American Dreams

NBC (ended 2005)


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  • There are no words to describe how good this show was. I wish it could have gone on forever.

    This show would have to be one of the best series i have seen in my life. When i watch this it is like i am there. I get totally emersed in the 60s - the fashion, the music, the events - it is like you are really there. It is like you are a part of the pryor family. It is so crazy how a tv show can do this to you. I am totally in love with JJ and was on the edge of my seat to see what would happen with JJ and Beth. What a gorgeous couple. I was so happy when they got married. Why cant i meet a guy like JJ. I am in australia and they completely butchered it over here. I missed so many episodes and then they changed the name. I was DEVASTATED when they stopped making it. With all the crap that is on tv today and they take a fantastic, innovative, addictive show like this off air because it didnt get the ratings. I know anyone else who was a fan will know what i am talking about.