American Gladiators

Season 3 Episode 9

First Half Quarterfinal Round 3 - Goldrick vs. Jones & Alstead vs. Chase

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1991 on FOX



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    • (Zap interview on the Joust)
      Mike: Next up. for the women. the Joust and one of the very best is Zap. She joins up now from the Gladiator Locker room. Zap, you have the most interesting technique in the Joust of all of the Gladiators. The Chris Evert approach. The two-fisted back hand. Tell us a little about that.
      Zap: It's a technique that I have to have because I'm much smaller, if you notice, this year. I'm only 135 lbs, so it's hard for me to hold onto that stick because I've got really tiny hands, baby hands they say. And I just need to use all my weight on that. So I put it against my hip and I sort of use my hip and some leverage.
      Mike: You pack a punch. It's very effective. Good luck in the Joust.
      Zap: We'll see, won't we. Thanks.