American Gladiators

Season 5 Episode 2

First Half Preliminary Round 2 - Gray vs. Bettendorf & Langston vs. Jernegan

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1992 on FOX
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Episode Summary

First Half Preliminary Round 2 - Gray vs. Bettendorf & Langston vs. Jernegan
In this First Half Preliminary Round 2, Male contenders Elbert Gray vs. Tony Bettendorf & Female contenders Lisa Langston vs. Tracy Jernegan.

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    Larry Csonka

    Larry Csonka

    Co-Host (1990-1993)

    Mike Adamle

    Mike Adamle

    Host (1990-1996); Co-Host (1989)

    Erika Andersch

    Erika Andersch

    Diamond (1991-93)

    Galen Tomlinson

    Galen Tomlinson

    Turbo (1990-96)

    Shirley Eson

    Shirley Eson

    Sky (1992-96)

    Salina Bartunek

    Salina Bartunek

    Elektra (1992-93)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (9)

      • The Eliminator
        Handbike: Storm & Siren
        Gauntlet: Diamond & Sky

        Handbike: Cyclone & Laser
        Gauntlet: Sabre & Turbo

      • Powerball Stats
        Cyclone, Viper & Laser
        no shut out
        Tony Bettendorf 25 pts
        Elbert Gray 3 pts

        Storm, Siren & Sky
        no shut out
        Lisa Langston 14 pts
        Tracy Jernegan 11 pts

      • Wall Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Diamond 1-0
        Lisa Langston 0 pts
        Elektra 1-0
        Tracy Jernegan 0 pts

        Turbo 1-0
        Tony Bettendorf 0 pts
        Sabre 1-0
        Elbert Gray 0 pts

      • Atlasphere Stats
        Laser - no shut out
        Tony Bettendorf 2 pts
        Cyclone - no shut out
        Elbert Gray 10 pts

        Elektra - no shut out
        Lisa Langston 2 pts
        Siren - no shut out
        Tracy Jernegan 2 pts

      • Hang Tough Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Viper 1-0-1
        Tony Bettendorf 5 pts
        Elbert Gray 0 pts

        Storm 1-1-0
        Lisa Langston 0 pts
        Tracy Jernegan 10 pts

      • Swingshot Stats
        Siren, Elektra & Storm
        No shut out
        Lisa Langston 0 pts
        Tracy Jernegan 1 pt
        1 yellow ball

        Viper, Turbo & Sabre
        no shut out
        Elbert Gray 1 pt
        1 yellow ball
        Tony Bettendorf 0 pts

      • Joust Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Turbo 2-0-0
        Elbert Gray 0 pts
        Tony Bettendorf 0 pts

        Storm 2-0-0
        Lisa Langston 0 pts
        Tracy Jernegan 0 pts

      • Conquer Ring Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Laser 1-1
        Elbert Gray 0 pts
        Tony Bettendorf 5 pts

        Sky 0-2
        Lisa Langston 5 pts
        Tracy Jernegan 5 pts

      • Breakthrough Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Sabre 1-1
        Elbert Gray 0 pts
        Tony Bettendorf 5 pts

        Diamond 0-2
        Lisa Langston 5 pts
        Tracy Jernegan 5 pts

    • QUOTES (7)

      • (Interview with Siren on being deaf and beating the odds)
        Siren: First of all I listen to myself regardless of what everyone else told me which is "You can't do that. You won't be able to do this. You can't." If it's a physical thing, if it's athletic, if it's writing, if it's school. If it's anything. I can do anything. The only thing I can't do is hear.

      • Laser: Swift, Silent and Dangerous. This laser's ready to strike. Powerball is next.

      • Mike: We're at half time here on the American Gladiators and one of the most impressive Gladiators has been one of our newest ones. Her name is Siren. You know, she has been totally deaf since the age of 3 but that hasn't stopped her one bit. Siren, how are you able to communicate with 1: your Gladiator teammates and also with the officials and some of the other contenders?
        Siren: I've explained that at the very beginning that in order to communicate with me, there's a few things that need to happen. First of all, you need to look at me. Some how you need to get my attention and that's normally, I mean, if I'm in a close area, you can do this (Waves hand) and I'll see that and I'll turn and look. Or someone will have to come up and get me or if the event is just starting, someone has to move their hand down when the whistle. You know 'cause I can't hear the whistle. So you need to show me when I need to start. So it's fair.
        Mike: Speaking of communication. I unerstand that you've taught members of the audience how to say Go, American Gladiators in sign language. How does that work?
        Siren: Ok (Signing while speaking) Go, American Gladiators.

