American Dreams - Season 2

NBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • No Way Out
    No Way Out
    Episode 19
    As the anti-war movement gains momentum, Meg and Sam get caught in the crossfire at an anti-war rally and finds themselves taking a stand that may have severe consequences in their future. Jack also takes a stand on Beth and her marital status as he begins his campaign for city councilman. Helen makes a shocking discovery at work and Patty , disappointed with her first date, turns to Roxanne for advice. Meanwhile, JJ and his squad are surrounded by the Viet Cong and under heavy gunfire when they are told they will not be receiving backup and will be on their ownmoreless
  • Stewart's Charge
    Stewart's Charge
    Episode 18
    Roxanne wants a hairstyling job at Bandstand. She also has boy woes: Lenny's return has clearly rattled Luke. Meanwhile, Beth makes a decision about her pregnancy; Nathan is drafted, and Sam tries to get Meg to talk to Drew about his CO status; JJ's unit goes on a mission with a by-the-book new corporal; Jack considers his political options over coffee with Will's former teacher, the former Sister Grace; Will might be made to repeat fourth grade; and Patty uses hamster chips to get closer to Carl.moreless
  • Chasing the Past
    Chasing the Past
    Episode 17
    Roxanne begins to question her relationship with Luke. Meg lets Patty drive the family car after Patty blackmails her. Meg ends up crashing the car. After Beth tells her parents about her pregnancy they give her two options. JJ and his squad rescue American POW's. JJ thinks one may be Danny O'Conners brother.moreless
  • Can't Hold On
    Can't Hold On
    Episode 16
    Off the set, Beth is off to Hawaii to meet JJ for some R&R. It won't be either restful or relaxing. Meanwhile, Meg takes a job in WFIL's newsroom, where she sees a news clip that disturbs her greatly (she's also disturbed by something Beth tells her); Lenny is back in Philly with a newly released single and no idea about Roxanne and Luke; Nancy's replacement at the travel agency is a bachelor who's very forward with Helen; Patty meets creepy Carl at a pool, where she also meets a cute lifeguard; and Henry's frustrated because his new partner, Jack, doesn't treat him enough like a partner.moreless
  • Shoot the Moon
    Shoot the Moon
    Episode 15
    Meg is upset with Roxanne after finding out that Luke and her have been dating secretly. Uncle Pete gets cold feet as his wedding approaches and does not attend his wedding. JJ is surprised to see a friend of his from basic training in the untouchables. Later in the episode he is killed. Meg is offered the chance of a lifetime by Colin. Meg and Jimmy Reily reunite during a magazine interview. Sam and Angela don't like Henry's new lady friend.moreless
  • Old Enough to Fight
    Old Enough to Fight
    Episode 14
    Roy Orbison plays on Bandstand, while Nancy Sinatra has schlepped her boots to Vietnam, where JJ sees her perform. He could use some cheering up: He's been traumatized by killing a Vietcong soldier. Back in Philly, Meg runs away from home (but not far); Henry's business plans hit a snag; and Will starts delivering newspapers by himself.moreless
  • To Tell the Truth
    To Tell the Truth
    Episode 13
    American Bandstand holds a father-daughter dance prompting Meg to ask her father. While there Meg realizes she can't continue to lie to her parents and ends up telling her parents the truth about her and Drew. Patty walks in on Roxanne and Luke kissing and is heartbroken. Henry comes clean about his new shop.moreless
  • Real-to-Reel
    Episode 12
    JJ befriends a Vietnamese family and later in the episode, their village was destroyed. At home, his family is creating a care package for JJ along with an audio reel. Jack goes to a conference with his brother, Pete and is shocked at his actions towards the ladies. Meg continues to date Drew and is caught making out with him in a car. Later, she goes too far with him. Patty uncovers that Helen was pregnant with JJ before she married Jack and tells Meg. Meg reveals this dirty secret in an bitter argument. Jack bans Meg from seeing Drew anymore. Roxanne and Luke finally kiss. Henry is given money from the Muslims to start his own repair shopmoreless
  • Beyond the Wire
    Beyond the Wire
    Episode 11
    Helen begins to feel the pressure of being a working mom as she tries to juggle her professional and home life. When Drew comes over for dinner it is obvious that Jack doesn't like him. After watching a film in school Patty wants to buy her first bra but nobody has time to go with her. JJ experiences life on the front line as he fights in Vietnam.moreless
  • The 7-10 Split
    The 7-10 Split
    Episode 10
