American Dreams

Season 3 Episode 17

It's My Life

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on NBC

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  • Please, come back "American Dreams"!

    I do feel bad for the fans of this 1960's based TV series. I ended up liking it these days. That's why I want it to come back to NBC with a made for TV movie or a mini-series just like "Heroes" is in 2015. That show ran from 2006-2010 on NBC. If "American Dreams" comes back it would take place in the 1970's. I have made up a petition online at this website: , so sign up for the website and click on the link for the petition. I really want "American Dreams" to come back!

    By the way, "Rolarolarola", there was no season 4 for this show. It was only on for three seasons and 61 episodes.

  • American Dreams SEASON 4 ??

    Dear Friends,

    Would you please tell me where can I watch Amercian Dreams season 4 ONLINE?

    Please post the link if you have an idea about the websits that show the fourth season

    Thank you

  • Why not show the finale episode ending?

    I am very disappointed that NBC cancelled American Dreams. I was born in 1966 and watched every episode and repeat of the show.Both my husband and I watched the show and felt they represented the era accurately and at the same time entertaining. To think that NBC even shot two different endings and didn't use the finale really makes things worse. They should at least show the finale ending, so that the fans can have some closure. I am sad to see it end.
  • I watched American Bandstand ever since I could remember. i was thrilled when the show came on.I did not miss an episode. I am really disappointed the show is not on. I donot like the shows that are on TV.Why are the good Show cancelled?

    The show brought back great memories of my childhood, and I loved to watch American Bandstand. It was getting like a peek into the past and a look into the backstage of Bandstand. Thank you Dick clark for all your great shows and the music I enjoyed over the years. why are the good shows always canceled and the junk put in its place. The last episode was so dramatic and unfrogettable that I cried. This was a great show to recomend to students because of the historic content and would have been wonderful to use for social studies.
  • This episode will make you cry, and if it doesn\\\'t your made out of stone.

    There are no words to describe how amazing this episode is. From the first word to the last, this episode keeps you riveted. Chris comes back to say good bye, because he was drafted. Meg is heart broken, and must make the most difficult decision of her life. The key points that stand out in my mind: Meg in her dad\\\'s commercial, that must have been one of the most heart breaking scene. The story line with JJ always makes me smile. His enthusiasm working with the space program is inspiring. But what I love most is that last scene, it could not have been more brilliantly done. Juxtaposing the family watching the commercial and Meg riding away with Chris, was a stroke of genius. Set to the beautiful, harmonic \\\"Homeward Bound\\\" by Simon and Garfunkel. Roxanne coming to say good bye and giving Meg her locket is so touching, and as they hug, Roxanne simply says \\\"You don\\\'t have to go Meg!\\\" Her way of telling Meg to stay. And in that one moment you see 10,000 thoughts going through Meg\\\'s mind, just by her expression. I can almost hear her thinking, \\\"Is it really worth it?\\\" But when she drives away on that motorcycle with Chris, my heart breaks. Ending the series like this was both cruel, and wonderful. A heart-breaking ending that will touch everyone, but leaves you hanging with no closure whatsoever. The extra ending must come on DVD! Here\\\'s to Jonathan Prince, one of television\\\'s greatest!
  • What happens next?

    I was surprised that Meg got and the bike and left but it was a good way to finished the show.

    I would really like to see what happens next in the show. Why did it have to end?

    I could think of so many different storylines for another season. Even a few years down the track we could see what Meg was up to and all the other characters too.