      • (Warming up in the Gladiator locker room)
        Storm: Coming up next. You're going to watch me in Hang Tough and you're going to see some serious swinging against the contenders. Be there.

      • (After Storm takes both the contenders out)
        Mike: Storm. It took you all of 2 seconds to dispatch of Tracy Jernegan & Lisa Langston. What have you been doing this past off-season? You've gotten good in this event.
        Storm: Well, you know, Mike, I've really worked hard. You know, the 1st season, I came in and I was watching. Now, I'm going to start doing. This is mine.

      • (Getting ready for his 2nd round of the Conquer Ring)
        Laser: One more, baby. One more. We got to be big and strong and tough.

      • (After Sabre & Laser's 1st round of Breakthrough & Conquer)
        Mike: Gentlemen. Great start. Sabre. How important is this 1st event to set the tone for the day?
        Sabre: This is our house. You don't come in our house and try to run over us. It won't happen.

    • NOTES (16)

      • Zap and Tower did not appear in this episode.
        Although seen in the opening segment, this is the last appearance of Lace #2, aka Natalie Lennox, as an American Gladiator in this 1st Half of the Season.

      • Tracy Jernegan & Tony Bettendorf advance to the First Half Quarterfinal Rounds.
        Lisa Langston also advances to the First Half Quarterfinal Rounds due to Elizabeth Pepe dropping out of the competition due to an injury.

      • Events not competed in this Preliminary Round were Sky Track, Super Powerball, Human Cannonball, the Maze and the Assault.

      • Lisa Langston scored 26 pts
        Tracy Jernegan scored 32 pts
        Elbert Gray scored 14 pts
        Tony Bettendorf scored 42 pts

      • Notice on the spinning cylinders, the middle has red stripes on it. In the previous round, it did not.

      • Tracy Jernegan has a 3 second head start over Lisa Langston & Tony Bettendorf has a 14 second head start over Elbert Gray.

      • Laser is disqualified in Powerball for a forearm to the head of Elbert Gray.

      • A new segment is introduced called Csonka's Zonks is American Gladiators greatest hits from past episodes.
        Variouis clips include Thunder in Powerball, Turbo in Human Cannonball, Nitro getting hammered by Craig Williams, Turbo slamming contenders in Powerball, Nitro getting hit in Human Cannonball, Gemini in Powerball, Malibu's famous flying trip in Human Cannonball, Turbo & Eric Monostori in the Conquer Ring, Diamond in Powerball, a contender flying over Ice in the Eliminator, Malibu, Zap & Gold, Laser & Thunder all in Powerball, Blaze in the Joust, Lace in Breakthrough, Turbo & Thunder, Diamond all in Powerball, Gold in the Eliminator & Darryl Moore's entrance in Powerball.

      • Powerball is the Crunch Time Event. Goals in the outer cylinder are worth 3pts and the center is worth 5 pts.

      • Elektra, Diamond, Turbo & Sabre all shut out their contenders in their rounds on the Wall.

      • Cyclone makes his debut in Atlasphere. Cyclone is 6'0" & is 228 lbs. Notice that his uniform is exactly like Thunder's except for the name.

      • Tracy Jernegan defeats Storm in her round of Hang Tough. Tracy is the 1st contender in this 1st half of the season to to cross over to the Gladiators' platform.

      • In Swingshot, notice that the platforms are red, white & blue colored and they have been moved closer to the pendulum. Scoring balls are red - 3 pts, blue - 2pts & yellow - 1 pt.

      • Siren makes her debut appearance in Swingshot. Siren is 5'7" & 150 lbs. Siren is the 1st deaf American Gladiator.

      • Turbo & Storm shut out the contenders in their rounds of the Joust.

      • Elbert Gray is wearing a grey uniform & Tony Bettendorf is wearing a purple uniform.
        Tracy Jernegan is wearing a yellow uniform & Lisa Langston is wearing an orange uniform.

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