    While Meg is on a date with Drew she runs in to Danny O'Conner who asks her out on date. Jack and Henry are shocked to find out that the store has been robbed. As Will prepares to leave the hospital he reminds Helen that she promised he could have a pet. Before Will's homecoming, Helen sends Patty to the pet store to get Will a pet. While there she meets Carl, a boy who works at the pet store. Sam struggles with the decision to chose between Yale and Howard University. In Vietnam, JJ runs in to Jimmy Riley, Meg's old dancing partner. Meanwhile Roxanne is crushed that Lenny hasn't called and turns to Luke for support. After Meg's date with Danny she comes to a decision about her relationship with Drew.moreless
  • The Long Goodbye
    The Long Goodbye
    Episode 9
    As JJ prepares to leave he and Beth celebrate their engagement. Beth and her mother can not seem to agree upon anything while JJ and Meg continue to fight about Drew. Will is still in the hospital. Roxanne continues to tour with Lenny. Roxanne decides that she loves Lenny but she can not continue to tour with them.moreless
  • Change a Comin'
    Change a Comin'
    Episode 8
    Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie impersonate two members of the Shangri-Las, a '60s girl group, in an episode in which the Vietnam War gets in the way of JJ and Beth, and Meg and Drew, when they go on a "double date" to Harrisburg, where Roxanne's friend Lenny is playing with his band. Meanwhile, Uncle Pete's drinking is getting in the way of his relationship with Nancy; Helen is concerned about Will's state of mind as he recovers from his operation; Sam's getting interested in Malcolm X; and Patty makes a friend.moreless
  • Ticket to Ride
    Ticket to Ride
    Episode 7
    In a surprise turn of events Roxanne announces she is dropping out of school to be on tour with Lenny. Meg and Drew finally go on their first date but ends in disaster as Meg storms out of the restaurant. JJ tells the family where he has been stationed. As Will's surgery approaches Helen becomes nervous. Meanwhile Henry must decide whether or not to confront his wife's former employer about money they are still owed.moreless
  • Rescue Me
    Rescue Me
    Episode 6
    Roxanne's relationship with Lenny begins to heat up as things are pushed to the next level. JJ's relationship with Diane, the mysterious woman from the bar takes an unexpected turn when he finds out who's wife she is. Meg must take a long hard look at her relationship with Drew after finding out that he is seeing other people. Jack wants Helen to quit her job after finding out that Will's surgery will be funded by the March of Dimes. The Walkers must put their lives back together after the death of their mother.moreless
  • Life's Illusions
    Life's Illusions
    Episode 5
    Meg attends a free speech rally with Drew at the college. Roxanne's new relationship with Lenny is tested after he throws a party at her house. JJ is tempted to cheat on Beth with a mysterious woman he meets at a bar. JJ also receives some exciting news. Beth finally receives her ring from JJ and they set a date for their wedding. The Walker family must deal with the tragic loss of the matriarch in their family.moreless
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 4
    Helen learns the pressures of being a working mom when she takes a job at a travel agency. Meanwhile Beth goes to visit J.J. at Camp Lejeune and is surprised at the results. Meg wants to prove that she is grown up and does her book report on a controversial book. Roxanne is excited with the prospects of her new boyfriend.moreless
  • Another Saturday Night
    Saturday Night hits Philly as the Pryor women go exploring. Helen heads to New York with Uncle Pete's girlfriend to see a show and a new emerging side of womanhood, beset with temptations. Patty, starting high school, learns new lessons in social skills in trying to make friends. Meg, completely broken off from Luke, goes to her first college party, with serious consequences. Roxanne starts at the Vinyl Crocodile with Luke still in the background as J.J. continues with military training. In addition, Sam finds out how his cousin Nathan really makes his money.moreless
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    Episode 2
    Meg continues to live life without Bandstand, while Roxanne tries to keep her on before she is replaced. J.J. undergoes major training at camp while Patty is promoted to academic success, to the frustration of Meg. Luke and Meg see the end of their relationship while getting further from Meg is Sam's choice. Helen searches for more opinions on Will's surgery while the couple prepares for a dinner with Beth's parents.moreless
  • And Promises to Keep
    In the episode, Meg find herself getting a little too close to Sam, bausing questions to be asked after she defends Sam when he sticks up for a friend being teased for race. After defending him, her dad finds out and suspends her from bandstand. Roxanne is shocked to learn the Bandstand Director is leaving. J.J. questions Beth's trust; Helen looks into surgery for Will and against her doctor's best advice calls a clinic.moreless