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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 21

Young at Heart

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Mar 24, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Young at Heart
When Jake's youth is stolen by a magical creature, he makes the most of life as a 21-year-old, until he realizes that being a grown-up isn't all fun and games.

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  • Being older isn't all it's cracked up to be...

    Jake is angry because he feels he is not old enough to do anything exciting. Such as drive, see R rated movies, go on trips you have to be 18 or older to go on. Later, he fights an avimetris. He, Trixie, and Spud get caught in it's tenticles. The next day, Jake wakes up and finds he is 21. Trixie and Spud wake up and find they are 80 or 81. Gramps explains this is due to the avimetris sucking the youth out of him. And it must be destroyed to restore the age of it's victims. Jake of course has to do that, while Trixie and Spud are put in a nusery home. Jake goofs off instead of looking for the avimetris. He takes advantage of being older and drives, gets his own apartment, goes and sees R rated movies, etc. Then he throws a party at his place which gets out of hand. Then he learns Gramps got attacked by the avimetris. And if he does not destroy it soon, he will die because he is so old. Jake eventually does of course. This episode is a perfect example of how you should cherish your youth. Your only young once. You can see what Jake looks like when he is older. And let this be a lesson to you next time you wish you were older. You will be soon enough.moreless
  • Being old sucks

    first off, where was rose?!?! i know she left the US but not one mention of her? i mean come on! she has barly been gone and already she is no longer on Jakes mind! very unrealistic, i hope they bring her up in future episodes! other than that it was a pretty nice episode, i didnt really like old man spud, the oldness just didnt go with his personality, instead of the dumb funny guy he normally acts like to me when he is old he is more of a dumb annoying guy, but trixy on the other hand was a great old person, really funny! brad is just such an idiot, being held back rules?!?! yea funny but really how stupid. jake was an a** in this episode to though and not just an a** a stupid one, like when he got all those credit cards i just wanted to slap him how dumb!!! then he was a horible driver, even brad drove better than him!!! but it all worked out, i am glad he is paying off his credit cards too. i though he looked pretty good that old but he needs to change up his clothes a bit, that was the same jacket he wears at 14, i did wish i saw what trixy and spud looked like at 21 but i guess the world will never know and hailey also got hit by the tentacles, i wish i saw what she looked like a bit older too but i guess there is no use crying over something i cant control. so over all pretty good.moreless
  • I loved this episode! So funny!

    I love the humor in this episode! I like it how Jake was actually treating Trixie and Spud as if they were really 80 year olds. Getting them overnight briefs xDDDD. My favorite quote would have to be from Trixie, when she randomly finds an old lady purse in her hand, xDDDD. But just like Jake, was can't wait until I'm 16 (one more year!! :D) So if I had the chance to magically turn 21, heck yah I'd take advantage of it!!! Of course, Jake shouldn't spend some more time looking for the avvie, instead of partying! All in all, this was a great episode with lots of humor, and with sad then happy ending!!moreless
  • jake is 21

    A creature sucks the youth out of jake and cause him to become 21 and trixie and spud become really old. Jake thinks being 21 is fun at first because he can drive and can have fun partying and using credit cards. Trixie and spud end up in a retirement home ans spud is getting pestered by a gnome who confused him for his old friend. Grandpa gets attacked by the creature too and is near death. so jake must destroy the youth stealing beast. so he asks hayley to help him and they are able to trick the beast into attacking its self and making itself so old that it gets destroyed. thus everyone is turned back to normal. so jake has to work to pay off his credit cards. at the end everyone is happy being there true age. Fu dog was attacked but nothing really happened to him. at the end we learn that brad can drive. one of the best jake long episodes yet.moreless
  • geting there without rose..

    so what do we know about this episode... most of this episode was boring but their were some funny parts like when trixie shook her old ass and when spud kept on fighting and competing with an garden nome.... but there's a sign that american dragon jake long is geting somewere without rose ( since she told jake she was moving to hong kong after her dad goten a jab there at the end of homecoming.)it's not the best or the worst episode but it's right around the middle , and the boring storyling blew the ratings more than an nascar engine catching on fire.that all i half to say bye....moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Fu Dog said he was hit by the the Avimetris. But when the Avimetris was defeated and everyone were getting their youth back Fu Dog didn't get anything.

    • When Jake is having the party in his temporary apartment, the screen in the background is playing a loop of the dog skating sequence from Fu Dog's dream in Breakout.

    • On the subway when Trixie says theirs nothing bad about being 14 and there are all those scenes where there are. In the middle when it flashes back to the subway Trixie is wearing her regular outfit instead of the purple jacket but in the next shot she's wearing it again.

    • Brad is 16 years old, and he was held back in the third grade twice.

    • Credits: Fu Dog shows Jake Brad as an old man. Jake then makes fun of old Brad who then grabs him and starts beating him up.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Spud: Where are we gonna stay until we find it? And don't say here, because this place smells like old people. (Sniffs) Oh wait, that's me.

    • Jake: I know what will cheer you up! (Takes Trixie to the front of the building) My sweet new ride! Turns out when your 21, you get little plastic friends called credit cards. This baby only took four. Wanna go for a spin!?
      Trixie: Uhh, you do know credit cards are just loans. You gotta pay those people back!
      Jake: Oh...I better get more credit cards...

    • Jake: Spud? Trixie? You guys got old too? Way old... How old?
      Trixie: (hits Jake with a purse) Where's your home training boy? You ain't never supposed to ask a woman her age. Oh no, I'm even actin' like an old lady.

    • Jake: Check it out, I got you some presents to pass the time. Prune juice, Denture Cream, whoopsie daisy overnight briefs.
      Trixie: Oh, no more, no more!

    • Trixie: You try waking up in the AM with your booty six inches lower than it was in the PM, and then you see what kind of a mood you're in!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Spud: When you strike me down, I only become stronger.

      This is an obvious reference to "Star Wars", when Obi Wan Kenobi said this to Darth Vader during a lightsaber duel with him.

    • The episode's previous title "Youth or Consequences" is an obvious nod to the classic game show "Truth or Consequences"