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  • This show was fantastic and should be brought back!

    I remember watching this show when I was younger with my family. It's fantastic and all the recreated shows don't come close to how great this show was! I say bring back American Gladiators in it's original state. There are many shows that have taken the idea from this one and tried to make it something else but it does not come close to how great this show was. If someone was to buy the rights to this show and bring it back I think it would be great but until then we will have to put up with all the second rate sport competition shows.
  • An exciting series of competitions involving strength, spinning obstacles and Nerf bats.

    This show ran for several seasons in the 1990s. It was derided by some as just a tacky spectacle, but it's really just athletic battles dressed up in much more bright clothing, so it doesn't seem worse than anything else to me.

    Every round offered something different-- from navigating a field full of obstacles while evading shots from the tennis ball cannon, to struggling to cross spinning barriers without toppling to the floor, to bopping each other mightily about the body with massive foam bars. You had a chance to cheer really hard for your favorite players. "American Gladiators" offered more variety than many other sports. Competitors had to be good at many different things. It was also nice to see regular people, who had everyday jobs, join the show and work their way up the ladder. I hope someday they return this show to the world of fresh episodes. It was fun.
  • Nothing beats the Original.

    I remember growing up and tuning into this show on Saturdays...Sure, it was cheesy at times, but it was also one of the coolest shows ever...Personal faves of mine were Malibu (who left after one season), Lace (all the girls on there seemed nice, but she seemed the friendliest), Zap, Turbo, Thunder, Viper and Laser and of course, the guy who later on co-hosted with Mike Adamle, Nitro...Favorite events included Atlasphere, Human Cannonball, Skytrack, Assault, Snapback, Powerball, and I can't remember these other 2 events, but the one was a 2-parter where the contestant had to run with a football past a Gladiator and then wrestle a 2nd Gladiator outside of a mat...The other event I really dug was the one where the Gladiators would each try to stop the contestant they were assigned to from jumping up to a pole and grabbing velcro covered balls and then putting them in a scoring basket to score points...That was just awesome.
  • ordinary men and women taking on the extra buff

    in the eliminator i wish the women only had to wait 7 seconds like the men do. or at make the men wait just as long as the women. most of the time i liked it when the contestants didnt score in an event. i must admit seeing those buff men did make me hot. i still think they should change the rules for the eliminator though. anyway i heard they will be bringing back the show mid season of the fall of 2007, i don't know if that is such a good idea. i mean afterall it has been over ten years since it last aired.
  • This is such a great show. I've recently saw it while flipping through channels over the weekend.

    This is such a great show. I've recently saw it while flipping through channels over the weekend. I remember watching this when it came on a long time ago. Where else are you going to find ordinary people going up against these hulking men and women. The one that I caught was where Ice was on the rings with her massive legs wrapped around some lady. And then the Powerball came on and one of my favorites, Lace, was getting pushed around like usual. Oh and Laser, talk about one hot hunk of a man. He was one of the hottest ones if not the hottest one.
  • Why did this show get cancelled? It was a good show!!!!

    I really enjoyed watching this show. I thought that it should have lasted a long time, at least a lot longer than it did. Why did it end? American Gladiators was awesome!! Bring it back!! The show had a lot of good talent. The Gladiators were cool. The contenders were cool. When it was on the air, I wanted to be a contender. But, I was too young. I think it is cool that ESPN Classic is showing old episodes of American Gladitors. It would be cool to see a new version of the show.
  • A 90's gem!

    Many shows have tried to copy that, but they all fell short of the 90's classic that is the legendary American Gladiators. So many moments defined legendary like Brian Hutson getting run over by Malibu and hurt his head, Rico Constantino playing the game, Billy Wirth getting into a powerball fight with Gemini and everything else I forgot. The show had every event covered to test the physcial and the challenging such as Powerball, Assult, The maze, Skytrack, The Wall, Human Cannonball, Breakthrough & Conuqer and many more all ending with the Eliminator to figure out who would be the winner for today. Mike Adamle was the guide and Larry Czonka was most likely the guy to be partnered. And what about the Gladiators? They were classic, too. Especially Elektra. She was Hot! I always love this show!
  • did you ever notice that last few rows of the audience are cardboard cut-outs?

    i was watching it on espn classic the other day and noticed that for the very first time. I was laughing my butt off. You telling me how popluar that show was that they could not get a good size tv audience? You think however that the tv cameras could of hidden them better because when they were talking to people int he audience that was when you could really see the cardboard crowd really well. I am still laughing my butt off. i don't think I will ever take this show seriously again. I just can't believe that I never noticed it until now.
  • American Gladiators back on ESPN Classic

    I am glad that the American Gladiators is back on ESPN Classic but I hate when they do reruns. Thats just a rest of time. Why cant just go on with the program and play the new episodes instead of putting the episdoes on and then replaying them after words.
  • The Best Fighting Reality show they had out ever!!!

