American Gladiators

Season 3 Episode 10

Pro Football Challenge of Champions - White vs. Villapiano vs. Kiick vs. Branch vs. Ham vs. Pruitt

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 01, 1991 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (After holding a shut out in Breakthrough & ConqueR)
      Mike: Tower, Thunder & Nitro. I guess you have every reason to be proud and smiling. Now, granted these guys aren't as good as they once were. There's no question about that. But you did, Thunderm shut out in Breakthrough, shut out 3 of the best running backs in pro football history.
      Thunder: I'll tell you what. I don't care what kind of shape you think they're in, brother. They're in some kind of shape because they were just as quick as can be.
      Tower: They came after us with everything they got and we did everything we could to stop them.
      Nitro: Mike. You never lose the respect and the honor. We gave them that much but we showed then whose home it was, I think.