American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 3

The Academy

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 01, 2006 on Disney Channel
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The Academy
Jake goes undercover as a Huntsclan student in the Huntsclan Academy with Spud, but meanwhile there he meets up with Rose. But when Jake tells Rose to come back to New York, she tells him that she needs to slay a dragon to graduate from the Huntsclan Academy.moreless

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  • This was the very first SEASON 2 episode I watched. SUPERB!

    After a huge shock from the American Dragon: Jake Long animation change, I found this episode mildly amusing. Jake and his friends discover from the oracle twins (in their terrible S.2 animation style) that the Huntsman is planning some terrible after Huntsgirl failed to slay the American Dragon and transferred schools. Jake and Spud must now go undercover as Huntsclan Trainees and find out more on what the Huntsman is planning.

    They end up at a secret Huntsclan Training Facility through a tele-transportation beam. After looking around, they bump into Jake's long lost friend, Rose. She tells them that she can only leave the Academy after slaying a dragon!

    Well, she ends up fighting him in an arena at the Academy, at just before the battle, alone they do something that has been long awaited: their first kiss :P

    For the first new episode I've viewed, I loved it!moreless
  • The ep that features what we've all been waiting for...Jake and Rose's first kiss.

    This episode is one of the best. I forgot about a new one airing that night so when I finally remembered and turned it on it was at the part where Rose had just "slain" Jake. I didn't know until I watched it again what had happened. It took three times watching it before it finally dawned on me that they kissed for the first time. I was happy for Jake as he found Rose after all that time. Not too happy about Brad getting her away from Jake at the end though. This is another must see for fans. Rose is back, and this time she's on Jake's side. But finally Jake! I was getting impatient with you! One of the best of the series.moreless
  • funny,sad over all a great episode

    In this episode we met #88 and #89 of the huntsclan. Fu and gramps keep an eye on #88 and #89 as Jake and Spud assume the identities of #88 and #89 and go to the Huntsclan training academy. While there, they encounter Rose. She tells them that the Huntsman is planning something big, but since her mess up during the Grand Equinox Hunt (letting Jake go), the Huntsman doesn't tell her anything anymore. They work together to try and find a way to the main computer. But soon, #88 and #89 escape and return to the Huntsclan and expose jake as an imposter and a dragon. jake is captured, and the Huntsman says that the dragon and Huntsgirl will fight to death in the arena. they find away to fake jakes death in the arena and allow Jake and Spud to escape. Jake insists that rose come with him, but she refuses and tell him that he cant save the end, we find that the huntsmaster has let her return to New York after "killing" the american dragon(jake)moreless
  • Wow this was an awsome episode!!! Jake and Rose's relationship grew stronger every minute in this episode. The two share their first kiss too.

    The episode kicks off in the schools lunchroom where Jake, Trixie and Spud are discussing the upcoming Fall dance. Spud says he doesn't know who to take to the dance, and hes worried about what Trixie will do. But Trixie gets asked by Kyle Wilkins. The two then ask who Jake is going to take, but he says he will go on his own. Trixie and Spud are shocked about this saying that there must be someone he wants to take. Jake opens his locker revealing his picture of Rose and sighs "not really." Then the Orcale twins show saying that Kara had a vision about the huntsclan destroying all magical creatures. Jake then says it was just like what Rose told him in his dream. Gramps, Fu, Jake, Trixie and Spud capture two Huntsclan Trainees (88 & 89) by intercepting their teleportation, which was sending them to a Huntsclan Acadmey up state. Spud and Jake go undercover to retrieve the info about the Huntsmans plan.

    When they arrive they are sent to a dragon slaying class. The teacher asks Jake to take part in a demonstration from someone who has faced dragons before. That someone is Rose. Jake is shocked that Rose is here. Spud says that she was teaching a class on slaying dragons and that Jake can't trust her. The two then sneak off to find the info needed on Spud's laptop. But they are caught by Rose who is shocked to see Jake here.

    Jake and Rose hug and she asks what he's doing here. Jake says he's been looking for her and that they need info about the Huntsman's plan. Rose then says that she doesn't know anything and that she got sent back here for messing up on the field. She tries to get them to the computer vault but they have to get back to there rooms, before they get caught. Rose tells Jake that she can help him get there and that its too late for Jake to save her (she needs to slay a dragon to get out).

    The Acadmey is having a slayer shindig and Rose explains that it may be there only distraction to get to the computer vault. So on the night they slip out of the dance floor and download the information. Rose tells the two to head for the teleportation platform while she runs in the other direction. Jake stops and says to Spud that they cant leave her here, and runs back towards Rose.

    Unfortunatley 88 and 89 have escaped gramps and arrive back in time to tell the Hunstman about two imposters. Jake runs around the corner to see 88, 89, Rose and the Huntsman all standing there. The Huntsman captures Jake in dragon form and says to Rose that if she slays Jake she can return to New York. Jake and Rose plan a fake death for Jake by using a potion. They are in a lift on their way to fight when they share their short first kiss.

    The battle starts and Jake falls to the ground and drinks the potion (unseen), so everyone thinks hes dead. Rose is allowed back to New York where she attends school again with Jake.moreless
  • I love this episode!

    Jake and Spud go undercover to get in to the Huntsclan school. They enoucnter Rose. Finaly a kiss!

    I really loved this episode. Rose and Jake finaly have kiss witch is good news for me. Also, #88 and #89 make their debute in this episode. #88 is my favorate person so far in American Dragon : Jake Long. Kyle Massy voices him. I'm not a big fan of Kyle Massy but he is doing a great job at being a voice for #88. Anyway, this episode was very funny, full of action, and did I mesion Jake and Rose kiss? Any fan will love this episode. Really!moreless
Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan


Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Huntsman, Huntsclan Academy Teacher

Recurring Role

Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey

No. 88

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • (As Jake and Spud are lowered into a large, dark pit)
      Spud: Dude, what did they say they were throwing us to?
      Jake: A Kraken.
      Spud: A crack in what?

