makeing fun of his grandpa was funny too.moreless
  • Jake: Little lost kitten, rolled in from great Britan, got his tail between his legs from the rhymes I'm spitting. Nigel: You don't reach my knees on the b-ball court. Why's a kid named Long got to be so short?moreless

    Theres the rap from the episode above. Jake finally gets beaten in skating and freestyling. Whats he got left. I was cool to see a new character in the show that rivals Jake. This episode started with Jake showing off his skating skills when the new exchange student comes out and bets him at skating and then freestyling. Jake is really sad about what happened but then he see's away to beat Nigel at something. School president. Then Jake finds out that Nigel is a wizard getting trained in New York.

    Then Jake uses a magical helmet to read the minds of his constituents but he gets more then he bargain for.

    Funnyily enough Grampa is in a feud to which makes for a supernatural episodemoreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • According to the Unoffical AmDrag Blog post by Eddie Guzelian and Matt Negrete, this episode was originally supposed to come after "Homecoming" and it was also originally supposed to be about Jake being jealous of Nigel because he starts going with Rose.

    • This episode was originally named "Student Body by Jake" but was renamed due to some unspecified issues.

    • The same person who voices Nigel in Supernatural Tuesday voices Fred Nerk in Dragon Summit

    • Nigel is another wizard like Pandarus introduced in this show, that has dialogs.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Trixie: (To student auidence) Okay so, let's talk issues! Stuff that effects us all! Starting with these cinder blocks they call a textbook.
      Spud: Yeah, do we really need 2,000 pages on Marine Biology. There's only 3 things to know about a fish: Stay away from piranha, never put tatar sauce on sushi, and if you gotta treat a jellyfish with 'natural acids,' aim carefully.

    • Trixie: Ideas, okay, ideas.
      Spud: Ooooh! I got one! I say we change our school fight song. I always feel funny singing 'hail the conquering Spartans,' when our goalie just scored on himself. It's time for a little honesty. (plays guitar and starts to sing) Fillmore's team is noble, a valient brotherhood...but let's just get it out there, we don't play sports so gooooood!!

    • Gramps: Jake for president?
      Trixie: That's right. Jake's gonna be the next president of Fillmore.
      Spud: All he's gotta do is win a popularity contest, against the most popular guy in school. Jake glares at him. What, what did I say? I didn't say anything...

    • Spud: Yeah so what if Nigel beat you at all the stuff your into. Just beat him in something he's into.
      Jake: Such as..
      Spud: Well from what I saw at the snack bar a minute ago....Nigel likes bagels!
      Jake: So.
      Spud: So, bust a giant bagel the size of a tracker tire, then you start munchin it like (makes eating noises) and he'll be looking at it all salivating. (clears throat, and talks in a British accent) May I have a bite ol' chap. And you'll be like, no way dude get your own giant bagel. But he can't, because you had it made special! BOOYAH!!!

    • Spud: (singing) We know your gonna beat us. We know thats pretty clear, but please don't run the score up. Our families are here.

    • Nigel:Yo the dollar's worth less than the pound in the UK, try not to cry when im pounding you, k?

    • Nigel: Jakedy Jake, for goodness sake your hairs like a weed, it needs a good rake.

    • Jake: Little lost kitten rolled in from great Britan got his tail between his legs from the rhymes I'm spitting.

    • Nigel: You don't reach my knees on the b-ball court. Why's a kid named Long got to be so short?

    • Spud: Inhale, Exhale, inhale again, exhale again, okay time to blink.

  • NOTES (10)