American Dynasties

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  • Season 1
    • The Onassis Dynasty
      A look back at the wealth and scandals that marked the life of Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. Onassis stirred controversy when he married Jackie Kennedy; his first wife, Tina Livanos, ended their marriage when she caught him making love to opera star Maria Callas; his sister-in-law died in mysterious circumstances and Tina committed suicide; his son, Alexander, was killed in a freak plane accident; his daughter, Christina, died at 37 after an unhappy life; and Onassis himself died broken-hearted in 1975.moreless
    • The Vanderbilts: An American Dynasty
      Chronicles the fabulous lives of Cornelius Vanderbilt and his descendants. Cornelius--"Commodore Vanderbilt"--amassed a great fortune in the 19th Century from sea and rail shipping. His sons and grandsons became great businessmen and philanthropists in their own right.
    • The Kelloggs
      The Kelloggs
      Episode 6
      When John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith invented the corn flake just over a hundred years ago, they sparked a revolution on breakfast tables around the world. The corn flake was the product of the two brothers collaboration--but the two were as different as they could be. John was a flamboyant health crusader, Will Keith was a quiet businessman. The two worked together to invent a healthy new food, but they had no way of knowing when they toasted those first cereal flakes in Battle Creek, Michigan, that their creation would spawn a multi-million dollar industry and drive a wedge between them for good.moreless
    • The Grimaldi Dynasty
      For over 700 years they have ruled the tiny principality of Monaco. Rocked by scandal, touched by tragedy, the Grimaldi Dynasty gained international prominence in the mid 50s through the fairy tale wedding of ruling monarch Prince Rainier to a member of Hollywood royalty, film star Grace Kelly. Following the car crash which killed Princess Grace--under suspicious circumstances--the next generation, Albert, Caroline, and Stephanie, became the focus of increasing media attention much of it sensational tabloid fodder.moreless
    • The Coors Dynasty
      The Colorado Rockies are legendary for its breathtaking mountain views, crystal clear waters and pristine wilderness. It is also the home of the world's largest single brewery and a family whose rugged individualism, stuborn entrepreneurial spirit, and deep loyalty has made them a corporate dynasty. The Coors of Golden Colorado have developed a certain mystique both as a family and a business--a private, insulated, proud, determined and remarkably successful clan that has been tantalizing the tastes of Americans for over 100 years with their signature beer.moreless
    • The Hilton Family
      Conrad Hilton entered the hotel business in 1919. The son of a Norwegian immigrant, he was a firm believer in the American Dream and was successful at negotiating her economic waters. Success yielded glamour for the Hiltons; Conrad's second wife was Zsa Zsa Gabor and his son Nicky (by a first marriage) was once married to Elizabeth Taylor. Unfortunately, Nicky suffered an untimely, tragic death. Most of Conrad's wealth was inherited by another son, Barron (Paris and Nicky's grandfather). From Conrad to Paris the name Hilton resonates across America as family members continue the innovative business endeavors which put them on the map.moreless
    • The Rockefeller Dynasty
      When it comes to wealth, power and prestige few families in America can rival the Rockefellers. From industry and philanthropy to finance and politics the Rockefeller name has been a driving force in American history for over a century. But there is far more to the family than the net worth of its assets. Whether it's the wild double life of Bill Rockefeller, bigamist father of family patriarch John D. Rockefeller Sr., the mysterious death of his great-grandson Michael on an anthropological expedition to New Guinea, or the divorce that wrecked the presidential hopes of Michael's father Nelson, the rise of the Rockefellers is an American epic punctuated by scandal, tragedy, and blood in the case of the 24 miners and 11 women and children killed during a violent strike at Rockefeller-owned Colorado Fuel and Iron company. A multi-generational tale of unbridled ambition, overbearing hubris and jaw-dropping generosity, the story proves that, when it comes to the sheer sweep and scope of their history, few families are as rich as the Rockefellers.moreless
    • The Astors: High Society
      Few families in American history have sustained a place for so long in the public eye. For over two hundred years the Astor name has been synonymous with New York high society. The saga is one of wealth, tragedy, family fueds, and philanthropy. It is a saga that continues today. In the process they became one of the richest families in history. "The Astors: High Society" tells the story of five generations. John Jacob Astor was first born in Waldorf, Germany in 1763. When he arrived in America he got a job in a warehouse beating dust and bugs from bundles of furs. He was quickly promoted in the fur business and became a fur trader. Astor became quite successful and with his new bride's dowry set up his own fur trading business. He made so much money with his fur company that he invested in shipping and real estate. Real estate soon became his primary interest. Astor bought cheap farmland in New York. One such purchase eventually became Times Square. Astor amassed a large amount of property and an even larger fortune. He became the richest man in the world.moreless