American Gladiators

Season 3 Episode 9

First Half Quarterfinal Round 3 - Goldrick vs. Jones & Alstead vs. Chase

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1991 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Eliminator Stats
      Handbike - Blaze & Storm
      Tower - Zap & Ice

      Handbike - Nitro & Gemini
      Tower - Tower & Thunder

    • The Wall Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Storm 1-0
      Denise Chase 0 pts
      Zap 0-1
      Ericca Alstead 10 pts

      Tower -0-1
      Tim Goldrick 10 pts
      Nitro 0-1
      Randy Jones 5 pts

    • The Maze Stats
      Gemini, Tower, Laser & Thunder
      Tim Goldrick 10 pts
      Randy Jones 5 pts

      Ice, Zap, Storm & Diamond
      Denise Chase 10 pts
      Ericca Alstead 0 pts

    • The Joust
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Nitro 1-0-1
      Tim Goldrick 5 pts
      Randy Jones 0 pts

      Zap 0-1-1
      Denise Chase 5 pts
      Ericca Alstead 10 pts

    • Powerball Stats
      Thunder, Laser & Nitro
      No shut out
      Tim Goldrick 12 pts
      Randy Jones 6 pts

      Blaze, Diamond & Storm
      Shut out
      Denise Chase 0 pts
      Ericca Alstead 0 pts

    • Hang Tough Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Ice 1-1-0
      Denise Chase 10 pts
      Ericca Alstead 0 pts

      Gemini 0-0-2
      Tim Goldrick 5 pts
      Randy Jones 5 pts

    • Atlasphere Stats
      Tower - no shut out
      Tim Goldrick 9 pts
      Thunder - shut out
      Randy Jones 0 pts

      Storm - no shut out
      Denise Chase 12 pts
      Blaze - no shut out
      Ericca Alstead 3 pts

  • Quotes

    • (Zap interview on the Joust)
      Mike: Next up. for the women. the Joust and one of the very best is Zap. She joins up now from the Gladiator Locker room. Zap, you have the most interesting technique in the Joust of all of the Gladiators. The Chris Evert approach. The two-fisted back hand. Tell us a little about that.
      Zap: It's a technique that I have to have because I'm much smaller, if you notice, this year. I'm only 135 lbs, so it's hard for me to hold onto that stick because I've got really tiny hands, baby hands they say. And I just need to use all my weight on that. So I put it against my hip and I sort of use my hip and some leverage.
      Mike: You pack a punch. It's very effective. Good luck in the Joust.
      Zap: We'll see, won't we. Thanks.

    • (After shutting out the contenders in Powerball)
      Mike: Storm. You talked about your versatility, your quickness, your power. You show all of those and more in Powerball.
      Storm: Yeah. I was... gosh... I was just really amped and I didn't have to worry about jmy back up because I had these two. It was great.

    • Ice: Either you got it or you don't. And I've got it and you're going to see it.

  • Notes

    • The introduction of the American Gladiators are: Ice, Gemini, Blaze, Thunder, Storm, Laser, Zap, Nitro, Diamond and Tower. Lace, Turbo and Gold do not appear in this episode due to injuries.

    • When the announcer introduces the American Gladiators, he gives some extra words to some of them.
      Ice: Ice, Ice, Ice baby
      Thunder: Do the Thunder shake
      Zap: The Zapster
      Nitro: Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nitro

    • Storm makes her 1st debute appearance in Atlasphere this season. Notice that Storm's costume is the same as Gold's costume. The only difference is the name on the sides of the uniform.

    • Denise Chase & Tim Goldrick advance to the First Half Semifinal Round to face Kristi Kropp & Coz Worthington.

    • Events not competed in this Quarterfinal Round were Breakthrough & Conquer, the Assault and Swingshot.

    • Erica Alstead scored 23 pts
      Denise Chase scored 37 pts
      Tim Goldrick scored 51 pts
      Randy Jones scored 21 pts

    • Denise Chase has a 7 second head start over Ericca Alstead & Tim Goldrick has a 15 second head start over Randy Jones.

    • Storm shuts out her contender in her round of the Wall.

    • Ericca Alstead defeats Zap in her round of the Joust.

    • Blaze, Diamond & Storm shut out the contenders for the 4th time. This is the 2nd time for the women to shut out. The first time was in Season 3, Second Half Quarterfinal Round 4 with Nitro, Laser & Thunder against Craig Branham & Michael Altschuler, the 2nd time was with Laser, Thunder & Turbo in Season Four, First Half Preliminary Round 2 against James Long & Johnny Vineyard and the 3rd was with Ice, Gold & Blaze in Preliminary Round 5 against Kimberley Lentz and Jill Schenk.

    • Denise Chase defeats Ice in her round of Hang Tough. Denise is the 6th contender to cross over to the American Gladiators' platform in Hang Tough.
      Johnny Vineyard defeats Gemini in his round of Hang Tough. Johnny is the 5th contender to cross over to the American Gladiators' platform in Hang Tough.
      Coz Worthington was the first contender this season to make it in his Preliminary Round 1 against Turbo, James Long the 2nd, Ericca Alstead the 3rd and Elise Johnson the 4th in the their Preliminary Round 2 against Nitro and Zap and the 5th was Johnny Vineyard defeating Gemini in his Quarterfinal Round 1.

    • Thunder shuts out his contender in his round of Atlasphere.

    • Tim Goldrick and Denise Chase competed with each other in their First Half Preliminary Round 4. Tim defeated Greg Petrie 33 to 5 & Denise defeated Rose Ann Torress 14 to 12.

    • Tim Goldrick is wearing a grey uniform and Randy Jones is wearing a light blue uniform.
      Ericca Alstead is wearing an orange uniform and Denise Chase is wearing a yellow uniform.

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