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  • LOVE this show with one exception!

    The father Jack Pryor is a complete A**, I can not stand that jackass. It's no wonder Meg runs away from home (final episode). Roxanne is so cool and JJ, well Will Estes is a fine actor. I grew up in Philly, North Philly as a matter of fact. But after I left to join the service (1959) North Philly went down hill quick. So that part of the show I really don't relate to. When I was younger that part of town was beautiful and well kept.
  • It's a shame to see such a wonderful show be cancelled.

    It\'s a shame to see such a wonderful show be cancelled. The cast and crew did an amazing job with the program while it was on the air. I hope to see it\'s stars go on to bigger and better things.

    Apparently Brittany Snow will do just fine, I liked her movie and she was hilarious on Punk\'d. I can not wait until they finally release seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. Hopefully NBC will be smart enough to realize that all the loyal fans of the show would really appreciate a DVD release. We want AD on DVD NBC!
  • A wonderful little show, cancelled before it should have been.

    I remember seeing the previews for "American Dreams" and instantly being intrigued; I've always been a fan of shows about historical events, and the setting just seemed interesting to me. I'd never seen a TV show that focused on the 1960s and the turmoil that people went through at the time.

    The show delivered wonderfully. Focusing on the Pryor family, it began with the assassination of President Kennedy and showed the reactions of everyone in the family--from the WWII vet father, Jack, to the youngest child, Will. Confusion, fear, anger, the family went through it all. The characters were fleshed out and took on meaning within just a few episodes--Helen was a caring mother conflicted by the troubles in the world, JJ the star football player, Meg the girl who starred in American Bandstand and talked boys with her best friend Roxanne, smart Patty and adorable Will. They may sound one-dimensional, but as the show went on, they really came to life.

    My favorite storyline from the show was JJ joining the USMC and his deployment to Vietnam, it certainly wasn't original, as almost everyone guessed that would happen when the show first came on the air, but it was still effective. One of the scenes that still sticks out in my mind is when JJ leaves for Vietnam early in the morning, his mother is out getting milk and when she comes inside he's in uniform, ready to go. There's a thick feeling of awkwardness, and I got a feeling of nausea, just like I did the day I left for a deployment back in 2005 (getting up early in the morning still makes me ill, just like I felt the day I left). The reactions from JJ's family were realistic, and the episode where it's discovered that JJ is MIA and most likely not coming home is heartbreaking. The show also dealt with JJ's return home very well, without butchering his character, but still showing us a deeply troubled young man.

    As in any show, it did have it's downs: I never liked the character of Beth, and thought she was incredibly unsupportive and inconsiderate to JJ while he was gone. It also got a bit too preachy when it came to the Civil Rights movement sometimes, while most of the time it handled it nicely. And I wasn't a fan of the bandstand theme, just seemed too "out there" for me, as MOST 15-year-old girls in the '60s didn't dance on national TV.

    Overall, this show was a gem amongst many, unoriginal, dull shows (Law & Order, CSI, Crossing Jordan, etc.), and NBC shouldn't have cancelled it so early. It's a shame that the entire three seasons haven't been released on DVD, I would sure buy them!
  • Insight in the life of a family struggling in the 60's

    Meg Pryor is a Philadelphia teen in the 1960s who dances on Dick Clark\'s locally produced \"American Bandstand.\" As she becomes an adult, Meg finds herself grappling with serious issues as her friends and family are affected by the war in Vietnam, racism, feminism, and even teen marriage and pregnancy.
  • Something was missing.

    I really did like this show. It was never a show that I felt I couldn't miss but when I was home I usually watched it and enjoyed it. I was never able to put my finger on why it didn't have me hooked. I'm not sure if it was the time slot, but when NBC moved it this year it was the same thing if I was around fine, but if not I wasn't upset about missing it. American Dreams had a great cast and was well written. I'm sorry to see it gone, but I can't say if it was still on I would watch it, and I really couldn't tell you why.
  • simply great

    i love this show,i adore the time in which its set. I wish this show would come back because so many things about were simply wonderful. The music, the lifestyle, the family, the political age, and most of all...THE DANCE! who else dances like that nowadays. there should have be some sort of dance step lesson before every show. I do wish for this show to come back and take another spin. Maybe set in the nineties...
    So many things about the show are lovable and keep the characters in-tune. However, i wouldn't consider this a show I'll remember 50 years from now, but it was good at the time. :D
  • Underrated, Educational, Entertaining and Interesting. How can they cancel this brilliant show!!.

    This show was the most underrated show on TV. We got an insight in how life was during the sixties, and it is highly interesting. The music as well is brilliant, as we follow Meg Pryor and Roxanne Bojarski on American Bandstand. We learn about the culture, the music, politics and war, but the ratings went down and it got cancelled.

