American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 21

The Hunted

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 29, 2006 on Disney Channel
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The Hunted
Jake speculates about his dangerous relationship with Rose/Huntsgirl and is shortly afterwards captured by her and the Huntsclan to feature in their "Grand Equinox Hunt" whereupon they will let them go at dawn in order to hunt them down for trophies and give Huntsgirl her chance to fulfill her destiny. Jake meets up with many other mystical creatures that are also to be hunted and together they escape the Huntsclan camp. Jake learns to be a good leader and ends up showing Rose that the American Dragon is himself.moreless

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  • Damn, Sad ending

    I think this was the best episode in American Dragon Jake Long. So Jake gets captured by the Huntsclan so that Rose or Huntsgirl can finally slay her very first dragon...along the way he gets captured with other magical creatures like a mermaid who can't swim, a lepercon who's unlucky, a giant. So when The hunt begins jake tries to train them but fails but when jake gets captured he's friends helped him and saved the day!

    I really love the romance of Jake and Rose and when Rose finally finds out that the American Dragon was jake instead of killing him she sets her free so when Jake gets to school Rose transferred.

    Truly Sad episode! Great ending! Dante Basco and Mae Whiteman did a great job!moreless
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  • Why did Season 1 have to end like this? So sad...

    In this extra reavealing episode, The Huntsgirl finally finds out that her nemises; the American Dragon is her classmate and friend, Jake Long.

    Jake learns in this episode that people see dragons as a leader, so as he flies back home, the Huntsgirl approahed him and he chases her. A little while later, Jake finds himself in a deadly trap planned by the Huntsclan. He soon escapes, but is then hit and knocked unconsious by a train in the subway.

    He later wakes up to find himself chained together with a unlucky leprechaun, a mermaid that can't swim, a giant with stinky feet and an angry bronie. They are all targets of the Huntsclan's Grand Equinox Hunt.

    A day or two later, Jake is then tied to a tree. But before Rose can shoot him, he reveals himself:

    "Say goodbye, dragon!"

    "Rose - wait!"

    "What did you call me?"

    "Rose, if you want to say goodbye, say it to my human face...

    (Turns back into human form)

    "Rose.. it's me"

    (Rose then says Jake's name as she takes her mask off. Then she cuts the ropes that are tieing him to the tree, and runs into the nearby forest)

    "Rose, wait!!"

    Overall, an outstanding episode that is the season finale.moreless
  • Rose Learns Jake is the American Dragon!

    This is one of my favorets episodes.

    In this episode Rose aka the Huntsgirl learns the tru identety of Jake Long!

    She lets Jake Long go and this changes everything!

    Rose realised that all the time he was fighting Jake.

    and she finally admids she kinda loves Jake!

    And Jake thinks Rose loves her but ectually he knows it for sure!

    Jake is Exited what will happen next and if he and rose can work side by side to defeat the huntsman?

    Who knows mybe few episodes after all this the Huntsman is DEAD XD.

    Anywho i hope you guys loved this episode also just like me and re-watch it soon.moreless
  • Rose finally learns the truth...

    Ok, so Jake now knows that Rose is the Huntsgirl. So Jake and Rose can never be, right? Because Rose would slay Jake if she found out the truth about him, right? This episode answers one of these questions. I really thought that was the end of Jake Long. Who knew? That's right, Rose had the perfect opportunity to slay Jake, and become a full member of the Huntsclan, and...she let him go. She let him go because she found out that the American Dragon was really someone she cared for deeply...Jake. She finally realized that everytime one of those "vile and disgusting" dragons are slain, a boy or a girl is taken away from a family and friends who love him or her. She never realized this until she herself became a victim of it, or nearly anyway. Jake also showed great maturity and leadership skills in this episode. We can expect great things from him. Can Jake and Rose's relationship be? Only season two will tell...moreless
Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman


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Kari Wahlgren


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Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince


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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Brad: Dudes, check out how hard my head is! (slams head on book) I totally rule!

    • Rose:Hey Jake got a second.
      Jake: (nervously) Yeah I got a second, oh and there it goes. I got to go to that place with that thing.
      (Jake falls down some stairs)

    • Jake: Rose let me go, Huntsgirl let me go! She digs me!
      Trixie: Sure Jakey, in a really messed-up and disfunctional way.

    • Huntsgirl: It's over Dragon! Say Good-bye!
      American Dragon: (tied to a tree) Rose, no!
      Huntsgirl: Wh - What did you call me?
      American Dragon: Rose, if you want to say goodbye, say it to my human face.
      (American Dragon transforms into his human from.)
      Jake: Rose it's me.
      Huntsgirl: Jake?

    • Fu Dog: I don't know about letting that Huntsgirl know who you really are. That kinda takes away from the mystery and the romance and the va-va-va-voom.

    • Clooney:(is being chained to his stake) Uh, could you stake me downwind? There's the smoke, and I have these sinus allergies...You know, forget it. I'll be fine.

    • Huntsgirl: Dragon, I just want to have a good look at you before I slay you tomorrow.
      Jake: Look all you want, the view is mighty pretty, but, what say we dial down the whole slaying part?
      Huntsgirl: There's something about you, in your eyes, something familiar.
      Jake: Yo, Huntsgirl, why are you doing all this?
      Huntsgirl: I am marked. It is my destiny.
      Jake: Hey, I got a birthmark on my rear that's shaped like the state of Idaho. That doesn't mean I'm gonna move there!

    • Huntsgirl: But the grand prize is mine. Tomorrow, I swear on our ancestors that I will slay the American Dragon and fulfill my destiny!
      Bertha: Yay! Slay the dragon! Slay the dragon! Oh, right, sorry.

    • Jake: It's just so wrong! The girl of my dreams turning out to be in tight with the Huntsclan!
      Spud: Things could be a lot worse, you know. You could be in love with your mortal enemy. Wait, nevermind.
      Jake: Ah, when I see her, it's like I don't know whether to kiss her, or incinerate her with a fireball.
      Spud: Yup, sounds like true love to me, bro!

    • Huntsgirl: You don't know me, dragon!
      Jake: (in dragon form) I know this. Every thorn has a rose, you know what I'm saying?
      Huntsgirl: What! What did you just say?
      Jake: I, uh, just... mean... I think there's another side to you. You're not like the Huntsclan.
      Huntsgirl: Not yet, but I will be.

    • Silver: Don't mind him, he's a brownie with some anger management problems.
      Reggie: Oi! I don't have "anger management" problems. I manage to get angry just FINE thank you very much!

  • NOTES (11)


    • Dungeons & Dragons:
      The energy bows that the Huntsclan use are very similar to the one used by Hank the Ranger in that cartoon series.

    • When Jake said to Hunsgirl that every thorn has a rose. It comes from the band Poison's song "Every Rose has its Thorn."

    • There is a story called "The Most Dangerous Game" that greatly resembles the plot of this episode. In the story, an evil hunter, General Zaroff, captures people, gives them a head start, and soon follows them, hunting them down. In this episode, the Huntsclan capture creatures, give them a head start, and follow them.

    • There is an Aladdin episode with the name "The Hunted" as well.

    • Title: The Hunted
      There is also a movie named the hunted, both this and the movie has a jungle setting.