American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 8

The Egg / The Heist

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Mar 25, 2005 on Disney Channel
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The Egg / The Heist
"The Egg"
A griffin lays an egg on the top of the Empire State building, and it's up to Jake to protect it, a task which gets increasingly difficult as the egg is snatched by the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl but the egg gets lost in a candy egg factory and Jake and Fu have to find it.
"The Heist"
Panderas, the "Wizard of Wall Street" has stolen the leprechauns' pot of gold and Jake must steal it back (with the help of a few friends) so that they all don't die from bad luck.moreless

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  • Simple, yet somewhat enjoyable

    These two episodes weren't the best but they were still done well enough. First you have Jake and Fu trying to protect and retrieve a lost egg that was stolen by the Huntsclan and return it to the mother while avoiding other situations that threaten to endanger it.

    The heist is where Jake and his friends and grandfather sneak into a hotel owned by the Wizard of Wall Street Pandarus in order to steal back a pot of gold for some leprecauns to restore their good luck.

    Overall these episodes weren't half bad yet they had funny and even exciting moments, but still they would've benefited from some more substance and better pacing. Half length episodes can be a gamble like rescue missions.moreless
  • Jake has to protect a Griffins egg, Panderes, a wizard, steals a lepracauns pot of gold.

    Well this episode was average I mean Jake did his old things protecting magical creatures. In the first part of this episode he has to protect a Griffin's egg from being stolen by the huntsclan. In the second part, Jake has to stop a evil wizard after he steals the leprecauns pot of gold. Overall, this episode is a 7.5 it was good, but not GREAT.
  • two short episodes

    now i dont like when they make two 15 minute things but i have to say these two were very good. the first one was halarios tho they over did it with the loseing the egg so much and jakes reaction to the mom eating the baby had me rolling on the floor. the second one was also very good, her talking about the dog was funny and i liked when jakes friends went under cover, it made the short show. so all and all these were very good even tho both of them were only 15 minutes.moreless
  • The Hiest was the worst episode of the season

    The Heist was so boring and dull and a stupid idea for an episode. Sometimes when I flipped the channel and the episode came on got so annoyed. There was no point in the episode. It was about some guy taking lapercon's gold and hiding it in a hotel and Jake and friends helping him to, oh whatever. ???
  • Not the best idea for an episode, but it was almost there.

    I mean this could have been a whole ot better. But it wasnt toatlly horrible. Since there was a bit of action, fighting, and suspense, it made the episode have a few good points, but like I said before, it could have been batter. You can tell that the writers are slowly improving with each episode to come.
Jonathan Freeman

Jonathan Freeman


Guest Star

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Stage Manager, Ghostly Woman

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Jake's mother

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Huntsman, Chef, Baby Chick Man, Leprechaun McBreen, Security Guard, Waiter/Jake's father

Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Griffin Baby, Waiter

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Jake makes his move in the chess game, Grandpa then puts him in checkmate. However, even though Jake's move was illegal, he still left Grandpa in check when it ended, meaning that Grandpa has to deal with that first.

    • Grandpa said he had no license in 'Professor Rotwood's Thesis', but he drives a truck in 'The Heist'?

      He could have either gotten his license, or still doesn't have one but is driving anyway, cause Fu driving isn't really any more legal.

    • Wouldn't Jake's Grandpa and Fu get mad at Jake for not giving Spud and Trixie the potion in 'Professor Rotwood's Thesis'?

    • In 'The Egg', how did Jake and Fu lose all that weight in a few seconds?

      RE: In cartoons people can lose big amounts of weight very quickly. For example in Scooby Doo after Shaggy and Scooby eat a lot of food they're really fat. But when they see the 'monster' of the day they run away. Once they get to Fred, Velma, and Daphne they're skinny again.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Fu: Well, time to make our, egg-xit. Mission egg-complished. That's all yolks! Ahahahahahaha!
      Jake: Uh Fu, about those egg puns, never again uh?
      Fu: Sheesh, sue a dog for havin' a little fun.

    • Jake: (about Pandarus and his goons) C'mon, man! All this planning and plotting. Lemme just lay a little dragon pizazzle on 'em. I'll go in, I'll go out---that wizard won't know what hit him!
      Grandpa: Not so fast, young one. This one's a mental game. Remember, a cool head cools the body.
      (cut to next scene, where Gramps is driving recklessly to get to Pandarus' Tower)
      Grandpa: HIT THE PEDAL, GRETEL! I'M NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER! (shouts angrily in Chinese as he weaves back and forth, cutting off other drivers)

    • Waiter: What are you two standing around for? We need that stew.
      Spud: Uh...stew?
      Waiter: Stew! What are you? New? You know what to do.
      Spud: Make some...stew?
      Waiter: So true. I'll be back in two and I want that stew! [leaves]
      Trixie: Yo, that was freaky. [to gramps on radio] Hey, yo gramps where is Jake? We gotta roll. They tryin' to get us to cook!
      Gramps: Then cook already! Just don't leave the kitchen! Jake has been minorly detained.

    • Jake: I like a girl who knows what she wants, to bad you aint gonna get it.

    • Jake: (Jake talking to Trixie and Spud) Sorry guys but the American Dragon has more important stuff to do then guard some egg.

      (Cuts to Jake, Grandpa and Fu in the shop)

      Jake : What! I have to guard some egg?

      Fu : Not just any egg kid but a Griffin egg

    • Jake: You know Fu, sometimes it is tiring to be the American Dragon, but it's moments like this that make it worthwhile!
      (Griffin swallows baby)
      Jake: WHAT??? How, hey.
      Fu: Don't worry kid. The baby will spend a few weeks in the mothers digestive system until its ready.
      Jake: Now that is the most messed up thing I ever saw!

    • Guy: (to Hunstgirl) Excuse me but the play area is only for chidren ages six and under.

    • Jake: You know, I like a girl who says what she wants, only this time, you are not gonna get it!

    • Spud: Wait, if we have the gold, then Pandarus must have the...
      (cut to Pandarus)
      Pandarus: Stew!?
      Henchthing: (tries some) Needs salt.

    • Trixie: I'm just not used to this whole talking dog thing. I mean, I see his mouth moving, and hear sound coming out of it, but uh, it just doesn't seem right.

    • Jake: I've got better things to do than watch an egg.
      (goes to Grandpa)
      Jake: You want me to watch an egg.

    • Hunstgirl: Egg scrambled, master!

    • Jake: The egg!
      Huntsgirl: An egg? for me? You shouldn't have- but I''l take it anyway! Hand it over, dragon boy.
      Jake: Y'know, I like a girl who knows what she wants, too bad you're not getting it!

    • Spud: You never spend time with our child! Your breaking this family apart!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Grandpa states that Fu Dog can drive since he has a dog license. This seems simalur to how Stitch drives in Lilo and Stitch

    • Plot: THE HEIST: Similar to the plot of the film OCEAN'S 11where they go and steal cash from three casinos at once.

    • Title: Eli Pandarus
      The character of Eli Pandarus was created after businessman Donald Trump. They are both rich men living in New York City. They both have red hair dues. Pandarus Tower, indeed, also resembles the famous Trump Tower in New York.

    • People: "Where'd he go?"
      The part where Jake flies away and the people are wondering where he went is exactly the same as one of the Powerpuff Girls episodes where Buttercup needs to take a bath.