American Dreams

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  • Season 3
    • It's My Life
      It's My Life
      Episode 17
      When Chris returns, Meg finds out that he has been drafted to the war and is going to Berkeley to avoid it. Meg must decide between being with Chris or being with her family but her decision is made even harder when Jack threatens to disown her if she leaves. Roxanne begins to cut hair at the Vinyl Crocodile much to Luke's dismay. J.J. begins to feel overwhelmed at work when he volunteers to help on a project. Nathan is given a second chance by Mr. Pryor when he allows Nathan to do deliveries again. Helen decides to accompany a mother to pick up her son's coffin.moreless
    • No Satisfaction
      No Satisfaction
      Episode 16
      With Ted, Jack's brother in the hospital he faces a tough decision to pull him of the respirator that is keeping him alive. Meg and Roxanne are excited for The Rolling Stones concert but are surprised to find where their seats are. Patty wants to become cool after being teased by some students at summer school about being a nerd. She receives a makeover from Meg and Roxanne and goes on bandstand but ultimately decides she likes who she is. Meanwhile, J.J. is doing well at his job and able to use his knowledge from Vietnam to help him.moreless
    • California Dreamin'
      Meg & Roxanne go to Hollywood for a special "American Bandstand" episode. While the girls are there, they meet up with Barbara Eden a.k.a. "Jeannie". J.J. goes for an interview with an Engineering company in the hopes of following his dream of becoming an Astronaut. Meanwhile, Sam realizes the he has more in common with Nathan's date then Nathan does and Pete & Shelley decide to have an "open relationship" where they can see each other and other people. Jack decides to tell a reporter his reasons for leaving City Council.moreless
    • The Commencement
      The Commencement
      Episode 14
      As Meg prepares to graduate, she considers taking her relationship with Sam to the next level but is chocked to find that many people are against it. Jack continues to struggle with the City Council and ultimately ends up quitting. Patty's essay wins the Campbell Soup essay contest but nobody believes her because she sent it in under another student's name. J.J. takes the job coaching football but begins to wonder about his future and possibly even becoming an astronaut. Roxanne becomes worried that she may not graduate when she can't pass the presidential fitness exam.moreless
    • Starting Over
      Starting Over
      Episode 13
      With senior prom soon approaching, Roxanne and Meg scramble with their preparations. Patty is invited to prom, which she rubs in Meg's face, but is later upset when her date asks somebody else. Roxanne works to convince Luke to shave his beard off, while Meg prepares to face the prom on her own. J.J. comes to her rescue after having a fight with Beth that begins when J.J. confesses the money he lost gambling. While at prom, J.J. is offered a job at the high school. Meanwhile, Mr. Pryor feels the pressure from his bribers, and struggles to make a choice, which affects his family more than he knows.moreless
    • For Richer, For Poorer
      J.J. and Beth begin searching for the perfect house, but J.J. receives a letter from Vietnam and gives away their money for a house. As their wedding day approaches, the family is busy preparing. J.J. learns that Helen is involved with an anti-war movement while Patty falls for Beth's cousin. Meg continues to struggle with Chris, who keeps showing up. When Meg realizes her true feelings it's too late as Chris has left town.moreless
    • Truth Be Told
      Truth Be Told
      Episode 11
      With advice from Roxanne, Meg takes her relationship with Chris to the next level. However, her excitement is short-lived when the morning after Chris confesses he lied to her. Meanwhile, Helen is upset that J.J. and Beth may not have a Catholic wedding and Patty has to deal with a guilty conscience. Also, when Henry decides to take on a new project, he also finds a new lady friend.moreless
    • Home Again
      Home Again
      Episode 10
      J.J. is finally home but Vietnam still haunts him. When Beth helps him cope, their love is rekindled and they decide to set a date for their wedding. Meanwhile, Meg's excitement over some exciting news is short lived when Chris gives her an ultimatum and with Uncle Pete's growing suspicion of Chris' involvement with the fire at the Army recruitment centre. Also, Helen gets involved in a risky anti-war endeavour that strains her relationship with J.J.moreless
    • Tidings Of Comfort And Joy
      Helen occupies her time helping Beth care for John Pryor III. However, Beth is angry with Helen after she invites her father to see the baby. Meg continues with her anti-war movements but is shocked when Chris and his friends want to burn down an army recruiting centre. Luke's girlfriend from San Francisco comes to visit but doesn't realize Luke wants to break up with her. Roxanne then becomes afraid that Luke will suddenly dump her one day. Nathan continues to spend time with an elderly veteran. As a result, when he dies, he leaves Nathan his boat. Sam realizes that he handled things with Melanie wrong way and invites her to his house for dinner. The Pryor family must continue through the holiday season without J.J. What they don't know is J.J. is still alive and fighting for his way home. After the family leaves for Christmas Eve mass, the Pryors receive a phone call and learn that J.J. is on his way home. In a tearful reunion, J.J. is reunited with his family and meets his son for the first time.moreless
    • One in a Million
      One in a Million
