American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 17

The Halloween Bash

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Oct 22, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, you can see Ingrid from the show "Fillmore" which is also made from the same animation team as AD:JL season 1.

    • Among the many magical guests invited, there are two elf girls who look like teenage versions of Inga and Uta, caterers from Jake Takes The Cake.

    • In the world of Jake Long, do mermaids have a thing for higher math? In this episode, they hang with the math club members. In 'Eye Of The Beholder', Lutia designed the pyramids (she is an architect and a mermaid).

    • Two of Jake's magical guests (even though they don't speak) are Stanley (a troll, 'Adventures In Trollsitting') and Veronica (half-spider, 'Dragon Breath', 'Eye Of The Beholder'). And how come the Oracle twins and Jasmine the Nix weren't invited? They're closer to Jake than any other magical lifeforms in the show. (Reply; Even though they weren't seen, they probably were invited)

    • In this episode, at the party, the genie from 'The Talented Mr. Long' can be seen dancing with everyone else. However, in 'The Talented Mr. Long', he was evil and trying to kill Jake with green fire.

  • Quotes

    • Jake:(Singing) You got to forget about the final exams, you got to get lose and kick out jams, kick out the what, the jams yo jams, kick out the what.

    • Jake My powers may be gone yo, but I still got my mad skills...
      (Jake walks into a pole.)
      Jake: Uh, never mind.

    • Chang: Surely you're not think about reinstating the boy?
      Andam: We're not thinking it, we're doing it.
      Chang: But the boy's clear lack of discipline...
      Andam: Is what saved you from becoming someone else's pray.

    • Fu Dog: Spud, draw up flyers. Jake, drop'em over heavy intersections and known magical gathering spots. Trixie, finish rigging the sound system. I'll order up the dessert. Anybody allergic to butterscotch?
      (The three shakes their heads)
      Fu Dog: Good. And one more thing, the plural of poodle is actually Poo-di.
      (Jake, Trixie, and Spud look at him strangely)
      Fu Dog: What? It is!

    • (Jake just got his powers deactivated by the Dragon Council)
      Ghost Kid #1: Dude! They made his costume disappear! We're not the lamest ones at the party anymore!
      Harpy #1: Uh, yeah. You still are.

    • (Jake moonwalks right in front of the Dragon Council)
      Jake: Hey, kickin' costumes! You look just like the...Dragon Council...
      Councilor Andam: (interrupts Jake) We are here for our surprise inspection. And we are indeed, surprised.
      Jake: Look, I can explain...

  • Notes

    • Second appearance of the dragon council.

    • In one of the party scenes,you would notice that Ingrid from the Disney show Filmore makes an appearance there as one of the people in the crowd.

    • This episode must occur after The Hunted.

      One of the mermaids in the tank is Silver (from the Hunted, when she overcame her fear of water), she writes on the tank wall when hanging with the math fans.

      This is true, but the whole point of Rose getting knocked unconsious in this episode is so she doesn't see Jake coming to the rescure of the elders. Besides she leaves after the hunted. It's just a goof on someone's part.

    • This episode was played out of date because we all know that Jake and his friends discovered that Chang was a rival to the Chinese and American dragon. They also discover that she works along with the Dark Dragon and she went to jail, so how can she still work with the Dragon Council.

    • Apparently, the staff the Huntsman uses to hunt dragons can transform into other weapons (For example, in this one, it turn into a bow and arrow)

    • Chang appears without the Dark Dragon in this Halloween Episode.

    • During the party you can see a girl who looks like Kim Possible in her cheerleader outfit.

    • Someone comes to Jake's party dressed up as Ingrid Third from another Disney show, Fillmore.

    • This is a Halloween-themed episode.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Dave the Barbarian
      Andam's dragon power is like Faffy's from Dave The Barbarian, they both shoot lightning instead of fire.

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