    • Rose: (Doing a presentation with Jake) Dragons are heavily armored along the head and back. You wanna go for their soft under bellies.
      Jake: Uh, just for the record, that's all muscle down there baby!

    • (Jake and Rose are dancing at the "Slayer Shinding" at the Huntsclan Academy)
      Rose: Get ready.
      Jake: What'd you have in mind as a distraction.
      Rose: You'll see, this is a school just like any other.
      (She whispers something in a girl's ear who immediately runs and whispers it to another girl and it spreads around the room to one of the two girls Spud is dancing with; suddenly the music stops)
      Female Huntsclan student: You said what about me?!
      (She and the other girl dancing with Spud begin fighting)

    • (Jake is chained to the wall in a dungeon like jail cell; a rattling is heard from the door and Rose enters)
      Rose: I'm getting you out of here.
      Jake: If I'm gone in the morning they're gonna blame you. I can't let that happen, you have to slay me.
      Rose: But--
      Jake: Two of us are going into that arena. Only one of us is coming out.

      Rose: Don't--
      Jake: You'll get reinstated with the Huntsman and go back to New York. You can find out what he's planning and stop him.
      Rose: There has to be another way.

    • (2 Huntsgirls are fighting over Spud on their table in the cafeteria)
      Jake: Uh, Spud. Shouldn't we be breaking this up or something?
      Spud: Probably. But when is this gonna to happen to me again? GO LADIES! FIGHT FOR THE TROPHY THAT IS ME!

    • Huntsclan teacher: Class, you will see a demonstration from my assistant, someone who has faced Dragons before. Huntsgirl!
      (The door opens to reveal Rose, as Huntsgirl, flipping into the room)
      Jake: (as Huntsgirl flips him on his back) Rose?!
      Huntsgirl: Lesson one. Never let your guard down. Dragons are heavily armored along the back and head, you want to go for there soft underbellies.
      Jake: Just for the record, that's all muscle down there baby!
      Huntsgirl: Dragons have another weak spot--
      Spud: (as number 89) Behind the left ear right. That's why they're such babies when you flick them behind the ear at the skatepark snack bar when they can't decide between chili-fries and hotdog (Jake's glaring at him) I mean that's what I've read about them.
      Huntsgirl: Correct number 89 (Huntsgirl lifts Jake by his left ear) A direct hit behind the left ear will result in a clean slay. And one more thing, never show a Dragon mercy. Ever.

    • (Number 88 and 89 are in a cage playing a video game)
      #89(to Fu): You know, you can't treat us like this. It's like totally barbaric.
      #88(holds up his cup): Okay, I want a refill with a twist of lemon.
      (A beep comes from the game)
      #89: Ha! I win!
      #88: What?! I was just getting a refill, that is an automatic time-out!
      #89: No, you have to call "soda-freeze."
      #88: What?! That's not a rule, you just made that up.
      #89: Not-uh!
      #88: Yeah-huh!
      #89: Not-uh!
      #88: Yeah-huh!
      Fu: Okay that's it!! I gotta go unload some cargo and when I get back I don't want to here a peep out of either one of you two!!

    • (Jake and Rose are about to have their showdown)
      Rose: (in a sad tone) Any last requests?
      Jake: (same tone) Just one.
      (Jake and Rose lean toward the edges of their cages and manage to kiss)

    • Jake: I can't believe it. Rose is here.
      Spud: Yeah and she's also teaching a class on how to carve up Dragons like Thanksgiving turkey!!

    • Spud: You did this to him! You evil-two-faced-ninja-dragon-slaying-she-witch!
      Rose (slightly annoyed): Spud! Do you remember the potion you and Jake made?
      Spud: Yeah, the guy said that it would only give a Dragon the appearence of death. But, I can't possibly see how that has anything to do with what's going on here. (pause) Ohhh!!
      Rose: That's right. It was Jake's idea: he had me whip up another potion and plant it in the dome before the battle; we pretended to fight long enough for him to find it.
      Spud: Sorry I called you a two-faced-evil-ninja-Dragon-slaying-she-witch. It's just the first thing that came into my mind, well actually the first thing that came into my mind was a monkey riding a unicicle, and a---(Rose cuts him off)
      Rose: Apology accepted.

    • #89: Dude, I am so wicked pysced to slay my first Dragon!
      #88: First Dragon I see I'm gonna be like: 'what now sucker!' And he's gonna be like: 'no spare me might number 88!' and I'm gonna be like wikka-waaaak--
      (Jake and Gramps are right in front of them)
      #89(stamering): Drag--dra--dra--dra--Dragon!!
      (both run of screaming)

    • Rose: (As she is leaving Jake and Spud) I told you in the dream, can't save me.

  • NOTES (24)


    • The creature named the Kraken in this episode also shares its name with a giant octopus style creature that used to terrorise the 7 seas in sailor mythology.

    • This episode is similar to the Teen Titans episode Deception. Cyborg infiltrates the H.I.V.E. academy in order to find out what they are planning.

    • The "backdoor" Spud was refering to is a term given to entrances programers put in programs so that they can get into the program if it's locked out because of a virus or another reason. This is the easiest way for hackers to enter programs.

    • Spud's extreme knowledge of technology (specifically Huntsclan technology) mimics Tucker Foley's love of technology in general on Danny Phantom.

    • The potion that Jake used to fake his own death in the arena was similar to the potion that was used in "Romeo and Juliet" When Juliet faked her own death. The main difference in Jake's and Rose's situation was that they both knew about the potion.