American Gothic

CBS (ended 1996)


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American Gothic is set in the heart of South Carolina in a small town called Trinity. In Trinity, everything is not as it seems and the towns folk look to town sheriff Lucas Buck for help and guidance, often making a devil's bargain with disastrous results.

Sheriff Buck's son, Caleb Temple, was brought up by another family and was lead to believe that a man called Gage was his father. When Gage dies, Caleb becomes the center of a custody war. Sheriff Buck wants to raise his son in his own image, teaching him everything he knows. Caleb's cousin Gail Emory comes to town to protect him, but may need some protection of her own. The local doctor, Matt Crower, gets curious when suddenly the Sheriff wants everything to do with Caleb, and vows to keep Buck away from Caleb. Meanwhile Caleb has one more protector, that of his dead sister-turned angel Merlyn, who knows more about Sheriff Lucas Buck than anyone.

American Gothic was produced by Renaissance Pictures and distributed by Universal TV.moreless


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mysterious forces, killer neighbor, keeping secrets, small town life, bloody and violent