American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 06, 2007 on Disney Channel
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An enchanted mirror switches the bodies of Jake and Haley for a day, allowing them to experience the troubles of each other, thus strengthening their brother-sister bond.

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  • they switch bodies

    ok so as a whole the switching bodies thing has been done before, alot, but needless to say i always find it interesting. now there was one thing that i just couldnt stand and that was that when they traded bodies they didnt trade vocies and that is so stupid! but any way i tryed not to let that bug me too much. also the end was stupid how they picked hailey cuz she breaked danced? i mean come on! they were looking for ballet dancers! but moving on, i will now state my likes, but first one question, i thought jake and rose had been talking, i mean did i miss something? but anywhoo it was sweet what hailey did. i really liked the mazagic part, i will be amused by that for days! i did think he was being a bit of a jerk when he was trying to ruin hailey but it all worked out so who cares. so yea pretty good and hailey looked why better the way jake dressed her and jake looked horible the way hailey dressed him.moreless
  • great episode

    ok since i'm now editing some of my reviews i'm doing this 1 because it is 1 of my favorite episodes. i like this episode because well we all know Haley is my favorite charcacter and i always wondered wat would happin if jake and Haley switched bodys for a day. ok the episode starts out like this jake wakes up and relizes he has to get to the bathroom quick before Haley get there they meet eye to eye and there off jake gets a early lead thatks to his dragon powers but Haley also has dragon powers so she turns on the fan jake gets stuck and Haley flies into the bathroom and the winner is Haley (and the crowd goes wild) ok back on topic jakes dad says he has to bring Haley to school even though jake dosn't want to he does so there walking and they get into a fight about how Haley hogs the bathroom and than rose comes jake and haley see her and hide behind a mailbox and jake starts saying this stuff like mazigic and holla and stuff like that and haley gives him advice but jake dosn't listen so Haley arrives at her gifted school and so Jake leaves for his school (hes late and get detention). so it keeps on showing what there doing at school like Haley is doing advenced math and jake is playing tic tac to and that goes on so at Haley school Haley learns that there are gonna be auditions to train at some dance acedemy in paris and she wants to win but olvia meres thinks other topic i can not stand olvia meres i would say something but than i would probaly get in trouble for swearing so back to my review jake goes ans picks Haley up from school and ...cliff hanger i will write more tomarow young at heart airs today in half a hour and i don't want to miss it so....ok back to writing where was i oh yeah so when jake goes to pick up Haley he sees a lepracun who is running away from 88 an 89 so jake saves him and finds out 88 and 89 stole a secert mirror so jake knocks it out of their hands and it falls off the building but luckly Haley was able to get it it is a good thing she dosn't listen to jake. so they are at g's shop and Haley starts bragging on how she got the mirror and jakes getting angry so they keep insulting each other then jake spins it they leave and the wake up the next mourning in each others bodys totally werid so the had to g's shop and they find out the mirror did that to them and they have to go to school in each others bodys won't that be hard because the both have a rep to keep up and they are both gonna ruin each at each others school they keep doing the exact oppisate at wat they normally would. then comes art class at Haley's school everybody has to piant something that inspires them and for Haley that is jake. so jakes sees the picture of him and suddleny has a change of heart so then it is time for lunch so jake and haley both sneek out to meat fu but when they get there they find out 88 and 89 took the mirror so they go after them so they both dragon up and then they are off. they get there and since haley is not used to jakes dragon form she blows fire and gets knocked out (yeah i don't get ether). so jake fights and wins and sees that haley is knocked out so he goes back to haley's school and trys to win the dance thing for her to make a long story short he does so they go back to there bodys and that is it. so yeah i love this episode maybe because i'm a big fan of Haley. ok so that is it end of review yeah peace. hold on i'm just gonna make it over 700 words yay i did it wow this is the longest review i ever wrote peace.moreless
  • This was a funny episode.

