American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 3

The Talented Mr. Long

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 28, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Professor Rotwood trying to steal the trophy for the winner of the talent competition which he claims that it has imprisoned ancient evil djinn. But he is caught by the police, trying to run away he grabs the wrong trophy and goes downstairs he fills the trophy with water and tries to convince the police that there is an ancient evil djinn. But since he got the wrong trophy nothing happens.
The next day, everyone figures out that someone tried to steal the trophy, so now Jake is trying to get the trophy before Professor Rotwood does, but since the principal has the trophy hidden he must enter the talent show. Now he must go against his friend and he doesn't want to but his Grandpa tells him that he has to. But when Professor Rotwood enters a student in the talent show, Jake has more problems.
In the talent show, Spud and Jake are the only ones left; Spud goes first and "unleashes" the ancient evil djinn from his hat. Jake has to transform and fight the djinn, but Spud says the magical words and makes the Djinn disappear and imprison again. Fu Dog says that they have finally found the magical words. Jake gets out of the competition and made Spud win.
Outside, Spud and Jake apologize to each other, and Spud gives the trophy to Jake. In Grandpa's Shop, they tell Grandpa what happened, but Jake and Spud lost the trophy and the episode ends on that.
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