American Dreams

Season 3 Episode 7

What Dreams May Come

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on NBC

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  • The Pryors find out JJ is MIA. Jack goes to Washington DC and brings Meg along. Meg meets Chris there and they were gonna protest the war but Meg didn't show up. Sam goes to Melanie's house for Thanksgiving dinner and while he is there he meets Thurgood

    This was a very well written episode. It was very sad. At the end of this episode I really did think JJ was dead. The montage at the end really pulls the episode together very well. I thought it was very sweet when Will asked Patty \\\"Do think JJ\\\'s dead\\\" and Patty hugs him. I thought it was really sad when they got the package from JJ. What he said was really sad. This was one of the most saddest episodes of American Dreams ever! I also thought the part where Meg is with Chris and she starts to cry was so so sad I cried when I saw that scene. This is an episode of TV that I could never forget!