American Gladiators

Season 1 Episode 15

Preliminary Round 2 - Podesta vs. Harrison / Allen vs. Herbst

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1989 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Preliminary Round 2 - Podesta vs. Harrison / Allen vs. Herbst
In this Second Preliminary round, Male contenders Carl Allen vs. Rick Herbst & Female contenders Joni Podesta vs. Gina Harrison.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • Eliminator Stats
        Gemini no hit
        Nitro hit vs Rick Herbst
        Titan no hit
        Open lane Carl Allen
        Gold no hit
        Open lane Gina Harrison
        Lace hit vs Joni Podesta
        Blaze no hit

      • Human Cannonball Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Blaze 0-2
        Gold 0-2
        Zap 2-0
        Joni Podesta 6 pts
        Gina Harrison 6 pts

        Gemini 0-2
        Titan 0-2
        Laser 1-1
        Rick Herbst 10 pts
        Carl Allen 6 pts

      • Conquer Ring Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Nitro 1-1
        Rick Herbst 5 pts
        Carl Allen 0 pts

        Zap 1-1
        Joni Podesta 5 pts
        Gina Harrison 0 pts

      • Breakthrough Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Laser 2-0
        Rick Herbst 0 pts
        Carl Allen 0 pts

        Lace 1-1
        Joni Podesta 5 pts
        Gina Harrison 0 pts

      • Assault Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Nitro 1-0-1
        Rick Herbst 4 pts
        Carl Allen 0 pts

        Lace 2-0-0
        Joni Podesta 0 pts
        Gina Harrison 0 pts

      • Joust Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Gemini 2-0-0
        Rick Herbst 0 pts
        Carl Allen 0 pts

        Blaze 0-2-0
        Joni Podesta 10 pts
        Gina Harrison 10 pts

      • The Wall Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Blaze 1-0
        Joni Podesta 0 pts
        Zap 0-1
        Gina Harrison 10 pts

        Laser 1-0
        Rick Herbst 0 pts
        Nitro 0-1
        Carl Allen 10 pts

      • Powerball Stats
        No shut out
        Titan, Gemini & Nitro
        Rick Herbst 0 pts
        Carl Allen 1 pt

        Lace, Zap & Gold
        Joni Podesta 4 pts
        Gina Harrison 1 pt

    • QUOTES (7)

      • (After the 2nd Breakthrough & Conquer Ring event)
        Mike: Lace. You're a lot tougher than a lot of people are lead to believe. You have an amazing capacity to put yourself in front of danger. In this case, speeding contenders who weigh a little more than you do.
        Lace: Yeah both of them have several pounds on me, Michael but as you can see I take care of business when it comes to the field.

      • (After the 2nd Breakthrough & Conquer Ring event)
        Mike: See you don't have to resort to the body slam.
        Zap: Uh no, she was good. She's a good wrestler but she's tall. I had to get down and stay down and stay low. She's so tall. I go the leverage.

      • (After the Conquer Ring event)
        Mike: She's a little bit tougher than you thought and incidentally she was able to push you out of the ring.
        Zap: Unfortunately, we're not allowed to body slam and that is one of my forte's.

      • (After Human Cannonball)
        Mike: That last one was the irresistible force versus the immovable object. You were mighty tough up there, Zap. And you too. You've had a complete change over on this event. You're thinking. I think you were a little scared last year on the first edition of American Gladiators and now your rock steady up there.
        Zap: I think I owe it to the experience. We're going to teach the other girls how to stay up there, too.

      • (After the winning the Joust)
        Todd: Gemini. You've been working out with some Marines in your hand to hand combat. It really showed these last 2 bouts.
        Gemini: That's right. It helped me when I came over with a horizontal slash. I was going to come up on the 2nd bout with and under-butt. Those are some of the techniques we were taught by the Marines and they worked effectively

      • (After the Men's Wall event)
        Mike: Laser. You lived up to your nickname. You were lighting quick up there.
        Laser: I grew up in Montana. Climbed a lot of mountains and I think that helped.

      • (After Powerball)
        Titan: One thing I want to say is that one ball is too many for the American Gladiators. I'm not happy with it but we will be back and with the force of my American Gladiators fans behind me, we will be back.

    • NOTES (11)

    • ALLUSIONS (0)