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American Gladiators

NBC (ended 2008)


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American Gladiators
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American Gladiators pits everyday athletes against the show's gladiators in contests of physical strength and endurance. The revival of the American Gladiators franchise features such classic events as The Joust, The Wall, Hang Tough, and Eliminator with upgraded 21st century technology, as well as many new and expanded events. The show is hosted by Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali.

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    Gladiators glad to be picked up

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    • While not high-brow or of any real redeeming value, it provides a solid hour's worth of high-energy entertainment.

      An update that stays very true to the original, the only real negative is goading contestants who clearly have very little practice dishing trash talk into doing so. They end up sounding very stilted and awkward. A few new events tossed in with the classics (Assault, Joust, etc.) makes for a decently fun show that's familiar, with just a dash of freshness sprinkled on top. They do also fall into the all-too-common trap of late of coming within a hair of starting an event, and then cutting to a commercial--it doesn't build the suspense they think it does, only the suspense of whether this week a frustrated viewer will give themselves a heart attack screaming, "Stop messing with me and just start the event already!!"

      Laila Ali is a decent co-host (though her questions to competitors are predictable) and Hulk Hogan has been less annoying than he could've been. And talk about immediate interviews--Laila's on top of them within a second of finishing an event, which seems harsh but does take away their time to try to manufacture anything overly clever to say instead of just honestly answering the best they can.

      All-in-all, it's a good, but not great show. While the WGA strike continues it should be gold, but once it's surrounded by new scripted fare, it will likely fade fast.moreless
    • I just laugh everytime I watch this show.

      This show is a complete waste of time but I still watch it 'cuz nothing else is on. What is wrong with this show? Many things actually! First is, this show is completely fake and scripted. How do I know? Well, they never tell you where to sign up to be a contestant. Also, they never say (or write) "People people, real game, real action" or anything like that! In the games, the contestants will either have a tons of point leads or a close one. You can tell the Eliminator is staged, too. The "underdog" which was was way slower at the beginning will win, in most episodes if you pay atttention. Ever wonder how the contestants know so fast what to say to Hulk or Laila? Well, the people censor out pauses and words like "umm""hmmm""like" and stuttering. If they are really desparate, they have lines from scripts.

      Secondly, the trash talking. It has to stop! You do not want your children to be watching prime tv with all that going on! Well, that's my review and what I thought of the show.moreless
    • Long ago before mobile phones, there was a show that pitted super-hero figures against the average joe of the world.

      I was channel surfing a couple of Mondays ago and I happened to land on American Gladiators. Yes, I can remember the original one with the whacked out Malibu and the weird, split personality, Gemini. Very pastel.

      The new Gladiator seems to focus (mostly) on the events (which appear to be tougher than the original). Even though the back-stories of all the competitors is far too sugary for the shows own good. Hulk is typically Hulk and adds kind of a strange humor to the proceedings but is definitely enthusiastic. Laila Ali is more straightforward as a host and presents a very interested demeanor.

      The competitors really don't help themselves by peppering their dialogue with insipid, smack-talking remarks and over-the-top posturing, however, justice is served (literally) when most of them are taken out to the (competitive) cleaners.

      Like the original, the new American Gladiators have there bizarre crew that can't seem to articulate, but the action is pretty decent, the games are fun to watch and the female Gladiators look for more human than machines.

    • Gladiators will hunt you down in the night

      This show is unbelievable. In a good way. I can't believe how under-appreciated this show is. It's like wrestling meets gymnastics meets the emergency room.

      I love all the insane new competitions. They made tug-of-war scary,basketball futuristic, and giant q-tips intimidating. I can't wait to see how they eff-up potato sack racing. The new gladiators have a lot more personality than the old set from back in the day. True, the old one has a special place in my heart, but the new one is boss.

      Watch it! All the cool kids do. It's on mondays at 8. or 9 if you live in the uncool part of the country.moreless
    • contestants have to use their intelligence or quickness, even if they are not the biggest competitor. Also, I like it that the women do the exact same challenges as men, unlike the show Ninja Warriormoreless

      Fun and Entertaining. The contestants make it rewarding to watch as they overcome serious challenges, and then compete against a fellow contestant in the eliminator. This is a serious obstacle course most people could not handle. It also allows for speed and quickness to help you in certain events, and strategy in the new events like Rocketball and side swip. They can keep adding new events every year to change it up. The rock wall in incredibly tall this year, and the eliminator more difficult than ever, and dangerous.

      I like it that they tell more about the contestants on every show. People want to be able to relate to a contestant, as they are normal people who have worked hard to earn a place on the show. Normal moms are competing against Gladiator Babes!moreless
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