      Episode 8
      The family continues to mourn the news of J.J.'s death. Beth is worried about Helen and suggests her to go see a psychiatrist. Jack is angry with Beth for suggesting it but Helen eventually goes see him. Meg is not sure what to do when she is asked to speak about J.J. at an assembly. J.J. is found alive by a Frenchmen, but when he learns that he kills American soldiers, JJ must escape to save his life. A city wide blackout occurs during a meteor shower. Chris takes Meg to watch it. At home, Beth goes in to labour during the blackout and later delivers John Pryor III.moreless
    • What Dreams May Come
      As the Pryors await news on JJ, Jack goes to Washington D.C. to try and find more information. Chris tells Meg about an anti-war rally in Washington D.C. and Meg convinces her father to let her to go to Washington D.C. Melanie invites Sam and his family to Thanksgiving diner, however Sam does not extend the invitation to his family and goes by himself. Helen is haunted by flashbacks of JJ while Patty and Will have a hard time going on with life. As the family sit downs to Thanksgiving dinner they receive a package that announces JJ's fate.moreless
    • Clear and Present Danger
      Jack and Helen prepare to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary by going out of town. Roxanne decides to move out of the Pryor's house and in with Luke. Nathan begins to serve the rest of his jail time by working in a VA hospital. During his time there, he gains a respect for the veterans. JJ and his squad are captured and must figure out a way to escape. Meg considers laying your anti-war antics to rest but changes her mind at the last minute. Chris and Meg share their first kiss while painting a peace sign on the school but are caught and sentenced to 2 week suspension.moreless
    • So Long, Farewell
      While JJ is in Vietnam he meet Gunnery Sergean Finch. Father Cassidy discovers Meg's plans to add an anti-Vietnam aspect to the play and forbids her to do the play as it is. Jack is aproached by the pastor about getting a colored person on the police commision. Luke returns to Philadelphia with shocking news for Roxanne. Melanie becomes increasingly jealous of Sam and Meg's friendship. At the last second, Meg decides to do the play as she wrote it.moreless
    • Surround Me
      Surround Me
      Episode 4
      Back in Saigon, JJ begins to experience other aspects of the Vietnam war including military interrogation, dating a Vietnamese girl, and deadly explosions in civilian areas. Back at home, Jack continues to approach the minority vote with help from Helen and Henry and the opposition resorts to scare tactics and dirty tricks in an attempt to foil his campaign. Meanwhile, Meg continues to work on her play with Roxanne, who is contributing in her own special way. As Meg and Chris become closer, his bad influence on her begins to show, surprising even Roxanne. Meanwhile, Cal and Beth also notice their intensifying feelings for each other.moreless
    • Leaders of the Pack
      After Meg unsuccessfully tries to recruit other students for her play, Chris makes her an offer that involves breaking and entering in exchange for his and his friends' participation. Meanwhile, as Jack prepares to embrace alternative voting groups for his run as city councilman, Helen tries to understand Donald's alternative lifestyle, and invites him over for dinner. When Beth hears that another pregnant woman's husband is killed in Vietnam, she and JJ, have yet another awkward conversation. Meanwhile, dating Melanie causes Sam to feel like he is from the wrong side of the tracks, and Roxanne moves in with the Pryor's after she learns that her mom is not only remarrying, but moving, too.moreless
    • Charade
      Episode 2
      When the Pryor's meet their new neighbours, they are surprised and shocked to discover that Shelly Pierce is a single mom, a Playboy Bunny, and that her son, Chris, is old enough to attend East Catholic. As Meg continues her anti-war campaign, she is reprimanded at school by a progressive nun who decides that a better way for Meg to get her message out is to direct Shakespeare's play "Henry V", with a modern day twist. As Patty becomes obsessed with winning the Campbell's Tomato Soup essay contest, she seeks Donald's help, which causes some discomfort for Helen. Meanwhile, Sam is recruited for basketball at Penn, which concerns Henry, but provides a new girlfriend for Sam - in the form of his tutor. When Jack's campaign for city council begins to affect his family and professional life, he finds himself faced with questions only he can answer. Meanwhile, J.J.'s excitement to be with his new squad and return to combat is dampened when he is ordered by the mysterious government man, Stevens, to report to the U.S Embassy instead for further training.moreless
    • Long Shots and Short Skirts
      Meg and Sam continue to find themselves at odds with their parents after their court date, as the uncertain future of Sam's scholarship hangs over Henry's head. Meg's arrest is leaked to the papers, compromising the integrity of Jack's bid to run for city council. Back at school, Meg and Roxanne learn that the new headmaster is enforcing the school's dress code, so they organize a mini-skirt protest. Meanwhile, Beth continues to work at the Lair, and has caught the eye of Cal, an aspiring singer/songwriter. When Helen asks Beth to join the Blue Star Women, an organization that donates necessities to the wives of soldiers at war, she expresses her concerns of not being J.J.'s wife. In Vietnam, J.J. is in a military hospital where he learns that the rest of his squad was not so fortunate, and that Beth is pregnant.moreless
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