    Haley and Jake switch places for a day, and it is hilarious. When Haley is in Jake's body, she dresses in a suit and combes Jake's hair. When Jake is in Haley's body, he spikes up her hair and dresses in her halloween costume. When they goto each others schools, they mess up eachother's reps. Jake just causes chaos most of the time he is there. And Haley signs him up for clubs that are looked down upon, does ballet infront of everyone, and follows Trixie into the girls room three times. But they eventually get back in there bodys.moreless
  • A nice, classic "switch lives" episode

    Jake and Haley constantly fight, and each think they have it harder than the other. Once they recover an ancient artifact that lets people switch lives, they accidentally activate it. Once they see each other the next morning, they noticed that something was wrong. They soon find out that they switched lives due to the "live switcher". They have to spend the day running each others lives. They soon decide to try to ruin the others reputation (suprise, suprise). Jake ruins Haley's perfect record at the school, and Haley ruins Jake record by enlisting in geeky activities. Later on, Jake realizes Haley looks up to him. Once it's lunchtime, Jake and Haley meet to switch back, when 88 and 89 come to take the switcher. They go after them, and they soon get it back. Right before they switch back, Jake goes to a ballet performance for Haley, and wins her a scholarship to a French ballet institute. Once they finally switch back, they continue making fun of the other person's lifemoreless
  • Switching bodies have been done but not with two dragons.

    This was a cool episode. It was funny seeing them doing each others lives like Jake doing ballet and Haley break dancing. It was cool to see Jake and Haleys lives in school with Haley being perfect and Jake being..........not so perfect.

    The episode starts with Jake recovering this Magical mirror that switches bodies and he acciedently uses it with Haley. They then must go through each others lives and learn that its not that easy being each other. But they do get switched back.

    Also we see Haley using Jakes dragon form and viser, versur. This is a really good episode that does the old Switcheroo.moreless
Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Haley\'s Teacher

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Liliana Mumy

Liliana Mumy

Olivia Mears

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Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey


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Nicholas Brendon


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Matt Nolan

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Haley: (In Jake's body) I'm afraid that isn't gonna work Fu. You see I go to a school for gifted children. Jake, won't be able to fit in there.
      Jake: (In Haley's body) Yeah right. Like it would be so hard to fit into your school. All I have to do is strut around going (In a girl voice) Look how perfect I am! I'm so smart and special! Everyone give me attention!!
      Haley: Well I'll I need to do is fill my speak pattern with unbarable hip-hop slangs from five years ago. Yo, yo! Check me out! The Amdrag is in the hiz-house with the mad skillz! Holla!

    • Haley: Thanks Jake! You really are a lot stronger than you look!
      Jake: Hey, saving magical creatures is what I do! Besides, I can't have you messin' up that pretty face of mine.

    • 89: I've got the feeling for some stealin', I've got some feverin' for some thieverin' I'm feeling snobberin' for some robberin'!
      88: Okay, now you're just reachin'.

    • Fu Dog: Ah, sure. The legendary Mirror of Seeshin. It's shiny, powerful, and I swear it takes ten pounds off my waistline. Look at me, I'm svelte

    • Spud: No I'm telling you, it's a medical fact: if you sneeze, hiccup, cough and burp all at the same time, your brain will explode. I had this cousin, he tried it in third grade... We had to send him to a hospital.

    • Haley: Jake, you're hiding behind a mailbox. I'm reasonably certain this doesn't qualify as cool.

    • Haley: Shoutout? Playa? Mazagic? Why don't you just tell her how you feel, or better yet, why don't you show her?

    • Haley: Hmm, she's pretty, graceful, reads books, I'd say she's way out of your league.

    • Jake's Dad: No whats, buts or candied nuts, just mind your sister, mister

    • Jake: You think I enjoy being two feet tall? Plus I'm a girl, A GIRL!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Fu: What, you never seen these kind of movies?

      Fu is refering to "Freaky Friday", Where a mother and daughter switched bodies for a day. It became a common plot for many tv shows.