    I do not know why shows like Buffy and Alias can last several seasons, and shows like this gets cancelled. People could actually learn something on this show. Dont give me wrong; I love entertainment, but the before mentioned shows are just plain stupid. Its too bad people do not appreciate a brilliant show when its there. Unfortunately American Dreams is not here anymore.
  • I only saw a few episodes, but I liked what I saw.

    American Dreams was set in Philadelphia in the 50s, and the show American Bandstand played a big part of this show. It was about a family, and all the ups and downs that the family goes through.

    I only saw three episodes. I missed it when it was running regularly, but caught some episodes on late night tv. I'd heard about it, and thought it sounded interesting. I figured out which episode it was and read up on, so I knew what was going on, because the first one I saw was the Christmas episode of the third season. The following week, another episode was shown, but not the next sequential one, but I still knew what was going on. The third week, yet another non-sequential episode was on... and then that was it.

    The three episodes that I saw were all interesting, funny, well-written and well acted. I don't know why it wasn't renewed; it's just this type of show that people should be watching, instead of wasting their time with fake "reality" shows. But it seems that good shows just don't last any more. I wish I'd seen more episodes; they should definitely bring this one back!
  • Americana at the point in time when Americana was going just a little out of whack.

    I couldn't believe how at home I felt with the family in this show. In a few ways it reminded me of my own family. I remember being a Catholic girl in the late 60s (granted, I was born in 1964) and witnessing some of, if not the events, some of the emotions that were happening at this time.

    I found it a stroke of genius to center the show on one of the greatest music shows of all time, "American Bandstand". Since music is a huge touchstone for a lot of people, myself included, it adds to the nostalgia in a whole different level.

    I loved how they had stars of today portraying the stars of yesteryear. It gave a few artists a chance to stretch their musical chops, and to play with acting (and, of course, vice versa for the actors who portrayed musicians).

    Best friends Meg and Roxanne reminded me of me and my best friend growing up: I was the good little Catholic girl, and Michelle was the wild & worldly one. Of course, Meg was braver than I'll ever be, but the resemblence was still there.

    I loved this show, and miss it.
  • I was just getting into the show when it was canceled.

    While meaningless and moraless period shows "That 70's Show" thrive, I mourned the loss of "AMERICAN DREAMS".

    This show depicts the lives of regular Americans growing up in an era in which America was losing its innocence. From the Civil Rights Movement to the horrors of Vietnam, the Pryor family was a part of a time in America where the country was feeling its growing pains. This time in history will be remembered for so much more than any other decade. It was an exciting time to be alive, and through this family we felt the energy and life pulsing through the veins of every American in the 1960s.

    This show was but a breif flash, but the brilliance of that flash will always remain.
  • Great Family show with Excellent MUSIC!

    This show not put on in good time slots in Australia. In Australia it was called 'Our Generation'

    Even though I have missed some episodes I thought it was a really cool show.
    I think what I enjoyed most about it was the music .... brilliant to have a show set in a classic era!

    Meg was by far my favorite and JJ was so good looking!

  • I'm sorry, but the writers condemned "Dreams" to an early death. When you ruin the main character, your show is bound to wind up in the hole...

    I was so pissed when Meg gave up on wonderful, adorable Sam to go out with Milo Ventablahblahblah's stupid loser character. I swear, that kid ruins ever show...
    When will producers finally get the message that corrupting the main character ruins the show!?! It's their own fault. I was already sick of the show before the end of the last season. Although I could have done with more Will Estes--that man is beautiful!
  • So many GREAT shows never make it. They dont get the time, or get moved all over, and no one gets to see how great these shows are.

    American Dreams was one of these shows. It moved around, wasn't given the time needed to get a larger audience, or for the story to be developed fully.

    Watching Meg ride off at the end really was a shame. A show with a amazing cast, great stories, and lots of drama, laughs and music.

    I miss this show, it was so interesting to see a time i was too young to know (I'm 40) personally. The 60's was one of the most turbulent times in our history and changed everything about this country, for good and bad. You would think a show about this time would be a big hit. Add Dick Clark's music and "bandstand" and it should have been a great hit. I think they had it on at the wrong time or day.

    It would be nice to see some network pick this up and see it all from beginning to end.
  • This show revolves around the life of Meg Pryor, a teenager dancing on American Banstand, in the 1960's. This family drama also includes the trials and tribulations of Meg's family members, mostly her older brother JJ who is in the Marines during Vietnam

    I love this show so much and have no idea why it was cancelled!!! the one thing i really love about this show is how amazingly these characters are developed. Chris, Meg, JJ, Helen, Will, Nathan, Sam, Roxanne, Jack, Beth and Patty... I Love Them all so much! send me a message if you know anything about the episode to air later this fall to clear all things up!
  • Seriously, you can't get much better than this.

