American Gladiators

Season 3 Episode 1

First Half Preliminary Round 1 - Wilson vs. Worthington & Kropp vs. Torjesen

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1991 on FOX
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Episode Summary

First Half Preliminary Round 1 - Wilson vs. Worthington & Kropp vs. Torjesen
In this First Half Preliminary Round 1, Male contenders Gary Wilson vs. Coz Worthington & Female contenders Kristi Kropp vs. Toril Torjesen.

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    Dan Clark

    Dan Clark

    Nitro [1989-92]

    Galen Tomlinson

    Galen Tomlinson

    Turbo [1990-96]

    Larry Csonka

    Larry Csonka

    Co-Host [1990-1993]

    Lori Fetrick

    Lori Fetrick

    Ice [1990-92, 1993-96]

    Marisa Pare

    Marisa Pare

    Lace [1989-92]

    Michael M. Horton

    Michael M. Horton

    Gemini [1989-92]

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Eliminator Stats
        Handbike - Laser & Nitro
        Gauntlet - Gold & Ice
        Tower - Blaze & Zap

        Handbike - Gold & Blaze
        Gauntlet - Gemini & Thunder
        Tower - Laser & Nitro

      • Swingshot
        Ice, Blaze & Zap
        No shut out
        Toril Torjesen 1 pts
        1 yellow ball
        Kristi Kropp 3 pts
        3 yellow balls

        Thunder, Turbo & Gemini
        No shut out
        Coz Worthington 3 pts
        1 yellow ball
        1 blue ball
        Gary Wilson 2 pts
        1 blue ball

      • The Joust
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Lace 0-1-1
        Toril Torjesen 10 pts
        Kristi Kropp 5 pts

        Laser 0-2-0
        Coz Worthington 10 pts
        Gary Wilson 10 pts

      • Powerball Stats
        No shut out
        Laser, Gemini & Thunder
        Gary Wilson 2 pts
        Coz Worthington 2 pts

        Zap, Gold & Blaze
        Toril Torjesen 2 pts
        Kristi Kropp 6 pts

      • Hang Tough Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Turbo 1-1-0
        Gary Wilson 0 pts
        Coz Worthington 10 pts

        Ice 1-0-1
        Toril Torjesen 0 pts
        Kristi Kropp 5 pts

      • Assault Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Lace 1-0-1
        Toril Torjesen 4 pts
        Kristi Kropp 6 pts

        Laser 2-0-0
        Gary Wilson 5 pts
        Coz Worthington 2 pts

      • Atlasphere Stats
        Nitro - shut out
        Gary Wilson 0 pts
        Gemini - no shut out
        Coz Worthington 2 pts

        Blaze - no shut out
        Toril Torjesen 4 pts
        Zap - no shut out
        Kristi Kropp 8 pts

    • QUOTES (4)

      • (Laser recalls a Gladiator moment)
        Laser: Check this Gladiator moment out with myself & Scott Dieter in the Joust. It's something that stuck out in my mind a lot. He gave me a few shots that I'll always remember. I think it was the 1st time in my Gladiator moments that I seen some stars. I think I gave him a few.

      • Mike: Now speaking of Gladiators. we are rejoined by an old friend. Her name is Zap. She is back. Fitter than ever and we're glad to have you back. We missed you! How's it feel to be back?
        Zap: Thanks, Michael. Well, I may not have been here physically but I was always here mentally and spiritually with them, the Gladiators. And I've got 4 new games to try out. I'm ready to go.

      • (On the Versaclimber)
        Blaze: I'm blazing hot today.

      • Nitro: The time has come to put up or shut up.

    • NOTES (24)

      • Notice in the Gladiators locker room scene immediately following Swingshot, Diamond can be seen in the background. However, she does not make her season debut until later in the First Half Preliminary Round 3 - Jones vs. Collins & Stevenson vs. Jonckowski.

      • In the 7th season, Sept 21, 1991 episode of The Golden Girls called Hey, Look Me Over, Rose [Betty White] is mad at Blanche [Rue McClanahan] for sleeping with her late husband.
        (To Blanche)
        Rose: You've landed on your back more times than the... than.
        (Dorothy [Beatrice Arthur] interjects)
        Dorothy: The American Gladiators.

