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    Attention American Dreams Fans!

    Jonathan Prince and the other creators/producers of American Dreams are currently in negotiations to release ALL THREE seasons of our favorite show on DVD. According to Mr. Prince, here is what you can expect when they are released:

    "We will have ALL THREE SEASONS of 'American Dreams' on DVD, with bonus material, plans for a videotaped cast REUNION, as well as the 8 minute "Finale" that never aired, showing what happened to everyone in the show...."

    An outpouring of fan support would help them greatly during this time. How can you help? Send an email to the address below.

    Email tips:

    - Make them relatively short and to the point.

    - Let them know that you will DEFINITELY be buying the DVDs

    - Why you liked the show, what it meant to you, etc...

    These emails will likely be reviewed by Mr. Prince and other executives, so please check your spelling, etc...

    Send an email to:

    This is SUCH GOOD NEWS for all of us who have been waiting to see Seasons Two and Three debut on DVD. Your emails will help the negotiation process. So email soon, and spread the word to other AD fans so they can email us, too!

    Also, check the American Dreams Fan Club website for updates:


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    This is great and exciting news if it does happen, BUT I hope we don't have to buy season 1 again to get seasons 2 and 3. Season 1 was expensive enough the first time around. (I had to buy it before the major price cuts, grrr.) I'm a little scared to think what the price would be for all 3 seasons together.
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    Any updates on this? I'm dying to get Seasons 2 and 3.
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