American Gladiators

Season 5 Episode 27

Gold Medal Challenge of Champions - Johnson vs Manning vs Biggs vs Brown vs Turner vs Lieberman

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jun 01, 1993 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The Eliminator Stats
      Handbike: Sky & Elektra
      Gauntlet: Storm & Diamond

      Handbike: Sabre & Laser
      Gauntlet: Tower & Turbo

    • The Joust Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Turbo 1-0-0
      Bill Johnson 0 pts
      Tower 1-0
      Tyrell Biggs 0 pts

      Zap 1-0
      Cathy Turner 0 pts
      Elektra 1-0
      Alice Brown 0 pts

    • The Wall Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Zap 1-0
      Cathy Turner 5 pts
      Diamond 1-0
      Alice Brown 0 pts

      Sabre 1-0
      Tyrell Biggs 0 pts
      Turbo 1-0
      Bill Johnson 5 pts

    • Hang Tough Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Tower 1-0-0
      Tyrell Biggs 0 pts
      Sabre 1-0-0
      Bill Johnson 0 pts
      Viper 1-0-0
      Danny Manning 0 pts

      Storm 1-0-0
      Alice Brown 0 pts
      Sky 0-0-1
      Cathy Turner 5 pts
      Elektra 1-0-0
      Nancy Lieberman 0 pts

    • Assault Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Elektra 1-0-0
      Alice Brown 0 pts
      Zap 1-0-0
      Nancy Lieberman 1 pt
      Diamond 0-1-0
      Cathy Turner 10 pts

      Laser 1-0-0
      Bill Johnson 4 pts
      Turbo 1-0-0
      Tyrell Biggs 3 pts
      Sabre 1-0-0
      Danny Manning 2 pts

    • Atlasphere Stats
      Viper & Tower
      1/2 shut out
      Bill Johnson 2 pts
      Tyrell Biggs 0 pts
      Danny Manning 0 pts

      Storm & Sky
      no shut out
      Alice Brown 4 pts
      Cathy Turner 2 pts
      Nancy Lieberman 2 pts

  • Quotes

    • (Waiting for the Wall to begin)
      Turbo: I'm going to be spotting you.
      Bill: Okay.
      Turbo: I'm spotting you 20 seconds.
      Bill: I know. That's quite a lot.
      Turbo: This'll be the fasted downhill you've ever done.

    • (Waiting for the Wall to begin)
      Diamond: How far did you say you'd wanted to go?
      Alice: I'm going to the top!
      Diamond: Well.....
      Alice: I'm going to the top!
      Diamond: We'll see about that. We shall see.

    • (After Hang Tough)
      Mike: Storm. You two have a mutual admiration society. I know Alice respects you're talents and you respect hers.
      Storm: Yeah. Very much, Mike. You know I've looked up to this woman. Growing up and being an athlete. I've really respected her and to be able to go up against her today and just have fun and to laugh. You know that's the best thing about this show, is that. We're able to do that. And she has all my respect. She's small, she's tiny but she's dynamite.
      Mike: Alice. We've got a rematch for you against Storm. Only this time, you get her on the track.
      Alice: Oh, I hope so.
      Storm: Oh wait, wait, wait. No, no, no.

    • (Speaking to the Storm, Diamond, Sabre, Viper, Elektra & Tower before the competion starts)
      Mike: All outstanding athletes in their respective fields. (In regards to the Olympic medal competitors) As well as our American Gladiators. They too, outstanding in their respective fields. Atlasphere, Hang Tough. Whatever the test. But I know they are extremely honored to be going against our Olympic Champions, Past and Present. Sabre. Your thoughts in the competition coming up.
      Sabre: Well. You know their Olympic Champions. They've competed with champions from all over the world. But they've never been to the house of the Gladiators. And here they are in the Gladiator home and it'll be tough going. The points will be few and far between. I guarantee it.

  • Notes

    • Siren does not appear in this episode.

    • Cathy Turner won $10,000
      Bill Johnson won $10,000
      Alice Brown won $5,000
      Tyrell Biggs $5,000
      Nancy Lieberman won $2,500
      Danny Manning won $2,500

    • Events not competed in this Gold Medal Challenge were Breakthrough & Conquer, Human Cannonball, Powerball, the Maze, Swingshot, Super Powerball and Sky Track.

    • Tyrell Biggs did not finish the Eliminator.

    • Laser detains Tyrell Biggs for 7 seconds after falling off the handbike.

    • Cathy Turner scored 22 pts
      Alice Brown scored 4 pts
      Nancy Lieberman scored 3 pts
      Bill Johnson scored 11 pts
      Tyrell Biggs scored 3 pts
      Danny Manning scored 2 pts

    • Cathy Turner has a 9 second head start over Alice Brown & Bill Johnson has a 4 second head start over Tyrell Biggs.

    • Turbo, Tower, Zap & Elektra shut out their contender in their rounds in the Joust.

    • Zap, Diamond, Sabre & Turbo shut out their contender in their rounds on the Wall.

    • In the Wall, the contenders get a 20 second head start over the Gladiator and who ever is the highest on the Wall at the end receives 5 pts. Both the male and female contenders climb up the female contenders side of the Wall that is used in regular competition.

    • Danny Manning & Nancy Lieberman are eliminiated after their rounds in Hang Tough.

    • Tower, Sabre, Viper, Storm & Elektra shut out their contender in their rounds of Hang Tough.

    • Cathy Turner defeats Diamond in her round of the Assault at the fifth station with the hand balls.

    • Elektra, Zap, Laser, Turbo & Sabre all shut out their contender in their rounds of the Assault.

    • Viper & Tower shut out Tyrell Biggs & Danny Manning in their round of Atlasphere.

    • In Atlasphere, 2 of the Gladiators face of against all 3 of the contenders. Each goal is worth 2 pts.

    • Elimination Format
      Total of 6 events
      After 3 events, top 2 male and female scorers advance and continue through to the Eliminator.

    • The Gladiators face off against the Gold Medal Champions at the beginning of the show are: Tower with Danny Manning, Sabre with Tyrell Biggs, Viper with Bill Johnson & Sky with Nancy Lieberman.

    • Bill Johnson & Nancy Lieberman are wearing white uniforms.
      Danny Manning & Alice Brown are wearing red uniforms.
      Tyrell Biggs & Cathy Turner are wearing blue uniforms.

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