American Experience - Season 23

Monday 9:00 PM on PBS Premiered Oct 04, 1988 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Freedom Riders
    Episode 12
    A documentary on Americans of all ages and races who traveled the deep South to protest local segregation laws in 1961.
  • Soundtrack for a Revolution
    The story of social reforms and civil rights protests as told through the music of the times.
  • Stonewall Uprising
    Episode 10
    Riots in New York City in 1969 bring the issues of gay civil rights into the public eye.
  • The Great Famine
    Episode 9
    When the Soviet Union suffers a massive famine in the early 1920s, the United States rushes to send food and manpower to alleviate the crisis.
  • Triangle Fire
    Episode 8
    The deplorable conditions of "sweat shop" production factories are brought to America's attention after 150 people are killed in a 1911 fire in New York City.
  • 1/31/11
    An 1881 maritime expedition to document the world of the high Arctic runs into adverse conditions that prove to be disastrous for the members of the crew.
  • The Panama Canal
    Episode 6
    The Atlantic and Pacific oceans are finally connected after one of the most arduous engineering struggles of all.
  • Dinosaur Wars
    Episode 5
    Two American paleontologists are unable to overcome their Victorian-era desires to be the top scientist of the day - and instead, wage a battle to find and describe the first dinosaurs being discovered in the American west.
  • Panama Canal
    Episode 4
    This film using an extraordinary archive of photographs and footage, interviews with canal workers and firsthand accounts of life in the Canal Zone, unravels the remarkable story of one of the world's most significant technological achievements.
  • Robert E. Lee
    Episode 4
    New perspectives on the man who would come to lead the major armed forces of the Confederate States of America.
  • God in America (Parts V & VI): Soul of a Nation, Of God and Caesar
    A joint production of American Experience and Frontline. In the final episodes, religion impacts civil rights and attitudes toward communism at the same time as America welcomes diverse new citizens and grapples with separation of church and state.
  • God in America (Parts III & IV): A Nation Reborn, A New Light
    A joint production of American Experience and Frontline. In the second set of installments, the United States struggles to reconcile religion and emerging concepts of science and society - including questions of slavery.
  • God in America (Parts I & II): A New Adam, A New Eden
    A joint production of American Experience and Frontline. The opening segments explore how the settling of a continent resulted in a unique brand of American religion and how religion and politics allied during the struggle for an independent nation.