American Dreams

NBC (ended 2005)


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  • One of my all time favorite shows, and in many ways it died way too soon (although it did get three seasons) It was a true family drama that any person of any age could watch and enjoy.

    American Dreams was a one of a kind experience. I was never really into tv gimmicks, and initially I was very wary because of the whole 1960's thing, but actually it worked very well for the stories it wanted to tell. It tackled serious issues like civil rights and political movements, in a family who was right in the middle. The relationships between the character like Henry and Mr.Prior and Meg and Sam exemplify this best. But besides that, it is the intrigue of each character that really carry this show along. JJ with his senior year of highschool then military, and Meg's movement from another self-centered individual who sees a greater purpose in life. Young Will with his polio. All in all, this developed a true family experience, and a one of a kind show that should not be missed by anyone. It weakened slightly in the third season, but not significantly, and then finally was pulled for low ratings, but I would like to thank NBC for giving this great show three seasons despite its less than steller ratings.
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