American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 3

The Talented Mr. Long

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 28, 2005 on Disney Channel
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The Talented Mr. Long
Spud participates in the talent show as a magician. Trixie and Jake promise to help him win. But the chalice/trophy for the winner of the talent competition imprisons an ancient evil djinn which would be released as soon as the cup would be filled with water. As Rotwood is also after it, Jake needs to enter the talent show pretending to be a ventriloquist to a puppet who is actually Fu Dog to get the chalice. Will Jake forsake his friendship with Spud to save the magical world or will he let Rotwood gain the trophy and release the Djnn!moreless

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  • Jake enters a talent show rather than help his friend win...

    to the fact that the trophy/chalice/goblet holds a powerful but evil djinn. Plus the incantation for imprisoning it has been lost for centuries. For a talent Jake uses Fu Dog as a fake puppet to tell pirate jokes. Jake doesn't want to compete against his friend Spud who is doing magic tricks. Rotwood enlists Brad to enter the talent show by playing the piano because he's been doing it for years but it turns out Brad isn't really good at all. Still he uses his other secret/special talent of sabotaging the competitions' means. It also almost works because most of the talent is compromised. A leak fills the chalice and the evil djinn appears with Jake in his dragon form comes to stop it. By stroke of luck Spud's corny magic words end up being the right ones to reseal the djinn. Jake then forfeits the contest allowing Spud to win which is what he wanted to do all along; help his friend.moreless
  • Nice one...

    I only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more butI only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more butI only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more butI only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more butI only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more butI only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more butI only saw some of the episodes from this serial... i wanted to see more but... freaking review freakes me outmoreless
  • spud the spudnificent!

    ok theres this magic golbit that has beening missing for centurys and jake has to stop rotwood from getting it and filling it up with water so a deman type thing comes out. Jake was supposed to help spud with his magic act but he had do a act for the talent show on his own so he could get the magic cup. He ends up doing a ventriliquist act with fu being the puppet. He would have won if the cup hadn't have filled up with water when it was spuds turn and go fight it so it looked like spud was doing it and spud maniged to get the deman thing back in the the cup because he knew the magic words that were passed down through his family. Also by the fact that he dropped out so spud would win. In the end though spud gave the cup to jake who then lost it.moreless
  • Jake has to enter a talent show to retrieve a trophy with a genie in it.

    Jake enters a talent show for a trophy with a genie in it. Though when entering, Brad causes trouble for Jake and makes him nearly late. When entering with a puppet, Fu Dog, he does his trick and then Spud comes next. When Spud does his magic show he pesters the genie and he comes out. Jake then has to turn into a dragon and stop the genie. This works out, and then Jake saves the day. So basically, this show was average some excitement fighting magical creatures, but that was pretty much it. Overall, an 8.7 come on isn't that what it deserves?moreless
  • jake enters the a talent show

    this was a pretty good episode, although it was really predictable. spud winning, jake droping out, spuds magic words being the right ones, professer rootwood looking crazy. all of that i knew was going to happen before it did, but never the less it was still a good episode. i also felt bad for jake when he had to go agaist his friends and although i knew he would drop out, it was still sad. he should have just told his friends.moreless
Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg

Triangle Boy

Guest Star

Miss Kittie

Miss Kittie

Origami Girl

Guest Star

David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers

Narrator, Crew Man

Guest Star

Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg

Professor Rotwood

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Hog Caller, Police #1, Boblin

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Police Officer #2/Fu Dog

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Brad is a quarterback on the school's football team.

    • After Jake and Fu Dog accidently leave the Chalice on the subway, a big woman sits on it, and gets stuck up her butt cheeks.

    • On the first episode 'Old School Training', Fu Dog easily got in the toilet, and flushed himself down it. However this time, Fu Dog gets stuck in the toilet after Brad throws him in it.

    • When the bathroom starts to leak, the water starts to drop into the Chalice. But when Fu dog and Jake return, the Chalice is over flowing. It couldn't of filled that fast.

    • When doing the magical trick, Spud was wearing a top hat. But when he pulls out the Djinn, he is wearing his usual brown hat.

    • Grandpa said that whenever the Chalice was full the creature would be released. The Chalice was full several times in the scenes (falling in water), but the creature wasn't released.

      Clearly the magic requires the chalice to be filled with water, not submersed in it..

    • In the flashback Spud seemed to be the same age he is now, even though he was supposed to be younger.

    • In one scene the earrings Trixie was wearing on stage were gone and they were back in the next scene.

    • As Principal Derceto enters her office with Professor Rotwood, her name is mispelled "Decerto" on the door.

    • The Chinese girl in the pink dress had all of her origami paper super-glued to herself by Brad, but she is seen later sans paper. She couldn't have gotten it off that quickly, either, because if she could have, it would have come off when she started waving her hands around in a panic.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Gramps: Sometimes we must make sacrifices. Why do you think Grandpa's only friend is a 600-year old Shar-Pei?
      Fu: What can I say? I'm great at parties, whoo-hoo!

    • Rotwood: Admiral attempted Mr. Long, but I'm afraid you'll never beat my young piano prodigy with that, mangy puppet.
      Fu: (Pretending to be Jake's puppet) Hey who you callin' mangy there Molly McHair-piece.
      Rotwood: I bet your pardon?
      Jake: Ahaha, take it easy Captain Ar-Ar.
      Fu: Seriously, you might want to call an exterminator for that rat's nest you call hair. I'd like to introduce you to a new concept, it's called a comb!

    • Spud: My great-grandfather was a magician. He taught me to never give up.
      Trixie: To bad he neglected to teach you "magic".

    • Jake: Now if I was an ancient magical chalice were would I be.

    • Jake : (Jake doing his ventriliquist act with Fu) Why don't they serve escargo in Davey Jones Locker.....
      Fu : Because dead men sell no snails

    • Cop #1: (to Professor Rotwood) Ugh, another one for Bellevue.

    • Fu: Some sidekick I am. Letting the American Dragon get busted by toilet.

    • Spud: Now, now, I'm sure he has a perfectly reasonable explanation for stabbing his friend in the back, right jerk, I mean Jake?

  • NOTES (5)


    • Fu Dog: "Dead men sell no snails!"
      This line is a parody of the famous line from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean, "Dead men tell no tales."

    • Title: Kim Possible
      The Genie's flaring green hands are very similar to the superpowers of Shego from Kim Possible, another Disney show John DiMaggio also starred in, only his role was the opposite of Fu Dog - While Fu Dog is one of the heroes, Drakken was one of the villains.

    • Title: The Talented Mr. Ripley
      This episode's title is a parody of the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.