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American Gladiators

Season 1 Episode 26

Grand Championships Season 1 - Anderson vs. Hutson / Venturi vs. Phillips

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Apr 01, 1990 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Eliminator Stats
      Blaze no hit
      Open lane Bridget Venturi
      Lace no hit
      Gold hit vs Tracy Phillips
      Nitro hit vs Lucian Anderson
      Open lane
      Titan no hit
      Gemini hit vs Brian Hutson

      Eliminator Stats for season
      Gemini 6-5
      Zap 3-3
      Nitro 7-5
      Lace 5-4
      Laser 3-1
      Gold 5-6
      Titan 4-8
      Blaze 7-6

    • Conquer Ring Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Titan 1-1
      Lucian Anderson 5 pts
      Brian Hutson 0 pts

      Lace 0-2
      Bridget Venturi 5 pts
      Tracy Phillips 5 pts

      Conquer Ring Stats for season
      Gladiator w-l
      Gemini 2-0
      Zap 5-7
      Nitro 9-5
      Lace 0-4
      Laser 4-2
      Gold 3-1
      Titan 3-1
      Blaze 3-3

    • Breakthrough Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Nitro 2-0
      Lucian Anderson 0 pts
      Brian Hutson 0 pts

      Blaze 2-0
      Bridget Venturi 0 pts
      Tracy Phillips 0 pts

      Breakthrough Stats for season
      Gladiator w-l
      Gemini 10-0
      Zap 2-0
      Nitro 4-0
      Lace 6-4
      Laser 4-0
      Gold 5-1
      Titan 6-2
      Blaze 5-3

    • The Wall Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Nitro 0-1
      Gemini 0-1
      Lucian Anderson 5 pts
      Brian Hutson 10 pts

      Gold 0-1
      Lace 0-1
      Bridget Venturi 10 pts
      Tracy Phillips 5 pts

      The Wall Stats for season
      Gemini 0-4
      Zap 2-4
      Nitro 1-9
      Lace 1-4
      Laser 5-2
      Gold 2-5
      Titan 2-3
      Blaze 5-3

    • Joust Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Titan 1-0-1
      Lucian Anderson 5 pts
      Brian Hutson 0 pts

      Gold 0-0-2
      Bridget Venturi 5 pts
      Tracy Phillips 5 pts

      Joust Stats for season
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Gemini 7-4-1
      Zap 4-3-1
      Nitro 1-1-0
      Lace 1-3-0
      Laser n/a
      Gold 0-2-4
      Titan 6-1-3
      Blaze 3-4-0

    • Assault Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Laser 2-0-0
      Lucian Anderson 0 pts
      Brian Hutson 0 pts

      Lace 1-1-0
      Bridget Venturi 7 pts
      Tracy Phillips 0 pts

      Assault Stats for season
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Gemini 0-4-0
      Zap 3-1-0
      Nitro 9-0-1
      Lace 11-3-0
      Laser 8-2-0
      Gold 3-2-1
      Titan 2-0-0
      Blaze 1-1-0

    • Powerball Stats
      No Shut-outs
      Gemini, Nitro & Titan
      Brian Hutson 5 pts
      Lucian Anderson 5 pts

      Lace, Gold & Blaze
      Bridget Venturi 5 pts
      Tracy Phillips 6 pts

      Powerball Stats for season
      No Shut-outs

    • Human Cannonball Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Titan 1-1
      Nitro 1-1
      Gemini 0-2
      Lucian Anderson 3 pts
      Brian Hutson 10 pts

      Gold 1-1
      Lace 1-1
      Blaze 1-1
      Bridget Venturi 3 pts
      Tracy Phillips 6 pts

      Human Cannonball Stats for season
      Gladiator w-l
      Gemini 3-18
      Zap 11-9
      Nitro 4-9
      Lace 4-12
      Laser 9-6
      Gold 8-14
      Titan 11-9
      Blaze 6-17

  • Quotes

    • (After battling Lucian Anderson to a a draw in the Joust)
      Mike: Titan. You're the Ayatollah of Smack-oli. You've hit this guy with everything but the kitchen sink and he didn't drop!
      Titan: I hate this man. He makes me work too hard. (Patting Lucian's chest) He's a good competitor.
      Mike: He's a great competitor. Lucian, you've proved that old adage that it can be correct sometimes. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.
      Lucian: He caught me with a couple of shots that I thought I was just gonna fall down. But I kept my feet under me and I'm still standing.

  • Notes

    • Deron McBee, formerly Malibu starred in the 1990 movie called Time Barbarians as Doran.

    • Dan Clark aka Nitro guest stars Steve Elias in the 1990 movie Instant Karma starring Craig Sheffer.

    • Bridget Venturi & Brian Hutson were crowned as Season 1 Grand Champion Winners of American Gladiators over Tracy Phillips & Lucian Anderson.
      Bridget and Brian are each is awarded $35,000.

    • Bridget Venturi scored 59 points
      Tracy Phillips scored 27 points
      Lucian Anderson scored 23 points
      Brian Hutson scored 83 points

    • Although Zap aka Raye Hollitt is shown in the opening credits, she did not appear in this episode. She actually found out that she was 3 months pregnant and takes off the next season to have her daughter, Teddi Rae.

    • This is the final appearance of Titan as an American Gladiator and Todd Christensen as co-host.
      Titan was fired from the show because he charged at referee Bob McElwee, chasing him into the stands after he did not disqualify Elden Kidd for hitting him in the face and kicking him during this event.

    • Nitro and Blaze shut out the contenders during their rounds of Breakthrough.

    • This is the first time where all 4 contenders make it up the Wall.

    • The contenders now have a 10 second head start before the American Gladiators start chasing after them in the Wall.

    • Laser shuts out the contenders in his round of the Assault which is his only appearance in this epsiode.

    • Malibu is shown in a video clip of getting knocked off of the pedestal in Human Cannonball and in another clip being pushed out of the Conquer Ring.

    • Brian Hutson is the 14th contender this season to knock all three American Gladiators off in Human Cannonball.

    • As Mike and Todd come down into the arena, Gemini, Nitro, Lace and Laser gang up on them.

    • Bridget Venturi and Lucian Anderson are wearing blue uniforms & Tracy Phillips and Brian Hutson are wearing red uniforms.

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