    The Characters they had are what made the show. It was an awsome family show and it did alot of encourage in young peoples lives, its the type of show that should never have fallen off the air. The characters and the people behind the characters were great role models for Children! you never heard of them getting arrested, or going to jail, or causing any mayhem accept to play there part. We need more shows geered toward the family ,like this that Families can get involved with again and watch with the kids. So that we can give them better role models than Brittney Spears!, or Paris Hilton!!!!
  • American Gladiators! A great show from the previous generation.

    I'm glad that I have the chance to watch the American Gladiators on TV again even though they are re-runs. I really enjoyed the show when it last aired on USA Network. One of my favorite Male Gladiators were Nitro, Laser and Gemini. One of my favorite Female Gladiators were Zap, Ice, Gold and Sky. Mike Adamle and Larry Csonkas were the best hosts. The events on the American Gladiators got better each year. I believe the show should be reborn with a new generation of Gladiators and Contestants. In the event a new version of American Gladiators is ever made I would watch the show No Question.
  • A truely awesome show.

    American Gladiators is a phisical competition between four contestants (two male, two female) that was taken off the air because...well, I really don't know why it was taken off the air! This show used to air at one o'clock nearly every day and I would almost always watch it, until one day when it didn't come on. Then again. Then again. I didn't think to much of it, and eventually forgot about the show. But now that I remember it existed, I want it back! It's a great show and highly entertaining. Now I just have to get 100 it!

    Sincerely, RedHawk4.
  • That show was so cool

    I can remember watching this show when I was little with my mom and little brother. I would never miss a episode. The show was basically about average people phyically challenging these Hercules type gladiators. My favorite competiton was the one where they rolled around in the gigantic balls. I also like the last event, that was the best. You always cheered for the competitors and not the gladiators.
  • i remember this show, back in the day, good times, good times, why was this show taken off the air, bring it back i say.

    i remember this show, back in the day, good times, good times, why was this show taken off the air, bring it back i say.The ring battle and pummel stick things.i mean im sure they could find a late night spot for it,for a great show like this.
    bring it bck i say

    avid viewer
  • Basically compeitors would go against these monster on being's (gladiators) that were on a million performance inhancing supplements in various athletic activites. The Gladiators would usaully dominate the competitors.

    What a great sports show! They need to bring this back.It was like pro wrestling but not fixed. The gladiators all had there little catch phrases that were so tacky but were just classic. I wish they would put this on DVD or start playing the reruns I tv like when they were on USA.
  • I remember this show well!

    Contenders ready?! Gladiators ready?! Those words will forever be in my mind when I hear American Gladiators. This show pits 2 everyday Americans (contenders) against the larger than life American Gladiators in 7 grueling events culminating in the eliminator where one contestant would advance to the next round, while the other was sent home.
  • 'American Gladiators' was a show when you saw each participant get hit with a joust, you just wanted to hold your jaw and say. "Ouch." I really enjoyed watching this show. I watched it on the USA network Saturday mornings before WWE (then WWF) wrestlin

    This wasn't my favorite show in the world, but I did enjoy watching it and the challenges that took place on the show. After watching Saturday morning cartoons, I usually turned the channel to the USA network and watched 'American Gladiators' before WWE (then WWF) Wrestling Superstars came on.

    I think a show like 'American Gladiators' could come back on a network like Spike TV, but of course it would have to be different then the late 80s or early 90s show.

    Some of the challenges from 1989-1996 were Assault, Atlasphere, Breakthrough & Conquer, Eliminator, Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Human Cannonball, Joust, The Maze, Power ball, Pyramid, Sky Track, Snap back, Super Power ball, Swing shot, Tug-O-War, The Wall, Whiplash,