American Gladiators

Season 1 Episode 18

Preliminary Round 5 - Stinson vs. Kidd / Brown vs. Koeberle

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1989 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Preliminary Round 5 - Stinson vs. Kidd / Brown vs. Koeberle
In this fifth Preliminary Round, Male contenders Bruce Stinson vs. Elden Kidd & Female contenders Wendy Brown vs. Christine Koeberle.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • The Eliminator
        Laser hit vs Bruce Stinson
        Titan no hit
        Open lane
        Gemini hit vs Elden Kidd
        Gold hit vs Wendy Brown
        Open lane
        Blaze no hit
        Zap hit vs Christine Koeberle

      • Conquer Ring Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Nitro 0-2
        Bruce Stinson 5 pts
        Elden Kidd 5 pts

        Gold 1-1
        Christine Koeberle 0 pts
        Wendy Brown 5 pts

      • Breakthrough Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Gemini 2-0
        Bruce Stinson 0 pts
        Elden Kidd 0 pts

        Lace 1-1
        Christine Koeberle 0 pts
        Wendy Brown 5 pts

      • Human Cannonball Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Laser 0-2
        Titan 1-1
        Gemini 0-2
        Bruce Stinson 10 pts
        Elden Kidd 6 pts

        Zap 2-0
        Blaze 0-2
        Gold 0-2
        Christine Koeberle 6 pts
        Wendy Brown 6 pts

      • Assault Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Laser 2-0-0
        Bruce Stinson 0 pts
        Elden Kidd 0 pts

        Blaze 1-1-0
        Christine Koeberle 7 pts
        Wendy Brown 0 pts

      • Powerball Stats
        No shut out
        Titan, Gemini & Nitro
        Bruce Stinson 0 pts
        Elden Kidd 1 pt

        Gold, Lace & Zap
        Christine Koeberle 4 pts
        Wendy Brown 9 pts

      • The Wall Stats
        Gladiator w-l
        Titan 1-0
        Bruce Stinson 0 pts
        Nitro 0-1
        Elden Kidd 10 pts

        Lace 1-0
        Christine Koeberle 0 pts
        Zap 1-0
        Wendy Brown 5 pts

      • Joust Stats
        Gladiator w-l-d
        Gemini 0-1-1
        Elden Kidd 10 pts
        Bruce Stinson 5 pts

        Gold 0-1-1
        Christine Koeberle 5 pts
        Wendy Brown 10 pts

    • QUOTES (4)

      • (After shutting out the last contender in the Breakthrough and Conquer round)
        Todd: Must say, you've got to have a little satisfaction because both you came through.
        Lace: Yeah, Breakthrough and Conquer. She didn't breakthrough and she didn't conquer. So I guess we're doing our job there.
        Todd: Lot of satisfaction, Gold. I know this is your first year around and you're kind of feeling your way. Yet, you're awful tough in the wrestling match
        Gold: Yeah, I guess all that wrestling with my boyfriend helped.

      • (After shutting the contenders out in Human Cannonball)
        Mike: Whenever the contenders get out of hand in the Human Cannonball. Who are you going to call? Zapbuster. You were a stopper up there, girl.
        Zap: Yeah, this year is seems to be going really well for me. Last year, I hated this event. It was the hardest one for me but I think it is all in mental readiness.
        Mike: That and I would believe a low center of gravity.
        Zap: Yeah, that. I may be the runt of the pack but I get close to the ground.

      • (After shutting out the contenders in the Assault)
        Todd: You know that stuff about being a farm boy from Montana. Don't give me that. I mean, you shot a gun and you shot it plenty.
        Laser: You better believe it. Growing up in Montana, we hunt a lot of rabbits and when your the hunter and the hunte, I think you better look out because the Gladiators, we're out to get you.

      • (After his Joust event)
        Todd: You know, Gemini. It looked early on like you had him on the edge there. But he recovered a little bit and gave you a good shot.
        Gemini: Yeah, he did. The thing is when you loo.. abandon your technique that you trained for, you get yourself in trouble. The contenders are competitive to the point though if you're not.. If you're flawless in your performance, you can do well but if you make that flaw, they're tough enough to capitalize.

    • NOTES (12)

    • ALLUSIONS (0)