American Gothic

Season 1 Episode 2

A Tree Grows in Trinity

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 1995 on CBS
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Caleb seeks shelter in an an abandoned hunting lodge, and is shocked when he discovers a man held prisoner inside.

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  • calab runs away from his father.

    calab burns down his house while trying to escape from his father the lucus buck. while on the run calab finds a old cabin. inside the cabin is a mad who is chained up and has had his tougne pulled out. calab runs from help. he then runs into his long lost cousin who has come back to the town to save him from his evil father. calab talks to his dead sister merlin. who helps guild him. lucus will do any thing to raise calab in his own image. theres only one thing that can stop him from doing that is merlin. lucus has a run for his money. as merlin will stop at nothing to make shore that lucus doesnts raise calab in his own image.moreless
Arnold Vosloo

Arnold Vosloo

Rafael Santo

Guest Star

David Lenthall

David Lenthall

Dr. Curtis Z. Webb

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Gina Stewart

Gina Stewart


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    • Lucas: You told me this was handled.
      Selena: Well I'm sorry Lucas, but I just couldn't hurt him.
      Lucas: So you kept him as a pet?
      Selena: I liked him, okay? To tell you the truth he kind of liked me.
      Lucas: This is a real problem, Selena.
      Selena: Well look, if the doctor finds him before we do, maybe it's not such a bad thing. Raphael hasn't been eating lately and I've been kinda worried about him.
      Lucas: Raphael is a reporter and he's gonna report things.
      Selena: He won't say a word.
      Lucas: Oh really? What you do, bite of his tongue in a fit of passion?

    • Merlyn: Why are you still running?
      Caleb: Daddy's dead Merli. I've seen his grave, yours too. Everybody's dead.
      Merlyn: Not everybody...
      (indicates towards the room with the bound prisoner)
      Caleb: I ain't going in there!
      Merlyn: That man needs your help.
      Caleb: He's a monster!
      Merlyn: No. Can't you understand his pain, Caleb? He's just hurt. I would think you could understand that Caleb.

    • Merlyn: Caleb, it's nice to see you again.
      Caleb: For me too, Merli. The Sheriff is after me, he thinks he's my Daddy.
      Merlyn: Well what do you think?
      Caleb: I think he's crazy! This whole thing is crazy.
      Merlyn: He wants to raise you in his image, Caleb. You can't run forever.

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