American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 4

The Doppelganger Gang

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 08, 2006 on Disney Channel
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The Doppelganger Gang
When Jake is overwhelmed by his hectic schedule, he begins using his dragon powers to create doppelganger copies of himself to help ease the load-with, but also creates his dark side who has plans of his own.

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  • Jake can't do all stuff at once, and decides to clone himself.

    So, Jake made a lot of clones: A clone for School, a clone for Bunny-Hopping something, a clone for Taking out the trash, a clone for the camp Jonathan wrote Jake to, and a Clone to play with Haley, so Jake would have plenty of time to do dragon training and play around. This episode also features something like a cellphone, Jake's PMA: Personal Magic Assistant, which looked pretty much like a cellphone, but with a magical twist. Jake wanted to make another clone, but beacuse he couldn't have to much power, he tried to use the filter that helped him to, but he used the wrong filter, and made a bad clone. When Brad challenged him and was making fun of him, Jake's bad clone beat Brad up. Jake then had to fight with his clone, who was going to take over Jake himself, but Jake got his other clones back to his body, thus giving him the power to make the bad clone dissapear.

    Nice episode thar.moreless
  • An extra funny episode for an extra amount of Jakes.

    A great new power for Jake to comically misuse. Another part of of the gag that Jake is always using his powers for personal gain.

    The episode goes like this. Jake is swamped with work and has no free time (some of this work includes Dragon Training, Mid Mid Terms, Helping Trixie in a Jump Rope Tournament, Scouts and doing his Chorus).

    So when jake finds out about a new power he uses it to get ahead in his schedule. But then he acciendently makes a evil copy of himself. Now he must defeat his clone.

    At the end of the episode he figures out how to manage his time.moreless
  • This episode was very good.

    According to the production code, \"The Dopplerganger Gang\" is the 9th episode of this awesome 2nd Season of \"American Dragon: Jake Long\".

    If you think that the shapesfhiting power in the Season 1 episode named \"Shapeshifter\" was cool, think again. \"The Dopplerganger Gang\" show us one of the coolest \'Dragon Powers\'. In fact, Jake learns that a Dragon is able to clone himself. He soon starts to create dopplerganger copies of himself in order to have more free time. But things get worse when one of the dopplerganger is actually evil. Yang Jake makes his first appaerance in the series, showing us how evil he is. In order to get stronger and more powerful, Yang Jake starts to absorb the other dopplerganger copies, becoming stronger than the *real* Jake. Fortunately, Jake succeeds at defeating his dark side, and everything comes back to normal when the other dopplergangers disappear. However, Yang Jake may return in future episodes, who knows.

    The episode itself was very good, clearly not the best, but still enjoyable.moreless
  • jake clones himself

    this was a pretty good episode. mostly because i really liked the way all of his clones acted, they were all so cute! i was suprised that jake didnt mind that lots of people liked his clones better. the only clone i didnt like was his bad one of corse. i was really upsrt when the bad one got to all the other clones, i also didnt like that fu dog had no faith in jake. but other than all that it was a good episode.moreless
  • A great episode, but I think Yang Jake is coming back.

    I very much liked this episode. I didn't get to see it on the original air date because i'm always on vacation. When I did get to see it, I liked it a lot. The only thing is that I think Yang Jake is coming back. When I originaly saw this episode I was suprised by th efact that Yang Jake "died" at the end. I think that later thhis season he's gonna come back and team up with someone. There isn't an episode on Jeffnet that has that description, but I think he's coming back. So, over all, I give this a 9, or A-.moreless
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    • Trixie: I'm gonna go ahead and take a wild guess on this one... we've been double dutching with your double. Right?
      Jake: Yup, but you have to admit, this guy has some fly moves.
      Doppelganger Jake: I jump rope, there for I am.

    • Doppelganger Jake: Wanna jump rope?
      Brad: The only jumping I'm gonna do is on your face with my fist. Which, isn't jumping, but it's still gonna hurt!

    • Fu: No kid, this is a negative chi amplifier, if you make a doppelganger with this stuff it's guaranteed to be 100 percent pure evil!
      Jake: An evil body attached to this pretty face, that's just wrong!

    • Jake: One of us has to show up and meet Brad tomorrow. We can't use any dragon powers, we're gonna have to face him straight up. So, I'm lookin' for a volunteer. (Jake's doubles all whistle, trying not to get picked) All come on! One of us has to represent tomorrow. Now who's it gonna be!! (One of the doppelgangers raises it's hand.) Now that's what I'm talkin' about! My man here, isn't afraid of Brad!
      Doppelganer Jake: Uh...I'm terrified of Brad. No way I'm going.
      Jake: raised your hand.
      Doppelganger Jake: To suggest you create another doppelganger that's designed specifically for this task.
      Jake: Hmm...Jake Long I like the way you think.

    • (The real Jake trips over the kitchen floor after it was just mopped)
      Evil Jake: Clean up, isle 10! Ha ha ha ha!!

    • Spud: do we know that this one is the real Jake Long, and not the other one?
      Jake: Spud, trust me.
      Spud: I could trust you, or you can tell me what my favorite possession is?
      Jake: A ball of belly button lint you've been collecting since you were three.
      Spud: Ewkk, that's disgusting! And also correct! So I'm choosing to believe you for now, but I'll be keeping my eye on you.

    • Jake: (Talking to his doppelganger) Okay, I'll take the sleeping, you'll take the garbage. I'll take the napping, you'll take the alegbra.
      Doppelganger Jake: Alegbra! Awwww man!
      Jake: Wow, you really are my double.

    • Haley: I'm at a developmental age where I need a lot of one-on-one attention!

    • Yang Jake: Not quite, I still have one Jake left to absorb.
      Jake: Oh, and which Jake is that?
      Yang Jake: The original.

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