    American Dreams was one of the best family shows ever. I admit that I was skeptical at first when the show came out, thinking that a show about the era of American Bandstand and the Vietnam War would be pointless and boring. I was wrong. This show was able to grip every aspect that should exist in a drama. Plotlines and characters you care about, actual moments of drama and emotion, not soap opera-ish moments that are found on some TV dramas and the scenes of Bandstand, with current musicians was great. This show will definitely be missed a lot.
  • Depressing

    I am so depressed that they cancelled this show. My mother and I would watch it together and she would tell me stories about her life in that time. I can't believe its over. The rumors of it ending started a long time ago, they could have at least ended it in a way that could have been continued or could have ended. I feel shafted!
  • A show that deserved more attention, and deserves some more airtime.

    American Dreams was the happy-family show mixed with the 60's hippie stages and the Vietnam War depression stages.

    This show was true, and it had stories that you could believe, unlike some shows nowadays, that are all fantasy, and make-believe. American Dreams was not a fairy tale, even though the name may suggest it, it was a story of a family in the 60's getting through the war, prejudism, and community and family matters.

    American Dreams definately deserves more airtime. It is a show that deserves to be around for quite a long time, and should have never been brought off the air.

    I strongly suggest buying the DVD sets, and the soundtracks if you enjoy the classic 60's music.
  • One of my all time favorite shows, and in many ways it died way too soon (although it did get three seasons) It was a true family drama that any person of any age could watch and enjoy.

    American Dreams was a one of a kind experience. I was never really into tv gimmicks, and initially I was very wary because of the whole 1960's thing, but actually it worked very well for the stories it wanted to tell. It tackled serious issues like civil rights and political movements, in a family who was right in the middle. The relationships between the character like Henry and Mr.Prior and Meg and Sam exemplify this best. But besides that, it is the intrigue of each character that really carry this show along. JJ with his senior year of highschool then military, and Meg's movement from another self-centered individual who sees a greater purpose in life. Young Will with his polio. All in all, this developed a true family experience, and a one of a kind show that should not be missed by anyone. It weakened slightly in the third season, but not significantly, and then finally was pulled for low ratings, but I would like to thank NBC for giving this great show three seasons despite its less than steller ratings.
  • This is how TV should be.

    As the title tells us, American Dreams is about the good ole days. Think black-and-white TV, record players, phones with cords, plaid skirts. Oh, how I wish I could of grown up in the sixties. In actuality, it's the simplicity and realness of the show that makes it so easy to enjoy. You can imagine that the Pryors are your next-door neighbors, a dysfunctional but lovable family, complete with football star JJ, dancer/music-lover Meg, know-it-all Patty, the adorable but Polio-stricken Will, power freak father Jack, and sweet, compassionate mother Helen. It is incredibly difficult not to love all of them. This is the kind of thing we need to see more of on TV.
  • Why take away one of the best shows in the world.One that I would wait for every week to watch...

    I was in love with this show.I didnt start watching it when it first came on but started late in the second season.I didnt understand things at first but I soon understood.When I heard it was being cancelled I was heartbroken..still am.This show had everything,and it was cool sort of learning about a little history a long with it. Bring back this amazing show!
  • American Dreams is set in Phili during the 1960's. It focus's on the trials and tribulations of the Pryor family where the eldest son has fought in Vietnam and the eldest daughter is a regular on Bandstand.

    I loved this show so much and i watched every single episode. I'm most up set that this show was cancelled due to low ratings, what do you expect going against desperate housewives. NBC never marketed this show, it's their own fault it didn't do well! I really wish they would have showed the ending that would have been set for the series finale, instead of a season finale becasuse now the end of the show just really sucks. May i give props to the cast for always doing an excellent job! Brittany Snow has a bright future ahead of her. Congrats to those who have been able to land on new show for next year. I am looking forward to seeing Will Estes show Reunion. I give my most props to Sarah Ramos, who made me love Patty, may she have the best of luck in her career. As well, good luck to Vanessa, as she too proved her self a worthy talent. I know we will be seing all the young cast again and others will be wondering where they came from. I'll tell them proudly that it was American Dreams. Thank you to the crew for making such a wonderful show. And thank you Gail, Tom, Brittany, Will, Sarah, Ethan, Vanessa, Jonathan, Arlen (dang your cute), Keith, Rachel, Mathew, Jamie, Aysia (i always wished you had a bigger role),and Virgina (congrats on sideways). Thank you again!!!
  • Philadelphia Freedom!

