American Gangster

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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Mutulu Shakur
      Episode 10
      Shakur spent the past 25 years in federal prison for helping plan and execute the $1.6 million robbery of a Brinks armored truck in New York in 1981. The heist left three people dead.
    • Romper Room Gang
      Episode 9
      This group of notorious homegrown bank robbers, from the troubled Bay Area suburb of Vallejo, robbed dozens of banks in that area in the mid-'90s.
    • Willie Lloyd
      Episode 8
      Lloyd grew up in the Lawndale, on Chicago's west side, a stronghold of the Vice Lords – the city's oldest and largest active gang, along with the Gangster Disciples.
    • The Shower Posse
      The Shower Posse
      Episode 7
      An incredibly violent gang with operations in the 1980s that stretched from Jamaica to New York to Miami and beyond, the Shower Posse got its name because it often rained rounds of automatic weapons fire on its victims.
    • 12/16/08
      The Shower Posse was born in the rough and ruthless ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. From the '70s well into the '80s they were one of several gangs used by Jamaica's mainstream political parties as tools for extortion and intimidation.
    • Guy Fisher
      Episode 6
      The first Black owner of the Apollo Theater in Harlem was a dashing ladies man, sports fan, bon vivant – and drug lord.
    • J. Edgar Hoover
      Episode 5
      The first and most famous director of the FBI consolidated his power through a combination of brilliant public relations moves and compromising personal files he maintained on politicians who held his fate in their hands, including several presidents.
    • Cornell Jones
      Episode 4
      Rayful Edmond's predecessor as D.C.'s drug kingpin was a native son who quietly plied his trade in the shadow of the Capitol, and ultimately developed a network that funneled drugs throughout major cities of the Eastern seaboard and even throughout Europe.
    • Midget Molley
      Episode 3
      The son of a minister, this former drug Lord of Atlantic City was once said to have raked in more than a $1 million a month, a position he flaunted in public literally by wearing a gold crown on his head.
    • Monster Kody
      Monster Kody
      Episode 2
      Few gangsters emblemize the tragedy of gang life – and the failed promise of so many who follow that path – more than "Monster" Kody Scott, a best-selling author and career criminal.
    • Larry Davis
      Episode 1
      Born and raised in the South Bronx, Larry Davis made headlines when he wounded six NYC police officers in a dramatic 1986 shootout, after officers raided his sister's Bronx apartment to arrest him on charges of murdering five drug dealers.
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