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    Apparently Marisa Pare, the Original Lace of American Gladiators, was arrested Jan 24th for possession of narcotic paraphernalia in Van Nuys, CA.

    TMZ, of course, had to capture it on their website. And of course you know that they just had to be there after she was released as they haveposted the videoas she was coming down the steps. You know it's leeches like TMZ that have nothing else better to do than harass someone. Was it Britney's night off??

    You can obviously tell she is annoyed with the reporter and the guy she was with, possibly her dad??,wasdoing his best to keep the camera from her as she attempted to cover herself.

    I do have to give her credit.Way to go Marisa at keeping your cool andyoursense of humor by saying "Should I just kick him in the balls now or what?" " You another one of those scum bags that has a website that's not sanctioned."

    I personally don't think you should have to perscute and bad mouth herfor making a mistake. So what? She's human. Everyone makes mistakes and she made one. It's not like she is out there in LA like those other 3 bad apples, names that I won't mention cause you already know who I am talking about, that are doing all kinds of garbage just to get their names in the news, papers or tv.

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