American Dreams

Season 1 Episode 9

The Home Front

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2002 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Mary Wells' excellent My Guy was mis-identified in the close captioning as My Girl by the Supremes! The song was not released until April 1964.

    • Meg and Roxanne are listening to a Bobby Vinton 45 on Meg's phonograph. At the time, Vinton recorded for Epic Records, which had a yellow label for their 45's. The record on the turntable has a dark blue label and is inconsistent with Vinton records of the time.

    • Also, the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" was part of American Bandstand's Rate-a-Record, which is surprising because not only was the song released nine months after the timeline for this episode, references were made to the "British Invasion" before the arrival of the Beatles to even cause it. Other songs that were played out of sequence with the timeline were Chad and Jeremy's "A Summer Song" and the Impressions' "People Get Ready."

    • Jack Pryror watches a hockey game and refers to it as a conference game between the two top teams. The NHL in 1963 only had six teams and one conference, so the sentence is redundant. Also, there was a hockey team in Philadelphia in 1963, but it was in the Eastern Hockey League, a low minor league, and the top two teams in that conference would not have included the Philadelphia team, which was at the bottom of the standings that year.

  • Quotes

    • Luke: Just wait till Saturday night. In the church, better acoustics, packed house. That's when you really want to be here.
      Meg: How did you learn to play like that? It's so-
      Luke: Meg. In case you missed it, that was an invitation. Unless you have plans, then-
      Meg: No. No, no plans. I mean, I was gonna take Will to see The Nutty Professor but that was just because I thought I wasn't doing anything. But it was a thought, it wasn't really a plan. So, um, I'll tell Roxanne. We'd love to.
      Luke: Meg, do you think Roxanne would mind?
      Meg: Mind what?
      Luke: Not coming with you.

    • Meg: Patty's, uh, recital piece is really coming along.
      Luke: One appearance on Pick a Disc and you're a musical expert?
      Meg: Rate a Record. And no, I just know when I like something.
      Luke: Hmmm, so you're saying you might appreciate good music too?
      Meg: If this is about Bob Dylan-
      Luke: Bob Dylan happens to be a genius. But this is about you.
      Meg: Me?
      Luke: Yeah, you, Betty. And uh, you can bring Veronica too if you like.
      Meg: Her name is Roxanne. And bring her where?
      Luke: Somewhere we play music, not rate it. (walks away)

    • Luke: You know, this next song is by a guy named Beethoven. And while most people like the melody, I like it because its got a nice beat and heck, I can dance to it. I'd give it an 88.

    • Meg: ...It had a good beat, and I like to dance to it, so I give it an 88.

    • Gus: I told you, this British Music ain't never gonna catch on.

    • Patty: And if we're lucky, Meg will say something really stupid.

    • Roxanne: I'll just stay here and read the New Testament. I'll work on Matthew, Mark, and John. You can work on...Luke.

    • Patty: Did I mention she's the mother of God?!

  • Notes

    • Songs w/Artists (in tonight's episode)
      * You Really Got Me - The Kinks - 7-11/28/64
      * Blue Velvet - Bobby Vinton - 1-9/21/63
      * White Christmas - Bing Crosby - 1-10/22/42 [first chart date]
      * In My Room - The Beach Boys - 23-12/21/63
      * My Guy - Mary Wells - 1-5/16/64
      * Green Onions - Booker T. & the MG's - 3-9/29/62
      * The Wanderer - Dion - 2-2/24/62
      * Mockingbird - Rosey Grier - [not charted] [not listed by NBC]
      * People Get Ready - The Impressions - 14-3/27/65
      * Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney - 13-1/27/62
      * A Summer Song - Chad & Jeremy - 7-10/17/64
      * Merry Christmas Baby - Chuck Berry - 71-12/29/58

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