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Why this show failed

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    Every once in awhile while thinking of this show I'll google/imdb it to look up some stuff about it. I notice on alot of site people wondering why it was cancelled. I remember watching and recording it when it first aired and it was a total pain in the butt to record it. They put the show on hiatus so much and never really announced or advertised when it would next be on. Especially the last 4-8 episodes which they showed two a night over a week (maybe 2).

    It really made me mad since low ratings are the cause but what do you expect if you unintentionally sabotage a shows chances. This huge rush to make genre shows after the success of X-Files, which wasn't a big success until going into it's second season.

    Sad to see good shows like this go away but I at least can appreciate what I'm left with.

    JJ Abrams and Cassidy should team up and do something.

    Someone's at the door.

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