      • The introduction of the American Gladiators are: Thunder, Lace, Nitro, Gold, Laser, Ice, Turbo, Blaze, Gemini and Zap. Diamond did not appear in this episode.

      • Two new American Gladiators are introduced in this season's Quarterfinal Round. They are Tower and Storm along with Gemini, Lace, Nitro, Gold, Laser, Blaze, Turbo, Ice, Thunder, Diamond and the return of Zap.

      • In the first half of season 4, the new events are The Maze and Swingshot as well as Powerball, the Assault, Break Through and Conquer, the Joust, the Wall, Atlasphere, Hang Tough and the Eliminator.

      • Events not competed in this Preliminary Round were Breakthrough & Conquer and the Wall.

      • Kristi Kropp & Coz Worthington advance to the First Half Quarterfinal Rounds.

      • Kristi Kropp scored 33 pts
        Toril Torjesen scored 22 pts
        Gary Wilson scored 19 pts
        Coz Worthington scored 29 pts

      • Toril Torjesen falls off the handbike and is detained by Laser for 10 seconds.

      • Kristi Kropp has a 5 1/2 second head start over Toril Torjesen & Coz Worthington has a 5 second head start over Gary Wilson.

      • Notice as the Eliminator is being explained, under the Handbike is Ice and Storm. Storm doesn't show up until the Quarterfinal Rounds.

      • In the Eliminator, the contenders have to run up against a reverse treadmill. Which ever contender has the most pts, they get a 1/2 second head start for every point. Once up the treadmill, the contenders have to cross a 30 ft pit by a hand bike. If the contender falls in the pits, the women will be held for 10 seconds and the men 7 seconds by a Gladiator. Once across the hand bike, they cross spinning cylinders. They've got to 20 ft climb up a cargo net and then come down the zip line which is the full length of the arena. They've got an 8ft wall to climb where they have to face 2 Gladiators in the Gauntlet impeding them with 2 huge medicine balls, then climb another small wall where they've got to dodge 2 more giant medicine balls thrown off the Tower by 2 Gladiators and then finally cross the finish line.

      • In Swingshot, the American Gladiators and the contenders leap off of a 15 ft platform. The contenders have 45 seconds to try and grab colored balls from a hanging pole and put them in their bins while the Gladiators attempt to stop them from getting to the balls. Red balls are worth 3 pts, blue balls are worth 2 pts and yellow balls are worth 1 pt.

      • A new segment call Gladiator moment is shown. Laser recalls a Jousting battle with Scott Dieter from Season 3, Second Half Final Round.

      • In Powerball, the scoring has changed. The outer cylinders are worth 2 pts and the center cylinder is worth 3 pts.

      • Before Ice's round in Hang Tough, her stats says that she is undefeated. This is not true. Ice was defeated by Dorann Cumberbatch in the 3rd Season, Second Half Preliminary Round 4.

      • Coz Worthington defeats Turbo in his round of Hang Tough. Coz is the 1st contender this season to defeat a Gladiator.

      • Laser shuts out the contenders in his round of the Assault.

      • In the Assault, the contender earns 1 pt for each weapon that is successfully fired. A border around the target above the Gladiator has added. The rocket launcher at station 2 and the pistol at station 4 have been modified. Station 5 is now a one shot hand pump instead of 3 softballs.

      • Nitro shuts out his contender in his round of Atlasphere.

      • In Atlasphere, goals are now worth 2 pts each. The American Gladiators and the contenders roll down ramps that are on opposite sides of the arena from each other and the scoring pods are now numbered 1-4 with pop up sensors.

      • The American Gladiators are shown in their new uniforms in all of the opening credits where as in previous seasons, they were shown with the contenders.

      • The contenders full name shows when their scores are shown where as in previous seasons, it was just the contenders first name as well as stats for the event that the Gladiator is participating in has been added.

      • The contenders get new uniforms and warm up suits.
        Gary Wilson is wearing a grey uniform and Coz Worthington is wearing a light blue uniform.
        Kristi Kropp is wearing an orange uniform and Toril Torjesen is wearing a yellow uniform.

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