American Gladiators

Season 1 Episode 14

Preliminary Round 1 - Seymour vs. Jordan / Schwartze vs. Farwell

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1989 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Preliminary Round 1 - Seymour vs. Jordan / Schwartze vs. Farwell
In this first Preliminary Round, Male contenders Richard Seymour vs. JC Love Jordan & Female contenders Zimbob Schwartze vs. Susan Farwell.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Eliminator Stats
      Gold hit vs Zimbob Schwartze
      Open lane
      Blaze hit vs Susan Farwell
      Lace no hit
      Titan no hit
      Laser hit vs JC Love Jordan
      Nitro no hit
      Open lane Richard Seymour

    • Joust Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Zap 1-1-0
      Susan Farwell 0 pts
      Zimbob Schwartze 10 pts

      Titan 1-1-0
      JC Love Jordan 0 pts
      Richard Seymour 10 pts

    • Conquer Ring Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Blaze 1-1
      Susan Farwell 5 pts
      Zimbob Schwartze 0 pts

      Gemini 2-0
      JC Love Jordan 0 pts
      Richard Seymour 0 pts

    • Breakthrough Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Lace 2-0
      Susan Farwell 0 pts
      Zimbob Schwartze 0 pts

      Laser 2-0
      JC Love Jordan 0 pts
      Richard Seymour 0 pts

    • Human Cannonball Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Gold 1-1
      Blaze 1-1
      Zap 0-2
      Susan Farwell 10 pts
      Zimbob Schartze 3 pts

      Titan 1-1
      Nitro 0-2
      Laser 2-0
      JC Love Jordan 3 pts
      Richard Seymour 6 pts

    • Assault Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Lace 2-0-0
      Susan Farwell 0 pts
      Zimbob Schwartze 0 pts

      Gemini 0-2-0
      JC Love Jordan 7 pts
      Richard Seymour 7 pts

    • Powerball Stats
      No shut out
      Lace, Gold & Blaze
      Susan Farwell 5 pts
      Zimbob Schwartze 8 pts

      Gemini, Titan & Laser
      JC Love Jordan 1 pt
      Richard Seymour 0 pts

    • The Wall Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Zap 1-0
      Susan Farwell 5 pts
      Gold 0-1
      Zimbob Schwartze 0 pts

      Gemini 0-1
      Richard Seymour 5 pts
      Nitro 0-1
      JC Love Jordan 10 pts

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (After the Laser and Gemini shut out the contenders in Breakthrough & Conquer)
      Todd: Now I was going to say Gemini. You got a shut out and I have to think that it's gotta be tough for you. I don't know if you ever grappled during your days but it's got to be awfully tough to stay in that circle that you just did twice.
      Gemini: Yeah, it is tough but the object put yourself on the offense as opposed to the defense. They're trying to get us out but don't wrestle defensively, wrestle offensively and therefore you'll throw their timing off as far as trying to get you off the mat. That was what I was doing.

    • (After the Laser and Gemini shut out the contenders in Breakthrough & Conquer)
      Todd: Now I'm beginning to think that the Laser fever is affecting me. You're real tough out there.
      Laser: Thanks. I think I've got laser power right over there (Pointing right at the audience) and (Pointing left at the audience) here. And I think that we've got some good contenders tonight and I think that the American Gladiators are going to pull through each time. Gemini both of us and Nitro and Titan did. We did a heck of a job.

    • (After the Blaze's 2nd round in the Conquer Ring)
      Mike: You are proof positive that it never pays to mess with Blaze.
      Blaze: That's right. That's why they call me Blaze. I'll put you in a daze.

    • (After the third round of Human Cannonball)
      Mike: Can you explain this phenomenon that is taking place? I mean people love you.
      Laser: I don't know. But uh... (Audience cheers) Hey (Pointing to the crowd) You guys are the best crowd we've had yet.

    • (After the third round of Human Cannonball)
      Mike: Laser. We are going to have to call you the Baron of Balance. Nothing shakes you up there.
      Laser: Well, I think it takes a lot of strength in the legs and I got real low there. They're good competitors but that's why we're called American Gladiators.