    When "The simpsons" wasn't on, I watched "American Dreams." that show captures the mood of the 60's, even though the time line is sometimes out of line with actually history. Despite thyeat, the series became a history lesson on the turbant 60's as seen though the eyes of a Philadelphia family. their daughter played by Brittney Snow always go to those TV tapings of "American Bandstand." She's the best reaon why I watch the show. The ther best reason is the show has captured the mood of the 1960's. That's the real energy of the show. I grew upo in the 60's, so I know what's going on.
  • A complete and interesting drama that the whole family could watch...and NBC threw it by the wayside.

    Centered around a family in Philadelphia during the sixties, American Dreams was a cookiecutter drama with a twist.
    For those who weren't around in that era, it was even more fascinating to watch.
    The political turmoils, fashion, music, and values of the time were also prominent features on the show.
    The Pryors were a lovable, very relatable family to watch, each developed with their own quirks and storylines.
    Sure some of the storylines were typical of any era (oldest boy goes to war, oldest daughter rebels, etc.)but this show was taken off the air before its time.
    Let's just hope it comes to DVD and there is a series finale worthy of the quality of the other episodes and deemed good enough by us fans.
  • A family drama based on the life of a family in the sixties, American Dreams showed the hardships of a white, Philadelphia family with work, school, supporting black people, JFK's asassination, the Vietnam war, and the joys of American Bandstand.

    This show was one of the best shows on TV. It had a unique plot and was getting better each season. Sadly, NBC cancelled it after three seasons. Being only a teenager, I appreciated watching this show and getting a glipse of what it was like in the sixties. Plus, seeing today's musicians perform as sixties' musicians on American Bandstand was a very cool aspect of the show. American Dreams will surely be missed and NBC made a HUGE mistake cancelling it.
  • I love this show.

    Before American Dreams even came on I decided I was going to watch it and like it. I didn't grow up in the 60's so I found the show to be very educating about the era. I love music so it was great to hear all of the classic music they played on the show. Its sad that we will never know what was going to happen next. I 'll miss it very much.
  • This is a great show!!!

    American Dreams was an awesome show! It depicts how American families in the sixties learned to grow in the changing of the American way. For example, men and women being treated as equals, having a son go off to the Vietnam War and not knowing if he will be okay. I do not see why this show would have been canceled. It dealt with the struggles of African Americans being treated as everyone else, and having television in ones home. I rather enjoyed hearing and seeing all of the bands that were on American Bandstand. It was great how they brought popular bands from today into the show and had them sing and recreate scenes from the original Bandstand. I do not know what went wrong with the show, but they need to bring it back!!!
  • The show brought back memories of the past and now its gone. It was a great show.

    I have been waiting to watch American Dreams. Wondering what happen to the show. I can not believe they took the show off the air. That was the best tv show to to watch. It brought back the past and memories. I love it.

    BRING IT BACK! They always take of something you love. This is so sad.
  • Nostalgic look back into my childhood.

    It's sad to me that this was,"the great show nobody was watching."
    I began watching American Dreams because I went to highschool with Tom Verica.He used to dance on a local dance show called "Dancing On Air"here in Philly.How ironic he's playing a dad with a daughter who dances on "Bandstand"!
    I was pleasantly suprised by the accuracy of the show.Everything from the music, to the decor of the house, and the box of "Quisp" cereal.
    The story lines were real and the "feel" for the era was on the money.I began to love this family and care about their struggles.
    I think that maybe this show was too nice in an era of violence and gore that is usually shown at Prime-time.
    I'll miss American Dreams and hope there will be more shows like it in the future.
  • The Pryor family takes the audience with them through the 1960's and shows how the family deals with the changes that come with the decade.

    THIS WAS A GREAT SHOW. A family could watch it together and discuss issues that still come up in 2005. This show was entertaining and even a little educational. There were characters you rooted for and those you hoped to disappear. Like any good story, you had to take the good with the bad, but it was never boring. The cancellation was a shock and a disappointment. Since all the actors have sincec moved on, let's at least hope for re-runs...
  • A middle-class family living in the sixties has to learn to make the best of hardships in a changing world.

    Sadly, we lost a great family show this year. This show was overlooked by the masses, who were totally missing out. American Dreams deserved better ratings. It proved that while our world has changed, families deal with the same things that they deal with today. The Pryor family dealt with issues such as racism, teen sex, pregnancy, homosexuality, drugs, war, and loss. They had to overcome adversity at times to reach their goals. Nothing came easy for them. Totally real and believable, it is impossible to understand how this show ended. Smart, dramatic, and at times a tear-jerker, this show was something special. You just don't see shows like this anymore. I want Dreams back!
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