American Dreams

Season 1 Episode 25

City on Fire

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2003 on NBC

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  • Watch this episode!!! It\'s amazing!

    I could not count the number of times I\'ve seen this episode. It would be impossible. This episode deals with riots in Philadelphia. And there are some very heart breaking moments that are amazing and need to be mentioned.

    Roxanne\'s scene with Michael Brooks is so sad, because she doesn\'t have any one to take her home. It really is a look into Roxanne\'s not so fun side of her, and makes you tear up.

    JJ joins the army! Everytime I watch the beginning of this episode, I always yell, \"No JJ!!! Take it back!!!\" It\'s so sad!

    Sam and Meg have many sweet scenes, especially when they\'re watching everything burn and he grabs her hand.

    At the end, when A Change is Gonna Come is playing, and they\'re watching the shop burn down, I always cry. It\'s so sad.

    \"They shot Willie Johnson!\"
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