    • (After the first round of Human Cannonball)
      Mike: Titan you are getting the hang of this.
      Titan: Yes, I am and I'm loving it. You know we've gone throught it. The more you go through this game, the more the Gladiator gets a chance to plan a little bit of strategy. And I think that the more the we go through it, the better we are going to get at it.

  • NOTES (21)

    • Four new American Gladiators are introduced in this Half of the 1st Season. They are Blaze, Laser, Gold and Titan along with Gemini, Zap, Nitro and Lace.
      Todd Christensen becomes Mike Adamle's new co-host.

    • The Wall debutes as the new event in this 2nd Half of the Season as well as Powerball, the Assault, Human Cannonball, Break Through and Conquer, the Joust and the Eliminator.

    • Introduction of the American Gladiators are Nitro, Lace, Blaze, Gemini, Titan, Zap, Gold and Laser.

    • Susan Farwell & Richard Seymour advance to the Quarterfinal rounds.
      JC Love Jordan also moves into the Quarterfinal rounds.

    • Zimbob Schwartze scored 21 pts
      Susan Farwell scored 25 pts
      Richard Seymour scored 86 pts
      JC Love Jordan scored 43 pts

    • Lace shuts out the contenders in her round of Breakthrough.

    • In Breakthrough and Conquer, Laser and Gemini shut out the contenders in both events.

    • Susan Farwell is the 1st contender this season to knock all three American Gladiators off in Human Cannonball.

    • Laser shuts out the contenders in his round of the Human Cannonball.

    • JC Love Jordan defeats Gemini in the Assault at the 1st station with the crossbow.

    • Richard Seymour defeats Gemini in the Assault at the 4th station with the pistol.

    • Lace shuts out the contenders in her round of the Assault. Lace picks off Zimbob between stations 1 & 2.

    • Zimbob Schwartze and Richard Seymour are wearing blue uniforms & Susan Farwell and JC Love Jordan are wearing red uniforms.

    • Notice that Lace & Nitro's outfit have completely changed. Lace has lost her red stockings, her skirt with the split silver and red stripes has been changed and now has stars and her top has silver inverted triangles on the front and back, Nitro has lost his silver X top and replaced it a silver, blue and red top with red shorts with silver and blue stripes, Zap has lost her spandex shorts and has gone to tights but wears shorts over them, Gold and Blaze are wearing something similar to what Sunny and Jade wore and Laser is wearing something similar to what Malibu wore but with stars instead of shapes on the top.

    • In the Eliminator, the course has been expanded. Contender pushes up the big medicine balls up the ramp, crosses the balance beam attempting to avoid the small medicine balls being thrown by the Gladiators, then cross the commando lines to the swing for life over the barrier, then works through the cones and head to the Gladiators.
      The contenders now break through a star paper barrier instead of a brown one.
      Once one of the contenders moves through the cones, a referee position themselves in front to where the other contender doesn't go down it.

    • In the Joust, the pedestals are the same ones used in Human Cannonball. The contender is on the blue pedestal where the Gladiator is on the red pedestal. The tape on the pugil sticks also match the contender and the Gladiator of which pedestal they are on.

    • In the Wall, the female contenders have a 10 second lead over the female Gladiators to where the male contenders have a 15 second lead over the male Gladiators.

    • In Human Cannonball, the contenders swing simultaneously at the Gladiators. The 3 Gladiators alternate between each contender. In demonstrating the event, Mike swings and Todd defends himself.

    • The Assault has added five stations. 1st: the Crossbow, 2nd: Rocket Launcher, 3rd: Cannon, 4th: Pistol and 5th the grenades. The target has now moved from being off to the left of the Gladiator to being over them. The contender starts on the opposite side and runs to station 1.

    • The Powerball event is expanded from the half circle court to the full court. The contenders now run full length back and forth between the Gladiators to pick up their balls. First time the time clock is shown on screen.

    • Zimbob Schwartze injuries herself through the compition but doesn't bow out. She finally injuries her right foot in the Eliminator when swinging over the barrier before the final obstacle course to the Gladiators.


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