American Gladiators

Season 1 Episode 19

Quarterfinal Round 1 - Kidd vs. Herbst / Podesta vs. Koeberle

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Mar 01, 1990 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Quarterfinal Round 1 - Kidd vs. Herbst / Podesta vs. Koeberle
In this first Quarterfinal Round, Male contenders Elden Kidd vs. Rick Herbst & Female contenders Joni Podesta vs. Christine Koeberle.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The Eliminator
      Gemini hit vs Elden Kidd
      Nitro no hit
      Titan no hit
      Open lane Rick Herbst
      Open lane
      Blaze hit vs Christine Koeberle
      Lace hit vs Joni Podesta
      Zap no hit

    • Human Cannonball Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Gemini 1-1
      Nitro 2-0
      Laser 1-1
      Rick Herbst 0 pts
      Elden Kidd 6 pts

      Blaze 0-2
      Gold 1-1
      Lace 0-2
      Joni Podesta 6 pts
      Christine Koeberle 10 pts

    • Conquer Ring Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Laser 1-1
      Rick Herbst 0 pts
      Elden Kidd 5 pts

      Gold 2-0
      Joni Podesta 0 pts
      Christine Koeberle 0 pts

    • Breakthrough Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Titan 1-1
      Rick Herbst 0 pts
      Elden Kidd 5 pts

      Blaze 1-1
      Joni Podesta 5 pts
      Christine Koeberle 0 pts

    • Assault Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Nitro 2-0-0
      Rick Herbst 0 pts
      Elden Kidd 0 pts

      Lace 1-1-0
      Joni Podesta 0 pts
      Christine Koeberle 7 pts

    • Joust Stats
      Gladiator w-l-d
      Gemini 1-1-0
      Rick Herbst 0 pts
      Elden Kidd 10 pts

      Zap 2-0-0
      Joni Podesta 0 pts
      Christine Koeberle 0 pts

    • The Wall Stats
      Gladiator w-l
      Titan 0-1
      Rick Herbst 10 pts
      Laser 0-1
      Elden Kidd 5 pts

      Lace 0-1
      Joni Podesta 5 pts
      Blaze 1-0
      Christine Koeberle 0 pts

    • Powerball Stats
      No shut out
      Laser, Titan & Nitro
      Rick Herbst 3 pts
      Elden Kidd 3 pts

      Blaze, Zap & Gold
      Joni Podesta 4 pts
      Christine Koeberle 1 pt

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (After defeating Christine Koeberle in her Conquer Ring round)
      Todd: Gold, you're really tough in there. I guess if it were wrestling, you'd get a lot of points for riding time. It appeared to me that you got this down to a science
      Gold: Yeah, well, once I'm in there I'm not moving for anybody. They're going to have to be a lot bigger than me to get me to move. I'm new this year so I'm going to do everything to impress my fans to get them on my side. I have to prove myself.

    • (After defeating Rick Herbst in the Conquer Ring)
      Mike: Laser, you have to make a quick adjustment from a man Elden's size to a man of Rick's size. Not to take away anything from Rick 'cause he has a lot of quickness.
      Laser: Oh, yeah. Elden's a.. He's a big guy. He uh..I wasn't expecting for him to come bull rush me but he did. I was kind not waiting for it. He got the best of me but I'm gonna come back. Rick's a good competitor, too and I think he'll come out on top.

    • (After defeating both Joni Podesta and Christine Koeberle in her Joust round)
      Mike: Zap, finally a match that didn't go the distance. That didn't last 30 seconds.
      Zap: I don't want to stay up here more than 30 seconds anymore after Zimbob that one day.
      Mike: Do you think the contenders, when they see you and they draw you as a Gladiator in the Joust, that they get a little more motivation?
      Zap: The girls are doing really well. I think, I'm a little... All I do is get low and just start cracking 'cause I don't want to be up hear any longer than I've got to be. So, I try to get them off as quick as possible. And a lot of them are stuck to that thing like glue and they just don't go down.

    • (After defeating Rick Herbst in the Joust)
      Todd: You know, I'm tempted to say there's no joy in Mudville. I mean, a quick victory and it looked like you're very satisfactory it appeared to me that all your skills were there, yet you don't look happy at all.
      Gemini: No, the frustration is set in on the first contender and that's good, though. That's what the competition is all about. You know, you fight, you work hard, you take a defeat but you let it go and you come back. I will be back, Elden.

    • Todd: Well, I know that you're a Gladiator, Gemini but I also know that you're also human. Does this mean that now you're going to try exact your revenge on Rick?
      Gemini: There's no question about it. Elden and I will meet again sometime but right now the next contender is my main concern and I'll get my timing and technique down this time.

    • (After his first round in the Joust against Elden Kidd)
      Todd: Gemini. Eldon was tough. There's no doubt about it but as Mike eluded to there is some mutual respect, is there not.
      Gemini: Oh certainly. He is a fine contender. A great competitor. My timing, technique was really poor and when you do that at a competitive level like it is, you'll get beat.

  • NOTES (16)

    • Although it is not mentioned onscreen, it appears that Nitro gets disqualified from Powerball with 2 seconds left on the clock. Nitro can be seen walking off the field at the bottom of the screen.

    • Prior to the women's powerball event, Mike Adamle is interviewing Zimbob Schwartze, who suffered an injury during her Preliminary Round match Eliminator. Mike mentioned that if Zimbob would not have been injured, she would have advanced to the Quarterfinal rounds. This is not correct since Zimbob scored 21 points in her Preliminary Round match, whereas Cristine Koeberle, who was the lowest seed in the Quarterfinals round, scored 22 points in her Prelimiary Round match. Zimbob wouldn't have qualified for the Quarterfinals based on her Preliminary round score.

    • Joni Podesta & Elden Kidd advance to the Semifinal rounds.

    • Joni Podesta scored 20 points
      Christine Koeberle scored 18 points
      Elden Kidd scored 80 points
      Rick Herbst scored 67 points

    • Joni Podesta and Richard Seymour/Rick Herbst are wearing blue uniforms & Christine Koeberle and Elden Kidd are wearing red uniforms.

    • Joni Podesta and Rick Herbst competed with each other in their Preliminary Round 2. Joni defeated Gina Harrison 54 to 31. Rick was defeated by Carl Allen 27 to 37.

    • Christine Koeberle and Elden competed with each other in their Preliminary Round 5. Christine was defeated by Wendy Brown 22 to 50 Elden defeated Bruce Stinson 72 to 20.

    • Elden Kidd is disqualified on his 2nd swing against Nitro in Human Cannonball for coming out of his tuck position. This is the 2nd time that Elden had been disqualified.

    • Christine Koeberle is the 7th contender this season to knock all three American Gladiators off in Human Cannonball.

    • Nitro shuts out the contenders in his round of the Human Cannonball.

    • Gold shuts out the contenders in her round of the Conquer Ring.

    • Christine Koeberle defeats Lace in the Assault at station 3 with the cannon.

    • Nitro shuts out the contenders in his round of the Assault.
      In his first round, he was wearing his jacket. The contenders now start close to station 1 where the crossbow is.

    • Zap shuts out the contenders in her round of the Joust.

    • Zap isn't wearing her blue shorts over her tights.

    • Mike Adamle is hoisted up the side of the Wall commenting about how the event is done.